Malfean Seal and Ancient Seal (intuitive Sorcery notes)

A type of magic suited more to the Essence channeling capability of High-Essence (6th rank or higher) Solars and Abyssals, beings whose sheer magnitude of power transcend all preconceived notions. The concept of Sealed Magic is this:

  • An intuitive Sorcery, motivated not exclusively by Willpower, but also with the Exaltís soul, represented by the four Virtues.
  • Due to its strength, it requires the expenditure of temporary Virtue points, along with a certain amounts of Willpower and motes.
  • Is delivered fully by a subsequent array of Charms. The Exalt is granted the capacity to utilize these Charms along with the power granted by the Seal itself, though they must be purchased separately at a not laughable experience cost.
  • These Charms utilize the four Virtues to harness the abstract foundations of Essence, woven through all things within and outside of Creation and even Fate itself. They are plentiful and often long in duration, but require the rolling of Virtue + Essence to establish certain effects and maintain them.
  • Some of these Charms may be indefinitely maintained, but typically need a great commitment of motes, Willpower and Virtue points, and sustaining rolls else the effect dissipate.
  • Charms have effects of wide variance, not literally identical or superior in scope to the highest workings of magic known today, but rather possessing in amplifying qualities important for other sorcerous or necromantic undertakings. However, due to the magnitude of such energies harnessed, the mortal frame cannot easily hold the threads of Eternity in such tight knots. The weak facade of flesh is consequently plagued with essence diseases and rendered frail during the use of such powers.
  • Each Charmís ailment is distinct, unique to the natures of the particular essences being tapped.

The Seals

  • Malfean Seal? - The Abyssal becomes the vessel to the core of purest Oblivion
  • Ancient Seal? - The Solar reconstructs his mind, body and soul to channel true Essence

Compassion Charm Examples...

  • Elder Coil? - The Solar opens himself to the edicts of the Pattern and his Given Fate
  • Primeval Locus? - The Abyssal harbors the ancient power and doom of the Dead Gods

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