by Haren
Bracers of the Shapeless Wardrobe
Moonsilver Bracers
Requires-> nothing; Commitment-> 3 motes
Most often used by Lunar diplomats and spies in the Old Realm, these bracers have one purpose-> to allow their user to always have the proper clothes for any occasion. After a study of how the clothing of a Lunar disappears during their shifting, these moonsilver bracers were made. After attunement, the user may banish a set of clothing for one mote, or summon a previously banished set of clothing (summoning only if naked). Both functions can be activated at the same time, so that the user can switch clothing with the expenditure of 2 motes. Clothes banished and available for summoning are represented by engravings on the bracers, which shift as each set is banished or summoned. The number of sets that can be held at one time is equal to the user's Permanent Essence. These can hold clothes, and only clothes -- not armor, weapons, or artifacts. The commitment is no higher for those of other Exalted types than Lunars, though still more difficult.