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Master-Sergeant's Cloak: Artifact ***

This long black cloak with a golden inscription on the back is issued by the Sunlanders to the sergeants of their Special Forces teams, to aid them in directing pinpoint assaults against the foe. It draws upon the sergeant's will to battle to bolster and focus the attacks of their troops. The Master-Sergeant's Cloak is only useful for an officer (typically a non-commissioned officer such as a sergeant) in direct command of a group of mortal soldiers. Using it requires a die action and the commitment of 1 mote per soldier in the sergeant's unit; all the soldiers under the sergeant's command must be included. The soldiers in question feel a strange sense of unity and safety; they look up to their sergeant and trust him to lead them through the fray. When he strikes, they strike with him; whenever the sergeant takes an attack action, all the soldiers under his command may add his score in the ability he uses for that action, in extra dice, to any attack rolls they make using that ability this round. Stronger cloaks of this nature, incorporating magical materials, may be made; this version is designed for the use of God-Bloods.