me: i suppose we could discuss your egregious lack of TOR page for your game proposal

Adrienne: Haha, I take it someone read the scroll buffer this morning?

me: o.o

Adrienne: Uh-HUH.

Well, did it sound like a cool idea, or a dumb one?

me: potentially fun

Adrienne: (Or both, hehe. It IS gaming.)

me: though since i was in a hurry i just sort of skimmed over everything dark elves in the city!

Adrienne: Right! A city full of people who don't much like us, FOR SOME REASON.

me: possibly because we worship evil spider queens :P

Adrienne: Possibly!

me: possibly because our society is NOT evil, but it IS matriarchal and they just can't handle that.

Adrienne: Man, D&D drow are so profoundly creepy. They're elves, but they're evil, you can tell because they're BLACK and live in a MATRIARCHY.

me: pfft. lames.

yay page

p.s. i think the orcs and stuff should be the upper class

and humans are just like the servant class, everyone ignores

humans are lame

they're not strong like orcs

a society based on strength of arms

Adrienne: Where do elves fit in?

me: They live in the far north where it's damn cold all the time

though i hear they used to live in the place that's now farmland that supports all the cities for leagues around

hey, you know why elves have pointy ears?

Adrienne: Why?

me: cause the rest of 'em froze off, hahaha

Adrienne: Haha, stupid elves.

me: *spits sideways* damn elves, useless things.

Can't even put 'em in the Arenas, they die too quick.

Too skinny to eat, too not that we do that kind of thing anymore.

Adrienne: Right, totally. *spit*

me: *eyes you suspiciously*

Adrienne: >.>


me: you ain't one of them elf-lovers are you

Adrienne: No sir!

me: *chuckles knowingly* Well, *slaps you on the back* I know a place you kin get a nice human boy with his ears cut right, skinny thing, gotta be careful not to break him though. dress him up in some furs or toss him in the ice-room for a while, he'll do well enough.

Adrienne: >.<

Man, so as dark elves, we're EXTRA screwed.

me: hahaha

don't worry, you'll feel right at home in the traveling freak show

me: dark elves must've gotten tossed into the desert and got a sunburn

Adrienne: Yeah, we did something terrible to get thrown out that will be hinted at through play.