The One Rule has generated a lot of thought and excitement for me and some of my friends.

Due to this conversation, I'm going to try to expand on it, collaboratively.

Elizabeth: So we were thinking If you do a writeup of the one rule, why the one rule makes for compelling gaming, and analyze how it sort of spawns an organic ruleset tailored to the tastes and preferences of the players You will have a hell of a revolutionary book/freeform frame I'd be happy to help if you need it, and I bet Shreyas would too [smile]

So, I've played three games of this:

  • World Gone Mad was the origination of the idea, in which Liam and I (Char) decided to do a freeform game for kicks, and I tossed in this random rule to make things more exciting. It worked really well, and made for a lot of fun and surprising play. Excellent.
  • Desert Of Fear was the second, and involved a larger number of people from #indierpgs on magicstar. (credit later if I can figure out who was who). This game had an entirely different feel, and went on for EIGHT HOURS. Again, this was a spur of the moment idea, with The One Rule, and turned out pretty amazing. This one also involved people switching characters and playing several NP Cs.
  • High School Of Stars is the third, and has at present 9 (started with 7) people split into two smaller scenes at any one time (split by high/low on die roll for randomness) and is generating a lot of continual play in the form of miniscenes between 2-4 players. This has spawned a wiki page to keep track of details, as well as a relationship map to visualize it.

More stuff later. -C-