venus{A} let's do something

venus{A} i propose a freeform story about two errant wizards

venus{A} in a WORLD GONE MAD

pigeon hm

pigeon okay!

venus{A} ok what channel?

Daravina how about #WorldGoneMad

Daravina we can keep ooc in here

Daravina thus tantalizing the people who are not playing

Daravina bwahaha

pigeon haha

pigeon can it be postapocalyptic

Daravina sure

Daravina earthlike or other?

pigeon well, we're wizards, right? so it must be a wizard apocalypse.

Daravina ok so what if the apocalypse made magic unreliable

Daravina and some sort of short in the system made a common ritual celebration destroy the world

Daravina more or less

Daravina "yay it's christmas!" BOOM

Daravina not completely destroyed though.

pigeon huh. so now magic doesn't work any more, and we have to reinvent it from scratch, basically?

Daravina yeah, that would be cool

Daravina it's all wild now, nobody knows hwo to control it

pigeon can we be exploring what happened that made magic go boom? that should be the long-term goal of the game.

Daravina yes yes, good plan

Daravina do you think normal people are afraid of wizards now

Daravina or..what if everyone is/was a wizard

pigeon oh yeah, I was assuming nearly everybody was.

Daravina ok how long after the wizocalypse are we

Daravina i'd suggest either immediately, or a year

Daravina or, like 50 years

pigeon let's say one year.

Daravina 0

pigeon hmmmm.

pigeon what's my name.

Daravina yay

Dukkha do you want to define characters a little before we start?

Daravina i have an idea

Daravina what if we define the broad strokes of the characters, but you can only mention events from the other person's past (and once it's been mentioned, anyone can expand on it)

Daravina so we're sort of making eachother's histories

Daravina like how you were the doorman at the biographicum

Daravina "Remember the time you impressed the whole class when we were learning elemental control? Why can't you do that now?"

Daravina this, of course, really fucks with the basic freeform assumption of total character ownership

Daravina which is why it amuses me.

Dukkha that sounds like an interesting idea, sure.

Dukkha how do you want to do it specifically with defining the characters?

Dukkha just describe ourselves a little bit, or what?

Daravina hmm i don't know

Daravina yeah, that's good.

Daravina this setup requires us to have known eachother for a long time, so do you want to be friends or rivals?

Dukkha rivals, but professional ones, I think.

Daravina okay ^.^

Daravina hmm let's see.

Daravina oh now she's turned into a professor in my head

Daravina which is not very errant

Dukkha no, that's cool!

Dukkha because the world got blown up, right.

Daravina yep!

Dukkha we probably taught at the same college.

Daravina sweet

Daravina Daravina is a rather average looking woman, maybe tending towards unattractive. This does not deter her basically cheerful demeanor and easygoing nature, which had made her a favorite teacher among young wizards. Well that and she was an easy grader. She liked to pursue the more esoteric academic side of magic in her spare time, and was on the Board of Magical Device Recycling before everything went to hell.

Dukkha hmmm.

Dukkha I think Dukkha was actually a publishing faculty member, so she wasn't very good at teaching her classes, but she brought in more grants.

Daravina cool

Dukkha She was pushing the limits of practical applications of some of the newer theories, and this kept her busy, but meant that she was a little aggressive in person, which put people off, but you can't get rid of her if she publishes. Also she had tenure.

Daravina hee hee

Daravina ok let's start, and we can come up with more stuff as it comes up