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<ST`> While Kin is fairly sure that Deimos could find him anywhere in the Underworld and possibly beyond, he decides it is best to stay close to the site of his summoning to await the Hekatonkhire. The Circle, therefore, settles down to await its coming in the morning. While Iron Horse took much longer then normal to get to sleep, anxious over his family in the East, he and Mendhari are both snoring gently.

  • Kinqueduran sits cross-legged, brooding, his lance upright against his shoulder. "I'm regretting that decision, you know."

<Anstice> "Mhm. Keep practicing."

<Kinqueduran> "Practicing what?"

<Anstice> "Maybe Mars won't spank you with a starmetal gauntlet."

<Kinqueduran> "I'm sure there's no way out of that at this point."

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  • Anstice wags a finger at him.

<Anstice> "Depends on when the trial is."

<Kinqueduran> "After we die horribly, perhaps."

<Anstice> "If we've taken out the deathlady and chucked her down a deep, deep hole, I think we'll get leniency."

<Kinqueduran> "Leniency? Like a quick death?"

<Anstice> "Like I have a freaking plan, and it's gonna work.

<Kinqueduran> "Mind sharing?"

<Anstice> "No. Gifts."

<Kinqueduran> "Gifts?"

<Anstice> "You'll see."

<Kinqueduran> "When you say that, you make me nervous."

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  • Anstice chuckles. "No need to be. I am eminently trustworthy and good."

<Kinqueduran> "Yeah. Shit like that is what makes me nervous."

  • Mendhari yawns and streches. "Sleeping here... Is not good."

<Anstice> "Nightmares?"

<Mendhari> "Nothing at all."

<Mendhari> "It's like death.

<Kinqueduran> "

<Kinqueduran> "Rather appropriate, I think."

<Mendhari> "I AM alive."

<Mendhari> "Even if this place isn't."

  • Kinqueduran shrugs. "Didn't say you weren't."
  • Iron_Horse snores.

<Mendhari> ".... When are we getting out of here?"

<Anstice> "Soon."

<Mendhari> ".... good."

<Kinqueduran> "I'm thinking of ripping out my own eyes."

<Mendhari> "Look in the mirror?"

<Kinqueduran> "You're so sweet."

<Mendhari> "And you're a summer rose."

<Kinqueduran> "But no. Deimos suggested it rather emphatically, which has unfortunately led me to think of it."

<Kinqueduran> "At least I've tried to be nice lately."

  • Mendhari smiles. "I could never do without our conversations, Kinqueduran."

<Kinqueduran> "I know. You'd die, deep inside, without someone's irritation to feed from."

<Mendhari> "Probably not."

<Kinqueduran> "How sad. And to think that was my primary incentive for suicide."

<Anstice> "I imagine Deimos will forget he suggested it until he sees you again."

  • Iron_Horse grumbles as he sits up, eyes still closed. "... too much noise."

<Mendhari> "Well you should sleep in a place with less lively people."

<Iron_Horse> "mmmnble."

<Kinqueduran> "Perhaps he will. At some point, though, he might very well do the deed himself."

<Kinqueduran> "Decide to rejoin the land of the liv- ... er. Hi, Iron Horse."

<Mendhari> "What girl could ever get through that inch-thick plating on his skull?"

<Kinqueduran> "I don't even know who Mendhari's talking about anymore."

<Anstice> "I think he was referring to Deimos yanking eyes out. But it's nice to see you still think like a Blue."

<Kinqueduran> "And yes, Anstice is correct."

  • Mendhari smiles at Anstice. "I AM a Blue."

<Anstice> "True. But it's complicated, just like you are."

  • Mendhari winks. "I am a woman."
  • Iron_Horse hops to his feet and streeeeetches, rubbing the back of his head.

<Kinqueduran> "I hate the Underworld."

<Mendhari> "Who doesn't?"

<Kinqueduran> "...well, I'm sure someone likes it, somewhere."

<Anstice> "No, I'm pretty so nobody likes it."

<Anstice> "Malfeans don't count as somebodies, really."

<Kinqueduran> "Oh. If you say so, then."

  • Kinqueduran stands slowly, his joints creaking just a bit.

<Iron_Horse> "... so... how do we get there fast?"

<Anstice> "Hekatonkhire."

<Kinqueduran> "Yeah. We're waiting for a big, dead dragon-boat."

<Mendhari> "..... dragon-boats die?"

  • Kinqueduran sighs. "It was a metaphor, dear."
  • Anstice digs around in his pack and pulls out an ebon flask, handing it to her. "Here. You'll feel more awake."

<Kinqueduran> "Is that the stuff from the Saunaplex?"

<Anstice> "No."

<Anstice> "That fixes hangovers, not sleepyness."

<Kinqueduran> "Ah, of course."

  • Mendhari raises an eyebrow. "Saunaplex?"

<Kinqueduran> "Just don't ask. Also, stand up, get your things."

  • Kinqueduran shuffles on his feet a bit, uncomfortable.
  • Mendhari sighs, starts picking her stuff.
  • Anstice assists a bit, slipping the ebon flask back into his bag befire rising to his feet.


<ST`> !!

  • Mendhari jumps. "WHAT THE?!"
  • Anstice catches her. "Something that goes WEACKH really loud. I guess out hekatonkhire."
  • Mendhari looks at you. "Put me down, huh?"

<Kinqueduran> "Put her down, Anstice. This isn't a date."

<ST`> The scream comes again, vibrating the very ground under your feet. It seems to vibrate your bodies and even your souls, wrenching at you with heart-stoping force. From the infinite darkness above, a shadow detaches itself and swoops down toward you. Eight midnight wings beat the damp air down in a flurry of gusts. From the middle of the black storm, two ruby eyes stare at the Circle hungrily.

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  • Iron_Horse whirls around, looking for the source of the scream, and finally just -stares- at the... -thing-.
  • Kinqueduran elevates the glittering starmetal point of his lance, gritting his teeth, staring up at the falling sky.
  • Chirantiman opens his mouth wide in another scream, showing a pink tongue larger then Kinqueduran set among gleaming white fangs like direlances. A snubbed, wrinkled nose caps a face made of black stone and leather. Two more eyes, then another pair open and stare down. Six red eyes glare, one set on each of the Sidereals except for Kin.
  • Anstice does set her down. Slooowly. "This had better be our ride."

<Mendhari> "... I certinally hope so."

<Kinqueduran> "I want to kill it. Err, make it alive. Something."

<Chirantiman> "WEEEE Eaaaaaccckkkhh???"

<Mendhari> "Is there anything you don't want to kill? What IS it saying?"

  • Iron_Horse winces, putting a hand to his head.

<Kinqueduran> "I don't really care what it's saying..."

  • Chirantiman modulates its voice down to a level of acceptable loudness, though it still rings through the Underworld. Somehow, Kinqueduran can understand that it is asking for him to identify himself.
  • Kinqueduran grits his teeth at the harsh screeching. "I am Kinqueduran. Who are you?"

<Kinqueduran> "Or what, for that matter."

  • Chirantiman flutters to the ground, spreading all eight wings flat to the stonework. In this position, the massive beast is fairly easy to climb atop. Though it still watches everyone with at least one eye. Mendhari and Anstice are being watched with two.
  • Kinqueduran glances at the others briefly, then climbs onto the massive terror's back.
  • Anstice shrugs, and follows, though is careful not to make any really sudden moves.
  • Iron_Horse shakes his head, and follows as well.
  • Mendhari follows!

<Chirantiman> Once all four Sidereals have secured themselves on the beast's back, the massive ghost lifts itself into the air. Its eight wings beat heavily, smashing the air into submission until it agrees to bear the unthinkable weight of Chirantiman. In a howl of wind and another scream from the Hekatonkhire, the journey begins. The darkness hurtles past without stop, only the faint light of the behemoth's red eyes providing light.

<Chirantiman> Wind rushes past at speeds unimaginable and sometimes screams are ripped across the ears before vanishing into the night behind. Mendhari and Iron Horse are nearly lost to the darkness as their grip on the Hekatonkhire slips, each having sat too near a wing. They cling precariously to the beast's matted fur.

<Mendhari> "... Incredible..."

  • Anstice would move to help, but doesn't want them to slip, instead watching worriedly and working on a defensive talisman to protect one of them against the influence of the deathlord they'll soon have to face.
  • Iron_Horse just hangs on for his LIFE. "F... fast..."
  • Kinqueduran sits rather contentedly, preparing a pair of talismans, planning ahead for the infernal guards of their quarry.
  • Mendhari is.... well, terrified.

<Chirantiman> Mendhari can see things below...far, far, FAR below. They are as far below her in distance as Kin is in etiquette. Faint outlines of horrific temples. At one point in their travels she could even see a massive, ghostly form reaching up towards them as if to snatch them down and devour them. But with a shriek, the Behemoth she was clinging to drove it away.

<Mendhari> Yay!@

<Chirantiman> Iron Horse sees things a bit closer by, the floor of the Labyrinth remaining only a dark void to his eyes. But the shapes of spectres and hungry ghosts behind and to the sides are very, very distinct. He can hear their cackling, mad laughter and cries of hunger and rage.

<Iron_Horse> "... ugh..."

  • Anstice remains silent, focusing only on them and the work on the talisman.

<Chirantiman> After what seems like forever but could only have been eight hours or so, Chirantiman begins a rapid, swooping descent. A field of dead, brown grass awaits below and such is the surface Mendhari and Iron Horse tumble onto as the storm of the Hekatonkhire's landing winds rips them free of its back. Anstice and Kinqueduran are able to dismount more easily. With an ear-piercing scream, the beast departs, flinging itself back into the midnight air above

<Mendhari> beast departs, flinging itself back into the mid

<Chirantiman> midnight air above

  • Anstice checks on Mendhari first, then Iron Horse.

<Mendhari> "... .ow."

<Anstice> "Fraid I don't have anything for that."

<Mendhari> "It's okay..." She sits up, and sighs.

  • Iron_Horse rubs his head, and finally gets back to his feet, glancing around. "... right... the temple itself is in Creation, so we should hurry."
  • Anstice nods. "Anima up?"
  • Iron_Horse nods, closes his eyes, and snaps them open as a flash of brown light surrounds the area.
  • Mendhari looks around, standing up.

<Chirantiman> An hour later the four Sidereals arrive in Creation fairly close to Iron Horse's home village. It would be only another few hours to the northeast. Home and the sight of his family..what remains of it, at least.

  • Mendhari sighs with relief. "Back in the.... real world."
  • Iron_Horse ... gazes towards the northeast, worry once again evident on his face.
  • Mendhari turns to Iron H Orse?. "What is it?"

<Iron_Horse> "... My home... it's that way."

<Mendhari> Ooo O?!

<Mendhari> "Oh."

<Iron_Horse> "... We could stop in my village and rest, you know. The temple is about 5 hours away from it."

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<Anstice> "That would be nice."

<Anstice> "Get cleaned up."

<Mendhari> ".... good idea."

<Kinqueduran> "I'm in favor of it, I suppose."

  • Anstice nods. "Y Ou? guys go on ahead. I'll be in later..."
  • Kinqueduran shrugs. "Iron Horse, this is your territory, I suppose."
  • Iron_Horse nods slightly, and he begins to walk. "... I used to run deliveries around here when I was a kid."

<Kinqueduran> "I thought you still were a kid."

  • Kinqueduran sounds serious and not all that venomous
  • Iron_Horse ... cracks a small smile. "... Guess I've grown up a bit in the past few days."

<Mendhari> "I think he has, too."

<Kinqueduran> "I'm afraid we all have."

  • Mendhari nods. "Definately...."

<Kinqueduran> "I apologize for not being around at the most opportune times, by the way."

  • Anstice settles down in the wilderness to think while itching strongly, finally building a small fire and drawing that same circle around it, filling it with ashes and standing over the fire. He slashes his palm to complete the circle, the ash glowing un-naturally as it begins to bind ghots to stay there and become visible, Anstice walking out of it and leaving his pestering new friends behind.
  • Kinqueduran glances back at Anstice as he and the others leave the Green, err, Black behind.
  • Iron_Horse doesn't, entirely focused on their destination
  • Mendhari follows Iron Horse.
  • Kinqueduran follows Mendhari
  • Kinqueduran coughs a bit, catching himself glancing in an inappropriate direction, and stares up at the sky.
  • Anstice looks all annoyed at the circle, finally carefully packing it snow over it to preserve the integrity of the circle. He writes Do Not Disturb in the snow, then follows the others at a distance.

<ST> Even marked off and protected, the Circle will only last for a few more days before rain and other events destroy it, releasing the lice.

<ST> But, for the moment, they are contained.

<Anstice> I'm more going to try to deal with them later.

  • Anstice grumbles a bit at this, having to hurry to catch Iron Horse and the others.
  • Kinqueduran pauses to let Anstice catch up, and coughs conspicuously, rather hoping the other two catch on.
  • Iron_Horse glances back towards Kin, and then towards Anstice, stopping and waiting for him to catch up.
  • Mendhari follows.
  • Anstice nods thankfully at them.

<Anstice> "Sorry. Had a bit of a ghost problem. It's mostly handled for now."

<Kinqueduran> "Uh-huh. How long will 'for now' last?"

  • Iron_Horse nods, looking back to the northeast. "... Let's hurry. My home is a couple of hours from here... don't want to get there glowing like a torch either."
  • Kinqueduran nods, ready to fall in step.
  • Anstice shrugs. "Alright. Let's go."
  • Iron_Horse takes a deep breath, and continues walking. "Yeah. Let's."
  • Kinqueduran nods a bit, taking up the last place in line.
  • Mendhari looks at Iron Horse, smiling. "Is there an inn in your villiage?"

<Kinqueduran> "You mean a stable, don't you?"

<Mendhari> "I am NOT a horse."

  • Iron_Horse nods and smiles. "Yeah... small, but it's a fairly busy place..."

<Mendhari> "Good, good...I'm praying for a bath..."

  • Iron_Horse clutches his leather charm while he speaks though. He seems fairly nervous, all in all.
  • Kinqueduran just smiles, glancing up at the sky, withholding what ichor he had left.
  • Anstice argees with mendhari on the second bit. Not touching the first.
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