A place for incomplete charm concepts you'd like help with.

  • Ocean Martial Art
  • A linguistics charm that allows you to communicate more effectively through a mixture of body language and speaking, allowing you to communicate long and complex concepts with fewer words (probably an Extra Actions charm maybe giving the option to instead make one quick social action, should be comboable with other abilities.)
  • A charm where sacrificing armor soak results in revealing that all wounds recieved so far are so minor as to be no applicable (damage heals).
  • An Ess 4 Larceny charm allowing the user to "store" a disguise that they can activate as they want later on, as long as the essence is commited.
  • Ess 4 Solar Hero Style, requiring Heaven Thunder Hammer and Hammer on Iron Technique. Basically, if you strike, you put someone your essence in yards the direction you choose, the next attack against that person in a flurry is undodgable (and you can follow them no matter how far away they've moved since your last attack in the flurry).