dissolvegirl: So Shreyas, Roger sent me an email last night
willows: yea
dissolvegirl: Because I told him you and I were working on an alternate Ca Kesmology
dissolvegirl: It's, uh
dissolvegirl: hold on, let me go post it without comment
willows: ok
dissolvegirl: Posted
dissolvegirl: I haven't been able to really digest the whole thing, because my brain stops at "Cricket lives on the moon"
willows: roger is...rogersome
dissolvegirl: Hee
dissolvegirl: For some reason my mind automatically mapped "rogersome" to something between "awesome" and "
dissolvegirl: "worrisome"
willows: that's about right
dissolvegirl: I am kind of impressed that he was able to come up with an internally-consistant cosmology that quickly
dissolvegirl: Even though, at least for Ca Ke?, I am not sold on moon-gods and martians
willows: heh
dissolvegirl: I was kind of thinking less anime, more.. ancient epic?
spiderpig: HIGH FIVE
willows: so i'm thinking....there are Men and Gods, right
dissolvegirl: Right
willows: and maybe Men are a little barbaric, they live in wooden houses, they're agriculturist and not very urban, they've just recently domesticated animals
willows: Gods are, well, they are gods...they spring from the earth fully-formed, and they possess endless variety of form and psychology
willows: but they live on the earth, and they have weird powers
willows: somewhere along the line they became civilised
willows: they live in cities and have technology that's a few breakthroughs ahead of Men
willows: so the thing is, some gods are manlike enough to breed with man
willows: but it's dangerous because a lot of demigods are MONSTERS physically or mentally
willows: this is why cricket is feared and hunted - she is probably dangerously insane
willows: http://unrequitedthai.livejournal.com/205210.html < yay i am smart
dissolvegirl: Because her father was a god?
willows: yeah
willows: so right now this looks like a crazy nazi fantasy
willows: maybe it's not actually TRUE that mixed children are always monsters
willows: but it's like, procedure
willows: the Big Kahuna in god-town says you have to do it
willows: or
willows: 'the gods require sacrifice' and it's just routine to sacrifice monsterbabies
dissolvegirl: That's a great dissertation on stirfry
willows: ooh.
willows: maybe it's like the unravelling world that i wrote about once, and what's up with gods is that the bureaucracy keeps them in line
dissolvegirl: The only problem I see with that is not from an interest or consistancy standpoint, but rather the fact that, psychologically and from a writery standpoint, I don't "get" barbarism
dissolvegirl: Oooh
willows: because a god is actually a representation of something that's wrong with the world
willows: so the humans have had to enlist them into this rigid structure of rules and codes to keep them in order
spiderpig: you people are far too fascinating for your own good.
willows: haha
dissolvegirl: lol!
spiderpig: i mean, here you are coming up with engaging cosmologies
spiderpig: my most recent "brilliant idea" was to change my nick to "spiderpig"

  • spiderpig makes weighing motions

willows: so what's bad about godsex is that it's, you know, passionate and disorderly and there aren't RULES ABOUT IT
willows: and demigod babies are embarrassing evidence of thoughtcrime
dissolvegirl: If you'll notice, I myself am not coming up with engaging cosmologies so much as strategically crapping in Shreyas'
dissolvegirl: *on
spiderpig: we need a new fire station
spiderpig: well, we need a fire station. right now we have, like, a fire shack.
willows: haha
willows: it's really fun thinking up reasons why demigods are unseemly or horrible
dissolvegirl: I like the idea of demibabies as thoughtcrime!
dissolvegirl: I would like for there to be a difference between mortals who are granted a demigod status by heaven (Kestrel), mortals born mortal who become some form of demigod (Cricket) and godsex spawn (Kamaria)
dissolvegirl: Well, Kestrel and Cricket could be the same thing but granted in different ways; it could just be that Cricket's was a rogue deification

  • willows nods

willows: this kind of trips my pokemon reflex
dissolvegirl: Perhaps gods could grant certain of their powers to mortals as their conduits on earth. Like, for example, there's a god of days
willows: "clearly they have tiny gods in a bottle and they use them as a power source for super magic"
dissolvegirl: Someone's somehow screwing with time so he imbues a servant with the ability to stop time

  • willows nods

willows: yeah, i think that works...
spiderpig: hm
spiderpig: if the gods are embodiments of things that are wrong with the world
willows: is it like an internal thing, or does the servant have some kind of ritual tool? a weird hourglass
dissolvegirl: However, now the god himself can only SLOW time, until his servant dies or he goes through the paperwork to get it removed
dissolvegirl: OOH RITUAL TOOL
spiderpig: then trapping them and using them as tools is very, very powerful
spiderpig: because, like
dissolvegirl: Sorry
spiderpig: you have trapped one of the things that breaks the world
willows: HELL YES
dissolvegirl: I just got really excited for a second
spiderpig: and you are using it to do things
spiderpig: maybe mortals become demigods by trapping a god
willows: ooh, and stealing ALL THEIR POWER?
willows: that's so evil
spiderpig: well like
spiderpig: you can trap a god
spiderpig: inside, say, a sword
spiderpig: and you have just made excalibur
willows: aha
dissolvegirl: But since you are mortal, you cannot hold all of the power, so like, some of it is constantly leaking out
spiderpig: but the god is actually more or less okay with this because he still has identity
spiderpig: but if you trap the god in YOU, you devour its identity
dissolvegirl: Maybe there is a 50-50 shot!
spiderpig: and then that thing dg said
spiderpig: oooh!
willows: so when you have trapped a god in a thing - in yourself or in a tool - its radiance kind of leaks out, and this is what makes the thing awesome or bad
dissolvegirl: If you trap the god inside you, there's a 50 50 chance it will devour YOUR identity
willows: woo
willows: that's exciting as hell
spiderpig: i think the gods are less grumpy about being put in tools
dissolvegirl: Here's an idea, tell me if this is stupid
willows: sure, 'cause they don't have to share headspace with...you
spiderpig: this would be a cool cosmology for some bizarre bronze age fantasy
dissolvegirl: So okay
spiderpig: like heroes when the world was still soft
dissolvegirl: There's this god who is going mad, a very powerful and primal old god, whose high priestesses are all from the same family
dissolvegirl: He commands his highest priestess to contain his essence in this necklace; he wants to be imprisoned for a future purpose. Most of the priests of this god think the high priestess did it to be cruel, because she was greedy; outside the cult, people thought she did it to protect the world from its madness
spiderpig: dammit elizabeth. now i'm late for class.
dissolvegirl: But after the imprisoning the cult disbanded and the story of what happened became a faint legend, with details obscured
dissolvegirl: The priestess with the necklace ended up not telling her child what the necklace was, and etc.
willows: i like
willows: secrets are always good
dissolvegirl: Some other god discovered the true nature of Cricket's necklace and imbued her with part of his power, in the hopes to somehow aquiring the necklace for himself
dissolvegirl: I guess it would involve a lot of explaining as to how said god found out, and then of course the other gods would find out
dissolvegirl: Cricket could be a servant of heaven in the detective sense-- his job would be not just to get the necklace, but discover who Cricket's patron was?