Innate Shapeshifting and Charm Changes

by Haren

Innate Mechanics

The Tell still exists, but now grows as a natural part of the essence of the Lunar. As their Essence and understanding of the world grows, so too does the Tell. The Tell's rating is half that of the Lunar's permanent Essence rounded up. I'll give a table of examples for these later on.

Lunars can always return to their true forms for a single mote, even if they were shapechanged by an outside force. Similarly, they have the anima power to lock themselves into these forms for a scene for another single mote. This with Charms allowed them to survive passage through the Wyld.


Masking the Brilliant Form requires Finding the Spirit's Shape since Hide of the Cunning Hunter no longer exists. Also, it can be held indefinately, allowing for long term hiding among mortal... perhaps to hunt them or to live as a mortal.

Deadly Beastman Transformation and all charms based off of it do not exist. I will be replacing them with Birth of the Wild Spirit. This charm will give aptitudes to a Lunar's form as they pierce the spirit of their totems, becoming more like them. But, only half of the aptitudes granted will be accessable normally. To access them all, they will have to stop supressing their nature and reveal it. Basically, it will be as if they are at the 4-7 level of anima banner. The exact way I want to handle this is something I'm still working on. Unlike gifts, these aptitudes will not attempt to duplicate charms. They are seperate and far more subtle sort of magic, changing the nature of a Lunar.

After thinking about aptitudes, I think that the best way of handling it is making a list with some identified as only working while revealed.

I need time to look over the other charms, but at least for now, the other trees look alright, though I'm going to lower Fish Tail Technique's Essence requirement by 1.

Aptitudes for Birth of the Wild Spirit

  • Noting the Danger - There is a sense for one being watched intently. This allows them to prepare or run as needed. They make a Perception + Awareness roll, with each success giving the knowlege they are being watched, the general direction, and distance (in that order).
  • Attunement of (Sense) - Animals do not just have senses that are more acute than those of humans, they know to never ignore what a sense tells them. As long as the sense enhanced is useful to a Perception roll, they decrease the difficulty by 2. This applies to one sense per time this aptitude is taken, up to once for each sense.
  • Worlds Unseen by Man (Requires Attunement of (Sense)) - For a sense that has become already attuned, they can develop the ability to sense things that are known to the natural world. They develop a variation of their attuned sense. Examples are seeing heat or other forms of light, hearing beyond their normal limits, perhaps learning to feel sound, etc...
  • Sensing the Unnatural (Requires Attunement of (Sense)) - Lunars are highly in touch with the natural world. As such, they can feel when they approach areas that do not belong to it, or worse, that warp it's very nature. This can detect shadowlands, wyld zones, Alchemical, Infernal, or Abyssal Demenses or Manses within one mile per Permanent Essence. They make a Perception + Awareness roll, with each success giving the knowlege they are near an area, the general direction, distance, and exact borders (in that order).
  • Glory of the Free Spirit - Humans are fettered by their body, but nature has made it's many animals and plants able to adapt in ways that take them beyond those limitations. By invoking this bond to their own spirit, a Lunar can add +1 to any one attribute. This can take them up to one above their normal maximum for that attribute. But, this power is shown to be greater when a Lunar reveals their nature. They gain an additional +1 to the attributes boosted by this aptitude and their maximum rating goes to twice their normal (10 for Lunars under Essence 6, without the merit Legendary Attribute.)