A Scribbled Note

"In the beginning of time, there was no darkness when night came. Luna replaced Sol Invictus in the sky and swayed across her path. But in those ancient days, she was accompanied by an un-broken tide of stars, tiny lights of the uncounted Gods and Spirits that shown down from Heaven. In those days, the night sky was a brilliant tapestry of uncounted lights in every color imaginable..."

"The War came then, and the wrath of the Primordials and their demon souls came against Heaven at the end of the war. Gods died by the thousands and the night was diminished. Then came the darkness, the blackness of the sky without the Sun to light it. And lost forever was the dance of endless stars and the colors of the gods were hidden from Creation."

"Only the few gods who remained cast down their light on the mortals and Exalted. And they would show only white in mourning for their lost brethren."