Spirit Character Creation

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Step 1: Concept

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Think about what your character does and how and why he does it. When considering methodology, jot down some specific, visual things. You'll need these ideas later on.

Spirit Nature

There are three types of spirits covered in Sustainers Of The Realm: gods, demons, and elementals. Your choice will affect what realm your spirit calls home, and have some effects on his innate abilities. All three types draw from the same pool of Charms, however.


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Step 2: Choosing Essence

The next step in creating a spirit is defining his Essence. Most sentient spirits have Essence 2 or greater; Essence 1 spirits, tiny gods, are often little more than duty-fulfilling automata without self-awareness. Decide your spirit's Essence rating.


Spirits have 1 Dominion for each dot of Essence. They may purchase additional Dominions for three bonus points, and may gain Scourges; each Scourge gives a spirit 1 additional bonus point. A spirit may have no more Scourges than one-half his Essence, rounding up.

Each Dominion has two Auspicious Abilities, which relate to the Dominion in some way. An Ability that is Auspicious for one Dominion has its cap raised by one. An Ability that is Auspicious for more than one Dominion has its cap increased by the spirit's Essence.

Similarly, each Scourge has two Baleful Abilities. An Ability's cap is reduced by 1 for each Scourge that selects it as Baleful.

Elemental Powers
Elementals have special abilities based on their connection to the material world. See the corresponding page for details.

Step 3: Choosing Attributes

A spirit has 8 Attribute dots to distribute for each dot of Essence he has. There are no minima or maxima on Attributes, and spirits do not start out with 1 free dot in each. Spirits are not as heavily impaired as other beings for having 0 Attributes. Rather than the effects outlined in Rune of Singular Hate, spirits suffer the following:

  • A spirit with 0 in any Mental Attribute is unable to cogitate or reflect. It automatically responds to stimuli in predetermined manners.
  • A spirit with 0 in any Social Attribute is unable to communicate and cannot distinguish other beings from its environment. It is completely self-involved.
  • A spirit with 0 in any Physical Attribute cannot embody. It does not distinguish between the material and immaterial realms.

Step 4: Choosing Abilities

A spirit has 7 Ability dots per dot of Essence, which it may distribute as it likes. Like Exalted, the default maximum rating of an Ability is 5 or Essence, whichever is greater, and this cap is subsequently modified by Spheres as described above.

Spirits receive a free dot in each Auspicious Ability. Auspicious Abilities don't recieve additional dots for being selected by more than one Dominion. Furthermore, the Specialty cap for Auspicious Abilities is unusual: the maximum bonus they can confer to any dice roll is the greater of spirit's Essence or 3.

Divine Mastery
Gods are especially skilled, recieving 8 Ability dots per dot of Essence.

Step 5: Choosing Advantages


12 dots for a spirit that is fully integrated with his spirit culture; 7 for loners. Maximum 3 without bonus points.

For Everyone

It is a little gauche to carry items of the 5MM.
As appropriate to spirit type.
As appropriate.
Within spirit culture.
Redefined on Backgrounds? page.
A small spirit of the same type, without the social clout that would qualify him as an Ally.
Described on Backgrounds? page.
Within native spirit realm.
Any appropriate being.

For Gods

Gods or elementals are most common; Exalted cost an extra dot.
Within mortal culture.
In Creation.
Redefined on Backgrounds? page.
As in Sidereals.

For Elementals

Elementals or Exalted are most common; gods cost an extra dot.
Elemental legions. Numbers as in Dragon-Blooded.
Within mortal culture.
Redefined on Backgrounds? page. Costs an extra dot.

For Demons

Demons of equal Circle are most common; upper-Circles and other supernaturals cost an extra dot.
In Creation, costs an extra dot.
As in Dragon-Blooded.

Other Stuff

  • Virtues: as Solars
  • Charms: 3 × Essence

Progenitor's Gifts
Demons have an additional supernatural ability that is granted to them by their connection to the infernal hierarchy. See the corresponding page for details.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

  • 7 Bonus Points: Don't buy Essence or Charms. Costs as Solars.
  • Willpower: Sum of 2 highest Virtues
  • Essence pool: Essence &times 10 + Willpower × 3 + (Sum of Virtues) × 2
  • Health Levels: Willpower + Conviction
  • Lethal / Bashing Soak: Temperance + ½ Stamina / Temperance + Stamina