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  • Kinqueduran sits on the small balcony of the inn, smoking his pipe quietly. They'd rented two rooms in the inn, and K had chosen to take up residence on the balcony of the one containing the injured Glory and unconscious Nine-Roads.
  • Jaom just so happens to be on the balcony closes to Kin's, taking the moment to have a breath of fresh air after getting as cleaned-up as inns allow. "... nice. Hoi, Kin. How're they doing in there?"

The five massive tarnished-jade statues that travel with Glory have taken up positions around her bed, two on each side and one at the foot. They're kneeling, swords unsheathed, and the one at the foot of the bed occasionally swivels its head around.

  • Kinqueduran shrugs a little, looking over his shoulder at the adjacent balcony. "I'm really not sure. They haven't started bleeding excessively, or shouted in pain too much."

Jaom: "Last I checked, that's a good thing. You feeling better yourself?"

Kinqueduran: "Physically, sure. I feel sick, though. Have since the fight."

  • Jaom sighs. "Can't fucking blame you. That was fun and not-fun all at the same time, and I think it'll be a while before I do it again."

Kinqueduran: "I don't think it'll be very long."

Kinqueduran: "I'm sorry about ... doing that in front of you."

  • Kinqueduran lets out a puff of fragrant smoke, then stands, looking over his shoulder at Glory's guards.
  • Jaom grunts. "I've seen my share of nasty shit. Ever get to see someone's eye pop?" She makes a motion with her fingers like a sword jab. "I got a guy during Primary, right in the eye with a practice sword. Lucky shot, too... he was smaller, faster and better. Didn't Exalt, though."

The effigies heads simultaneously turn to look at the Orange. It's a little unsettling.

  • Kinqueduran frowns a little and looks away from the guards, pulling the coarse wool poncho a little closer around his shoulders. "I don't think you'd believe half the shit I've done."

Jaom: "Try me sometime later, when I feel like a good icky story."

  • Kinqueduran just chuckled a little. "For someone unwilling to talk about that stuff, I guess I do bring it up a lot."
  • Jaom plants her hands on the balcony ledge and leans forward a little. Sans armor, anti-chafing gear and whatnot, it's pretty plain to see that Jaom's a big girl, and her Terrestrial breeding shines through somewhat. "Maybe because it's a part of you, like it or not?"

Kinqueduran: "That might be it." He shrugged again, his lean, almost gaunt figure a lot more apparent without the armor.

Jaom: "... how long have you actually been at this, Kin?"

Kinqueduran: "A while.

Jaom: "Heh... about the best answer I'll get, I bet."

  • Jaom resumes staring at the sky.
  • Kinqueduran shrugs a little. "Really depends on which 'this' you meant."
  • Glory walks up from behind Kinqueduran, giving his hair a quick tug before leaning on the balcony. Her figure seems.. different, with more curves and longer hair. Her hair and eyes have also changed color, shifting from white-blonde and blue to pitch-black. Also, she seems to be dressed in nothing but her underwear, which is slightly torn and blood-soaked.

Jaom: "Kicking demon ass in the name of... whatever lord you serve."

  • Kinqueduran was ready to answer Jaom, but winces at the hair-tugging, and only falls silent when he turns to look at Glory, his mouth just slightly open.
  • Jaom helps herself to a look as well... and blinks. "... dragons' balls... what in the world happened to you?"
  • Kinqueduran shakes himself a little, answering Jaom though he can't just yet look away from Glory. "I've been at it for ... ten years? Fifteen? I'm not sure anymore."
  • Glory runs her fingers through her hair, smiling a little. "It happens to all of us at some point. I thought it'd turn silver."

Kinqueduran: "Well it ... looks, um, nice?"

  • Jaom nods dumbly. "Well... you feeling better, at least? Goodness knows you got the long end of the stick there... your kind are tough as hell."

Glory: "Thank you. And I'm just fine, this happens a lot. It may be time for a little retraining on my part."

  • Kinqueduran turns away, mostly in an effort to be polite by not staring, but probably just looks rude or disinterested. "Glad you didn't die."
  • Jaom nods, leaning away from the ledge. "... reminds me. Need some ink, and a quill... and something to write on. Should get all this down before I forget it.... *if* I can forget, anyway."

Kinqueduran: "There are writing materials in my bag."

  • Glory gives Kin a pat on the shoulder before pausing and looking down at herself. "..Well, that explains the breeze. Ah-heh."

Jaom: "... I'll pay you back later, on my blood. And... yes, girl. You're a few shreds short of naked. But hey... it feels nice, and it reminds you that you're alive."

  • Jaom spreads her arms and just takes a deep breath. "... ow. Sore rib."

Glory: "Tender or broken?"

Jaom: "Only tender... I heal well too, y'know."

  • Glory smiles, vaulting over the railing and onto the other balcony. She lands in surprisingly close proximity to Jaom, just outside her personal space boundaries. "I'd ask even if you were one of us."
  • Jaom seems to not mind, chuckling a tad at the leap. "Thanks for the concern. Hell, I did enough worrying over you... sure you're good?"

Glory: "Of course. I've taken worse."

  • Jaom nods, once... twice. "Mmmm. Anyway... kinda feel bad. Should've done more to help you out... but that's in the past, I guess."
  • Glory brushes a little bit of Jaom's hair out of the way with one surprisingly-delicate and totally white hand. "You did your best, and I really appreciate it."
  • Jaom pauses to let that register... then chuckles deeply. "It's nothing... and I can see that little peck was more than just you being dramatic."

Glory: "In my defense, I'm always dramatic."

  • Jaom can't help but snicker at that. "No need to defend yourself."
  • Glory gives the other woman a broad smile. "Now, you go get some rest. No rough-and-tumble until after that rib is one hundred percent."
  • Glory winks and leaps backwards onto her balcony, heading inside.
  • Jaom is very thankful her skin tone's naturally reddish, but she nonetheless rolls her eyes and shakes her head in mild amusement... before scampering on inside as well for a bit of rest.

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