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Update Thirteen Blooming Flowers

Thirteen Blooming FlowersExplorerTwilight
Wandering tactician Ever-growing tree
PigeonSol Invictus45 earned/20 spent/25 unspent
Attributes (6/4/8)
Abilities (25, 10 From Caste/Favored, Min 1 In Each Favored)
Archery  Endurance2 Craft  
Brawl  Performance  Investigation2 
Martial Arts5 Presence  Lore5 
Melee  Resistance  Medicine1 
Thrown  Survival2 Occult  
Night  Eclipse  Specialties 
Athletics3 Bureaucracy  AbilityRating
Awareness5 Linguistics5 Spears+3
Dodge5 Ride  Strategy and Tactics+3
Larceny  Sail    
Stealth  Socialize    
Languages: High Realm, (something), (something), (something), (something)
Tempers Essence***** Virtues (5)
X X X X X | X X X  20 committedConvictionX X X
Regain Willpower When  57 freeTemperanceX X
You make a significant discovery ValorX X X X X
Limit Break   
X - - - - | - - - - -
Anima Banner:
Thirteen's anima banner is a great tree with branches and trunk of gold, growing up to the heavens.
0 MotesThirteen's caste mark is visible but does not glow.
1-3 MotesThirteen's caste mark begins to glow with a soft radiance.
4-7 MotesThirteen's caste mark glows like a beacon, and its light will shine through anything placed over it.
8-10 motesThe air around Thirteen becomes heavy and moist, filled with the scent of growth. The ground near him appears as fertile earth. His caste mark fills the area around him with light bright enough to read by.
11-15 motesThirteen glows like a furnace, giving off light for miles. Nearby plants bloom out of season. The ground under his feet crackles with the sound of autumn leaves, and the air is redolent with the scent of blossoms.
16+ motesAn enormous golden tree erupts from the ground beneath Thirteen, growing around him and encircling him with vines. It bursts inmmediately into the sky and continues growing higher and higher every moment.

Virtue Flaw: Insatiable Curiosity

When the character's Limit Breaks, she becomes driven by a burning need to know everything about everything and everyone. For a number of days equal to her Valor, she will use the full powers at her disposal to investigate anything the slightest bit unusual, pry into other people's personal lives and search their belongings, and so forth. During this time, she has no sense of priorities, and will neglect any other tasks to indulge her curiosity. While she will take reasonable measures to protect herself in these pursuits (such as using Stealth Charms), no risk, no matter how great, will deter her from investigating anything that catches her attention. A new mystery, however, will readily divert her attention from whatever currently holds it. While the Limit Break lasts, the character receives a -2 penalty to all Mental and Social die pools due to distractibility and nosiness.

Limit Break Condition: The character is prevented from investigating a mystery or unusual circumstance.

Backgrounds (17)ValueNotes
Artifact****Splinter of Wisdom, an orihalcum direlance over twelve feet long. The shaft of this weapon is intricately worked with sharply pointed runes. When Splinter of Wisdom strikes an opponent, even if it does no damage, the wielder learns one fact that the target of the attack knows but would rather the wielder not know. In addition, the wielder of Splinter of Wisdom has an attack reach of four yards. Stats: Spd +12, Acc +3, Dam +9L, Def +4, Rate 3, commitment 5. The Mile-Wide-Maw Mineral is set within this weapon.
Artifact****Orichalcum Perfected Kata Bracers. These bracers add the wearer's permanent Essence to the Accuracy, Damage and Defense of his unarmed Martial Arts attacks. In addition, when the wearer strikes a creature of darkness with an unarmed Martial Arts attack, he does his permanent Essence in aggravated damage along with the damage of the attack.
Artifact***Something else. Something secret!
Manse****The Mile-Wide-Maw Mineral.

This wood-aspected gem has an unusual quality: while it is attuned, the possessor may eat anything he can fit into his mouth. Chewing is unnecessary; once it hits his throat, it proceeds smoothly into his stomach, ignoring any and all obstructions and ordinary size restrictions. Eating an object takes at least one die action, and possibly more depending on its size and length. This allows the following:

  • He may hold any object he eats in his stomach indefinitely and without discomfort. While doing so, he may examine these objects with his sense of touch as if he were using his hands to do so.
  • He may digest anything organic that he eats as though it were nutritious and healthy gruel of the same weight, satisfying his need for both food and water.
  • He may further digest anything living he has in his stomach, gaining nutrition and also draining their life force -- as a die action, he may do one unpreventable aggravated health level of damage to a living creature in his stomach and heal one health level of damage. He may take this action a number of times per round equal to his Survival.
  • He may attempt to digest anything inorganic he has eaten. This affects the item in question as though it were immersed in an immensely strong acid -- items made of most normal materials will be destroyed, although metal and bone may take some time to disintegrate completely.
  • He may vomit up an object he has previously swallowed. This takes an entire round during which he can do nothing else. The object is unharmed (unless he's digested it), although possibly severely traumatized.

Upon becoming unattuned to the gem, the former possessor is seized with a sudden sickness; he immediately begins vomiting up the objects in his stomach, one object each round. He may take no actions whatsoever until all the objects have left his system.

Combat Statistics
Initiative:21 (26)Soak (L/B):1/2 (6/7)Mobility:-0
Spear Attack:21dSpear Damage:17L
Spear Parry:22dDodge:15d
DCL Bonus:+10d
Essence Regain10/Hour6/Hour2/Hour
W/ Hearthstone18/Hour14/Hour10/Hour
Health Levels (7)0124Incapacitated
Personal Weapons
Splinter of Wisdom+9L (+14L)+3 (+8)+4 (+9)3+12
Charm Descriptions
Lore Charms:
Lore-Unearthing Method4mSuppWhen searching for a specific piece of information in a collection, find it in 20 - (Wits + Lore roll)*2 minutes.
Forgotten Secrets Technique1m/dieSuppPer + Lore or Int + Lore die adder for secrets/arcane knowledge.
All-Encompassing Knowledge Prana8m 1wpSimpleFor one scene, gain a solid, competent understanding of one specialized field of knowledge (use Int + Lore for related rolls).
Savant Needs No Tutor Approach15m 1wpSimpleLower training time for one xp purchase by one step and negate untutored penalty; charm lasts until training is complete.
Observant General's Meditation8mSimpleSpend (10 - Ess) days making a plan, roll Int + Lore. Gain successes * Ess points; each point adds one success to an allied roll executing the plan. Charm lasts until points spent/goal achieved/voluntarily deactivated.
Unfailing Strategy Technique6m 1wpSimpleSpend (10 - Ess) hours to make a perfect plan.
Awareness Charms:
Sensory Acuity Prana5mSimpleFor one scene, heighten perceptions and add Ess dice to Awareness.
Unsurpassed Hearing and Touch Technique5mSimpleFor one scene, vastly increase hearing and touch sensitivity.
Dodge Charms:
Reed in the Wind1m/2 diceRefDodge die adder.
Shadow Over Water2mRefDodge one attack.
Reflex Sidestep Technique2mRefDodge unaware with Ess die pool.
Seven Shadow Evasion4mRefPerfectly dodge one attack.
Flow Like Blood5m 1wpSimpleFor one scene, dodge all attacks.
Scattered Sunlight Attitude4m 1wpRefPerfectly dodge even an undodgeable attack and move normal movement rate.
Intangible Wind Defense8m 1wpRefPerfectly dodge Ess attacks this turn.
Penumbra Stance7m 1wpRef(Dodge/2) hanging perfect dodges.
Invincible Ostrich Approach1mRefPerfectly dodge an unaware attack.
Linguistics Charms:
Excellent Emissary's Tongue5mSimpleAfter listening to a language spoken for an hour, speak and understand it for as long as desired.
Mark of Tongues Method5mSimpleFor as long as desired, affect any accent or writing style flawlessly to mortal investigation.
Glyph-Comprehending Prana3mSimpleAfter reading a document for an hour, read and write that language for as long as desired.
Language-Creating Gesture10+m 1wpSimpleCreate a new language with whatever traits you desire. Other targets may speak the language for 3m per target. Charm lasts as long as desired; when it ends, any speaker may spend 3xp to retain knowledge.
One Speaker, Many Tongues6m 1wpSimpleAnybody who hears you speak understands you.
Blessed Understanding PermUnderstand all languages.
Sol Invictus Style:
Dawn's Cleansing Light5m (4m)RefDouble Dex+MA dice pool for this turn.
Shining Solar Pillar5m (4m)Ref+MA to impressing or intimidating; +15L/+15B soak; 2*Ess agg damage to demons or undead in hand-to-hand range. Turn long.
Heavenly Arrow Meditation5m (4m)RefSee Essence, +MA to Perception rolls this turn, one-sentence description of any magical power used within sight, see and strike dematerialized spirits, may make MA attacks out to (10 * Ess) yards with unlimited rate and Str+Ess damage.
Howl of the Iron Wolf5m (4m)RefFor the turn, may reflexively move to any point in a circle of darkness centered on your starting location with a radius of your normal movement. Counts as a dodge using Dex+MA.
Visage of the Crowned Sun5m (4m)RefFor the turn, difficulty for non-human Essence wielders to hit you is raised by your permanent Essence.
Sol Invictus Form10m (9m)Simple+5 init and L/B soak, may reflexively add Ess successes to any roll Ess times a turn, may activate Caste-appropriate SI charm reflexively for free without counting as a charm once a turn.
Crimson Panoply of Victory Style:
Prowess of Historic Calm PermImmune to mortal tactical surprises; +MA to defensive pools against supernatural ambushes.
Splendid Fruit-Bearing Triumph5mSimpleAfter victory in combat, obviate need for food, drink or sleep for one day for single combat or (Essence of strongest enemy) days after leading an army into battle and winning. Must wait one day between applications of this charm.
Reaching for Heaven's Eye6m 1wpSimpleFor one scene, double melee attack reach or multiply it by weapon's Artifact dots or Essence for Essence weaponry.
Chariot Splinter Cloud4mRefAttack a fleeing opponent; if not completely dodged, opponent must make a Diff 2 Dex + Athletics roll or be knocked down. Automatically stop fleeing vehicles. Counterattack.
Crimson Panoply of Victory Form7mSimpleSoak lethal and bashing with your highest soak value. +1 to MA attack pool for each foe in attack range up to Ess. Each turn, make a number of counterattacks equal to half your Essence against anybody who attacks anyone performing C Po V? form. May combo this charm as an EA charm; Simple and Supplemental charms comboed with it activate on each counterattack.
Culling the Wounded4mRefFor the scene, +1 damage each time you successfully hit a foe.
Yawning Canyon Collapse1mRefRedirect an attack you are making. Once per scene per target, this is an ambush.
Stirring the Calm4m 1wpSimpleRoll Perception + MA + half damage of fighting gauntlets + gauntlet specialties against target's Conviction + Valor. If you fail they lose 1 willpower. If you succeed they get -1 die per success to all actions against you for Ess turns.
Spear Becomes All5mSimpleAdd Ess dice to all combat actions involving your spear. You cannot communicate with others.
Circle Swallows the Unwary6mSimpleFor one contest between you and another party, roll Manipulation + (appropriate ability) against their Awareness. For each success, add 1 difficulty to a roll they make relating to the contest. Penalty for each roll may not be greater than Ess.
Wheel of Thorns5m 1wpSimpleMake one attack that hits every opponent within reach separately.
Roiling Vernal Tempest Style:
Scarlet Downpour Kiai7m 1wpSimpleMake Lore attacks; every time an attack or redouble misses, you may redouble; make Valor redoubles.
Golden Lily Nods its Head1m/suxRefIn response to an attack, make a Dex+Lore roll; for each success, you may pay 1 mote to subtract 1 success from the attack.
Touch of Bone to Snow5mSuppThis unarmed MA attack ignores half the target's non-Artifact soak. Alternately, add your Craft to a Medicine roll.
Indigo Stormcloud Dispersion5mSimpleFor Ess * 3 yards around you, when someone who does not know this charm attacks, if his attack has less than Ess successes, it hits the nearest person other than the intended target.
Silent Willow Salutation2mRefWhen an opponent within three yards of you attacks a target besides you, attack them.
Roiling Vernal Tempest Form10mSimple+1 die to defensive pools for each other person in the battle up to 2*Ess. Lore dice each turn to negate multiple action penalties. Damage taken from immaterial effects is bashing.
Lightning Devouring Method1wpRefIn response to an attack enhanced with Instant charms, roll Per+Lore against opponent's Ess. On a success, gain half the motes used to activate the attack. If you roll gross successes greater than opponent's Ess plus highest Ability requirement used on the attack, gain all the motes used to activate the attack, and negate it if it has no material component.
Fragrant Sap Awakening10m 1wpRefFor the scene, deal and parry lethal damage unarmed. +Lore to damage of unarmed MA attacks. Enemies wounded by your attacks have doubled wound penalties for your Ess in turns (duration stacks).
Bloom Untouched by Storm7mSimpleFor the scene, reflexively MA parry even unaware attacks. +1 die for each parry performed since last non-reflexive die action. If this exceeds die cap, convert two dice to auto-sux for each die in excess.
Lightning-Struck Tree Falls to Earth:Golden Lily Nods its Head, Silent Willow Salutation, Lightning Devouring Method, Dawn's Cleansing Light, Howl of the Iron Wolf, Scattered Sunlight Attitude
 Thirteen draws in a deep breath and exhales a cloud of ozone that makes the air around him sharp with danger. Within this cloud, his spear flickers with white light, seeking his foe's weaknesses wherever they may be. When opponents attack him, there is a sudden flash, and their attack goes off course; then the thunder crashes as his spear strikes them down.
Merits & Flaws
Beacon of Power
Permanent Caste Mark
Hidden Manse
Publically Known Plans
Attack the Red LilyPerfect; 35 autosux pool

Thirteens Custom Charms?

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