Colleen "Jackie! I need your help again!" Colleen collapses onto the deck, holding her leg and laughing.

Jackrum hauls himself over, dragging his wooden leg behind him. "Aye, that you do."

Jackrum "Someone hold her down."

Aliesha rolls her eyes. "Fine, but you'd better not get blood on me this time!" She kneels down and braces Colleen against the deck.

Colleen "Oh, you know I don't squirm, Jackie boy."

Jackrum reaches a calloused hand inside a filthy jacket and reveals a small knife, bloodstained but sharpened. "We'll see, missy."

Jackrum grits his teeth and plunges the knife in, cutting around the bullet with a grim efficiency. Then, he reaches into the wound and pulls, holding the thing up to the light.

Colleen hisses, but doesn't move. "Those bastards are always taking unfair advantage." She shrugs with the cutlass in her hand, nearly endangering Aliesha behind her.

Aliesha "Coll! What've I told you about waving your blade at me?" She pins her arm down too in an elaborate maneuver

Jackrum pulls out a flask of something, takes a swig, and then pours it onto the open wound. It makes an audble hiss.

Jackrum "You'll heal, less'n you get the 'grene."

Colleen "Sorry, Your Majesty," Colleen pronounces sarcastically.

Aliesha flips her hair over her shoulder with a grin. "I forgive you."

Jackrum "Boy! Get me the wraps with the green shit on 'em."

Colleen "So how's the plunder?"

Aliesha The cabin boy runs over promptly with the green-shit wraps!

Colleen "Ugh, the green shit. I hate the green shit."

Jackrum takes them with bad grace, sniffs them suspisciously, tastes one with a licked finger, and shrugs. "You'd hate losin' the leg more, missy."

Aliesha "You know it's workin' when it feels like your leg's gonna burn off." She nods in agreement.

Jackrum wraps the bandage around the wound with forceful vigour. "Good and tight now...."

Colleen slits her eyes and breathes deeply as the wound begins to sizzle.

Aliesha "So, who shot you? Was it your ex again?"

Colleen "I don't know how he keeps getting ON those boats!"

Jackrum squeezes the wound hard and nods in satisfaction. "Should hold. If y'n smell the rot set in, let me know and yous'n can get intimate wi' Knifey's big brother." He grins.

Aliesha "He's not even a good pirate!"

Colleen "Somehow every time he hires on as a merchant marine, THAT's the ship we choose to jump next."

Colleen "It's...fate. Or something."

Colleen "Something stupid."

Colleen "I'll be fine, Jackie. Aren't I always fine?"

Colleen "One of these days I really will shoot that jerk."

Jackrum "He loose on't ship?"

Colleen "Thinks he's so smart..." Colleen's mild grumbling trails off as she struggles to her feet.

Aliesha "It's about time you return the favor, I mean REALLY."

Colleen "Nah, I threw him over the side during the boarding action."

Colleen "So what did we get?" She casts a speculative eye over the pinned and helpless merchant ship, hooked to them with grapnels.

Jackrum "S' shipment of Gressian tea, mostly."

Colleen sighs dramatically. "Why doesn't anybody have any money any more?"

Aliesha claps her hands in delight, having finally relinquished her hold on Colleen. "Lovely! I love tea."

Colleen "Makes you want to get a real job." She kicks a nearby pin with her injured leg, then winces.

Jackrum "We can sell it. Keefe's Cor is less'n a days sail."

Colleen "Figure we will. But still, right?" She grins.

Jackrum "Right."