Brothel of No Escape!

Somewhere in a large city, there is a brothel. From the outside it looks like a typical massage parlor, but once you enter the back room... the curse takes hold.


Jenny (Hoog)

  • The Madam of the brothel.
  • She's young, bitchy and ugly! She sells the drugs.

Bones (Liam)

  • The Bouncer
  • She's a tough woman who takes no nonsense and shaves her head. She wears a Sex Pistols t-shirt all day every day.

Bubbles (Char)

  • The Prostitute
  • She's a small town girl who moved to the big city to find her fortune... and missed. She has a necklace that she can't take off.
  • New girl. 17 years old.

Chimes (Fred)

  • The Other Prostitute
  • She's a professional. Wears bells.