The Familiar (revised)

New Familiar Rules
for Exalted^2

*A common pet, and little more. 2 points.
**A deep and growing bond between man and beast. 5 points.
***A true friendship and partnership, friendship eternal and true. 8 points.
****A companion worthy of one of the Exalted, glorious and loyal. 14 points.
*****A truly primal and legendary bond. Power and Strength that flows both ways. 20 points.

You can only have one familiar bond by default, though some of the traits below push that somewhat. It is possible to raise this bond in play, with each experience point gaining the familiar one extra "familiar point". A familiar can never have more than 20 points, at level 5, with further advancement requiring charms.

Familiar Traits

The following are various traits that Familiars can gain with the points you gain above. First, though, you must purchase a basic "Familiar Class" -- detailing the overall power of your familiar.

In addition to any purchased traits, all familiars are long-lived (living for hundreds of years) and obedient.

Class of Familiars
Normal Animal (1 point)
All sorts of animals fall into this class. Particularly, this covers most small and "mundane" animals, especially those commonly kept as pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, and so forth. It also includes mundane versions of more impressive animals such as Cows (as opposed to a Bull) or a Donkey (as opposed to a Horse).

Impressive Animal (2 points)
A collection of more obviously useful beasts. Notably, this includes the larger and more esteemed domesticated animals such as Horses and Bulls. It also includes most wild beasts that aren't particularly exotic, such as wolves, hawks, vipers, moose, mountain goats, monkeys and wild boar.

Powerful Animal (4 points)
This class of animal includes the most exotic and dangerous natural animals in the world. Domestically, it is largely limited to things such as the Yeddim or an Elephant, but the wild beasts that fall into this class include staples such as lions, tigers, and bears as well as less obvious choices such as crocodiles and anacondas.

Majestic Animal (8 points)
The greatest of beasts fall into this class. Such amazingly potent animals as Rocs, Strix, River Dragons, Mammoth, Sabretooth Tigers, and even more impressive beasts. A number of these beasts are individual in their own right, with names and legends of their own. Also, all Dinosaurs fall into this class from the Tyrant Lizard to the Claw Strider.

Modifying Traits
Pair (+1 point, or +2 points)
You have a pair of related animals, such as a siblings or a mated pair. Regardless, you have an equal familiar bond with both of the anmals. This costs 1 point for Normal Animals, and 2 points for all other classes.

Trained (+1 point)
Your animal is well-trained far beyond others of its kind, knowing a few additional tricks or having higher stats than it might otherwise. This can include ferrets trained as thieves, or monkeys trained as performers.

Exceptional (+1 point)
Your animal is stronger, faster, more resilient or just plain tougher than most of its kind. Such animals are simply a better breed, as this represents raw potential rather than training or supernatural power.

God-Blooded (+3 points)
Your animal companion is the offspring of a god! While such animals tend to be more intelligent, stronger and more resilient than their lesser kin they are also more high-spirited and demanding. In particular, God-Blooded familiars are only loyal to the extent that they are treated well. They also have ambitious Godly relatives.

Mind & Body - the Familiar
Very Clever (1 point)
Your familiar is preternaturally intelligent, far beyond other animals of its kind. While not as smart as most humans it is many leagues beyond most animals, able to understand you, follow simple orders, and perform tasks that are far beyond the capabilities of less intelligent animals.

Intelligent (1 point; requires Very Clever)
Your familiar is about as intelligent as a young child of eight or nine years. It can fetch items, do chores, perform fairly complex tasks, and even roughly communicate simple concepts (such as requesting help). Despite this it has no book learning and cannot fully comprehrend abstract thought.

Man & Beast - the Familiar Bond
Expressive (1 point)
You and your familiar share a rough empathic bond that allows you to communicate with each other through facial expression and posture. This method of communication is surprisingly efficient, conveying nearly as much information as speech, and impossible for others to intercept.

Sensory Sharing (1 point)
Your bond with your familiar has grown strong enough that you can share its senses at will, seeing through its eyes or hearing what it hears. This information can supplement your own sensory data, or replace it entirely. This bond has an effective range of 100 yards; your familiar must be within that distance at all times.

Sensory Bond (1 point, requires Sensory Sharing)
The range on your Sensory Sharing power is increased to one mile.

Small Mote Reserve (2 points)
Whenever you are in close contact with your familiar, you have access to an additional 5 motes of Personal Essence. You can spend this essence as if it was your own, and it only regenerates only after your own essence pool is full.