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Furud climbs down the sheer side of the hole somewhat recklessly, the bag slung over his shoulder rattling as the glass bottles inside clink together with his movements. He jumps down the last couple feet, landing akwardly on a stone and taking a couple staggering steps to right himself. He curses - his body hasn't been behaving quite right since he'd lost his temper... and it was getting increasingly harder to keep it.

Merope "Oh thank God!"

Merope rushes up to embrace Furud. "I thought you'd come here."

Merope "Are you hurt? Did she hurt you? Oh God, I thought..."

Furud jerks back as she rushes towards him, falling over the rock he'd almost tripped over on his way down. Another flurry of curses. "Shit Mero! Don't DO that!"

Merope "Sorry, sorry....."

Furud rubs his hands against his jeans, cleaning the dirt off them somewhat, and hauls himself to his feet. "I'm fine... She's ok too."

Merope "She's okay?" Merope nods. "She... just ran off, and I thought she might...."

Furud looks down, using the excuse of the dropped bag as an excuse to break eye contact. He takes longer than necessary to pick it up. "Antares is fine," he insists. "She was upset, but we talked..."

Merope "She's just so volatile, and I..." she trails off. "Maia is.... stable." she says, dully.

Furud fishes around in his bag, pulling out a dark brown bottle that is dripping amber liquid. "Shit. I... It's not supposed to be this way. It's not supposed to... " His voice cracks. "Oh God, Merope. What have we done?"

Merope "Lived our lives? What have you done, Furud? They got to you on the weekend... what happened? What happened to Maia?"

Furud "She... " In the starlight, his eyes go black, and he stares through Mero, lost in vivid memory that twists his face in tightly controlled fear. "She rescued us."

Merope digests this. "They hurt you."

Furud "They were... it was a lab."

Merope "They hurt Maia?"

Furud turns away, fumbling with the slippery bottle until he manages to get the cap off, then taking a long swig. "I was in the cell. I didn't... see."

Merope "You said, they drugged you, they...." she struggles with her words. "But, you got out. Because of Maia."

Furud In a voice so low, the passing wind is louder, Furud replies, "Yes. We.. I was trying to escape when she came."

Merope "How?"

Furud "The drugs... they wore off some. And I picked the lock... but there were guards. Maia..." He takes another long swig, his knuckles white against the bottle. "She distracted them."

Merope "And you ran away?"

Furud "She drove..me home."

Merope looks at Furud for a long while, and then looks down.

Furud cracks open a second beer, then digs around and comes up with a third, which he silently offers to Merope

Merope takes it, quietly, and moves to sit in the dirt.

Furud sits some short distance away, back against the cliffside. He downs the second beer in record time.

Merope She takes a sip from the bottle. After a while, she speaks up: "The police came, after you ran. I think they believed us. About it being a suicide thing."

Furud nods numbly. "Thanks."

Merope "We gave statements. They're probably going to want to talk to you and Anatares too, eventually."

Furud stares at the empty bottle. "What if they don't believe us? I mean. It's the truth, but they don't have to listen..."

Merope "Maia will tell them. When she wakes up."

Furud "What did you say... that she ....did that over?"

Merope "I didn't. I mean... I don't understand it myself, what could I tell them?"

Merope "I mean, I wasn't even... I was only just done throwing up..."

Merope suddenly starts crying.

Furud stares at her for a minute, then kind of crawls over to her, putting his arms around her. "I'm sorry..."

Merope "What happened to her, Furud?" she wails. "Why would she do that to herself? They wheeled her away and she was.."

Merope looks away, tears flowing freely.

Furud tries to comfort her, but he is shaking badly himself, and his breath grows ragged as he holds back his own tears. "I thought she was gone, I wasn't fast enough... oh God..."

Merope buries herself in Furud's shoulder.

Furud holds her tightly, resting his cheek on her head. A raw sob tears through his defenses and the tears follow.

Merope holds on tightly and looks up, face still wet from tears, her eyes reddened as they gaze into his.

Merope "It doesn't make sense." she says, softly, quavering. "It wasn't meant to be like this."

Furud "Never.." he says raggedly, "Never supposed to be so dark." He wipes away the tears with the back of his bruised and scabbed wrist.

Merope hugs him tightly again, her tears weakening, and kisses him, once, on the neck.

Furud half-automatically strokes Mero's hair, a familiar gesture from days past. Her kiss awakens his senses from their stupor - the scent of her shampoo, the silky hair and warm skin beneath his fingers stirring his blood. "Oh, Mero..." he says softly.

Merope looks up from his shoulder and goes to kiss him again, on the lips this time, trembling with a transgressive, horrified thrill.

Furud kisses her back, hard, pulling her almost into his lap. He opens his eyes, her gaze filling his vision - the stars in their depths sparkling until he almost drowns in them.

Merope falls into him, lost in the moment, pushing him backward...

Furud slips backwards into the dirt with Merope on top of him, his fingers tracing the curve of her shoulder, her spine, the edge of her shirt.

Merope gasps softly at the touch, and then freezes, suddenly hesitant. "Furud, we..."

Furud cuts her off with another kiss, before breaking off. "oh God Mero..." His voice burns with desire and anguish. His fingers pause against the skin of her back as he looks up at her.

Merope There's a long moment, as Merope stares down at Furud, his hand on her back, her breath still a trace heavy.

Furud "We shouldn't..." He closes his eyes, though it does nothing to still the faint traces of music floating through his head.

Merope "I... I'm sorry, Furud, this isn't right..." she says, just a little after him.

Merope She pauses, still on top of him, still with his hand on her back.

Furud His hand moves upward an inch, then falls away with a gasp. "I should go..."

Merope bites her lip, looking around her. "I'm sorry. I.... this didn't happen." She gets up swiftly and scrambles away, without looking back.

Furud watches her go, then flops back on the ground, throwing his arm over his face. "None of this happened." he says softly.

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