The characters in Desert Of Fear are Sumerians in a small village.

  • Kur is a cranky old fisherman who has been secretly damming parts of the river so that the irrigation ditches don't steal all his water (played by Char)
  • Ur-Nammu is a fickle, womanizing and incompetent village chief (Ur-Nammu is wondering why the next door tribe are attacking us...) (played by hoog)
  • Ut-Napishtim is the sly arms dealer (Only I know the secret of making the cane pointy!) (played by Nate)

The village is set in ancient Sumeria. It is a desert! There are various settlements on the two major rivers that fight over the best fishing spots. The two rivers flood annually and bring down minerals and stuff from the mountains. So once they figured out irrigation they invented agriculture.

NP Cs:⚠ <br>

  • Ninki, Ut-Napishtim's Ethiopian slave girl⚠ <br>
  • Atraharsis, Ut-Napishtim's 12 year old apprentice boy⚠ <br>
  • Nergal, Ut-Napishtim's 20s-ish mercenary warrior assistant⚠ <br>
  • Sabit, Ur-Nammu's wife⚠ <br>
  • Hanish, Sabit's brother⚠ <br>
  • Shubure the Sorceress, an Eastern witch⚠ <br>
  • Inanna, beautiful slave taken from Kur by Ur-Nammu⚠ <br>
  • Ur-Shanabi, Ur-Nammu's father, now demon-slave to the Sorceress Shubure⚠ <br>

Kur was Ur-Nammu's father's friend and best warrior he resents Ur-Nammu taking his slave, and generally not being the leader his father was

Ur-Nammu gets bossed around by his wife, Sabit