Historical Timeline

The wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten and perhaps a ruler in her own right after his death,
Nefertiti had an unusually high status during her husband's turbulent reign.
The couple's renegade practice of monotheism they advocated the worship
of Amon-Ra the sun god (thought to be a manifestation of the Gangrel clan founder)
over all others, and seem to have outlawed their subjects' devotion to the
god of Night and Darkness (Set) threatened Egypt's priesthood and ensured
they would have no shortage of powerful enemies.

She bore Akhenaten six daughters, two of whom may have died in a plague.
She was the stepmother of Tutankhamen. Some Egyptian scholars theorize that
around year 12 of Akhenaten's reign Nefertiti may well have become his co-regent,
and immediately after his death became a pharaoh in her own right, ruling alone
for a short time. Like Akhenaten, Nefertiti's name was erased from historical
records and her many likenesses defaced after her death, as Egypt reverted to
its former religion.