The Penniless Detective

Trevor Johhanes, immigrant detective serving those who are ignored.

Character Sheet


  • Archetype (Adept): Master of the Sapiens Gladius.
  • Social Class (Middle Class): Stiff Guardian of Order
  • Conviction: I will chase Dr. Bastille to the ends of the world and laugh as I crush him.
  • Free: Never wants for money, but has little.
  • Free: Enjoys the chase more than the capture.
  • Free: I can't bring myself to arrest Miss Noctes
  • Major Complication: An Ego worthy of a God
  • Major Complication: On the run from those whose secrets I stole


 (+4): Ten Steps Ahead (A)
 (+3): Wielding the Sword of Wisdom (S)
 (+2): Respected by Authorities (E)
 (+1): Bloody-Minded Stubbornness (E)
 Total Cost: 60 pts

Unique & Strange Skills

Ten Steps Ahead (18 pts)

 You always know what they're going to do... at least a minute before they do.
 Initiative (Physical, Mental, Social), Dodge, Willpower, Strike, Parry, Insight
 Ascedant Tier (-4 refresh)
 Major Complication -2: On the run from those whose secrets I stole

Wielding the Sword of Wisdom (14 pts)

 You have learned the ways of understanding and manipulating all those many fools of the world.
 Guile, Disguise, Menace, Examine, Information, Notice, Security, Dexterity, Skulk, Hide
 Superhuamn Tier (-2 refresh)
 Major Complication -2: An Ego worthy of a God

Respected by Authorities (8 pts)

 The police and governments tend to love him, especially as he works more out of joy, than greed.
 Esteem, Networking, Influence, Convince, Language, Minions (2)
 Extraordinary Tier (-1 refresh)

Bloody-Minded Stubbornness (10 pts)

 When on the chase, you let nothing stop you!
 Resist Damage, Stress Cap. (Health), Physical Force, Leap, Move, Climb
 Extraordinary Tier (-1 refresh)
 Delay -2


  • Free: Skilled (+15 points)


[Health] ooo o

[Composure] ooo

[Reputation] ooo


  (trifling), (middling), (grievous)

Tier Bonuses

  • Armor (Health) 1
  • Weapon (Health) 1, (Social) 1, (Mental) 3
  • Wins Initiative against anyone less than Ascendant
  • Can move 1 zone free with a leap or move
  • Can defend even when surprised
  • Can gain 2 aspects related to a worn disguise
  • Knows an additional 5 languages.

Refresh Left = 2

  • Extraordinary (Bloody-Minded Stubbornness, Respected by Authorities) -2
  • Superhuaman (Wielding the Sword of Wisdom) -2
  • Ascendant (Ten Steps Ahead) -4