Progenitor's Gifts

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The Demonic Hierarchy

The fundamental nature of Demons binds them inextricably into the detailed hierarchy of Malfeas. Each demon has a deep and fundamental connection to their sire; each is component or progeny to another. This connection manifests itself in a power possessed by each demon known as the "Progenitor's Gift."

Progenitor's Gifts

Upon character creation, each demonic character receives a single free Charm in addition to their normal complement; this is the Progenitor's Gift, and it follows special rules:

  • This Charm does not count as a Charm use during a turn in which it is activated. (Treat it as equivalent to an Exalt's Anima power for these purposes instead.)
  • Instead of being defined by the demon's Spheres, it is instead defined by those of the demon's progenitor. All Sphere rules applied to the Charm must make use of the progenitor's spheres; at least one must make use of a Sphere possessed by the progenitor but not by the progeny. You should work with your Storyteller to define the Spheres of the demon or Yozi in question.
  • This Charm must have a minimum of one Sphere rule applied to it, as normal. Other Sphere rules may be applied to reduce its cost or prerequisites as normal, with a single exception: adding a Sphere rule can eliminate a single Charm prerequisite entirely, rather than genericizing it.