by Haren
Velvet Gloves of the Iron Caress
Artifact ••
Velvet gloves
Speed +3 Accuracy +0 Damage +3L or B Defense +2
Requires-> Strength 1; Commitment-> 5 motes
These are well-crafted gloves most often made from velvet, though there are leather versions. These are black elbow-length gloves with woven Soulsteel with a quicksilver sheen to it curling through them. These Soulsteel threads curl around red runes in the fabric. There is a setting for a Hearthstone on the left glove. They are a fearsome weapon in that they give even a light touch or caress the force of a vicious strike. This allows the wearer to do Lethal or Bashing as they wish, though they can not parry Lethal attacks without a stunt or Charm. Because even a light touch can be an attack, anyone trying to parry or dodge these attacks is at -2 dice. The Soulsteel in the gloves channel the vital energies of those struck back into them, flinging them back. For every Health level of Bashing suffered, the victim is flung back 1 yard, for every Lethal they go flying back 2 yards. Lastly, the player of the character wearing them can set a threshold of damage, above which any extra damage successes are ignored. The force of the blow is more of will and therefore can be guided more easily. While Soulsteel is part of their construction, there is no higher commitment amount for non-Abyssal Exalts. There are said to be level 3 versions of these gloves that can be used by non-Exalts without the commitment of essence.