The Hideout, built by Xar`Rex and Myrrh, currently rests on Luxury of Brume. Composed mainly of stone, metal, Orichalcum and Crystal, it is unremarkable but for a few carvings on the outside, but inside it is much grander.

(So far we have 53 sux on building it.)

  • Wards vs:
    • Teleportation (6)
    • Scrying (6)
    • Sound (2)
  • Crystaltech:
    • Touchlights and chandeliers (2)
    • Doors that open by making a specific gesture on a panel (1)
    • Decorative fountain of perpetual fire (2)
    • Writeboard in the planning room (3)
  • Sparring Room
    • Does not let anyone within fall below incap (10)
  • Gold Toilets (1)
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