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Reading this timeline will spoil you on the plot. If you want to read through the logs, use the links contained within them to read through in order of fiction chronology (the links next to the "Timeline" link) or in order that the scenes were played (that's the order of the numbering).


The vague consensus is: it's early May. Most of the cast is in it's junior year at Galileo High. The SAT (and Merope/Heka birthday party) was probably held on the first Saturday in May.

It is apparently 2008, although comic book time may apply.

Like, Totally Ancient History


  • HSoS 54 An accident before a show choir concert.


  • HSoS 25 Maia gets Mr. Henley fired.


  • Merope and Furud are rumoured to be making out behind the bleachers around this time (or so says Asterope).
  • HSoS 12 Initially infatuated with each other, Merope listens to Furud's theories, and Furud steal a jacket for her.
  • HSoS 11 At Lover's Lane, the first cracks begin to show in Furud and Merope's relationship/
  • HSoS 10 At a party celebrating Heka and his winning a football game, Furud and Merope drunkenly exchange expressions of love, and bodily fluids - although not the kind you're thinking of :)
  • HSoS 39 Heka and Furud. The kiss. That's all you need to know.
  • HSoS 65 Merope and Furud break up.


  • HSoS 35 Recovering in the hospital, Antares and Ras Alhague meet, and not for the first time.



Period Before Lunch

  • HSoS 1 Furud, Asterope, Lacerta and Zavijava take science as the last period before lunch.
  • HSoS 3 simultaneously: Merope, Haka and Ras Alhague have study period in the library.


  • HSoS 2 Asterope, Ras Alhague and Furud eat lunch in the cafeteria.
  • HSoS 4 simultaneously: Heka, Merope and Lacerta eat their lunch outside in the quad.

After Lunch

  • HSoS 7 Merope and Maia play dodgeball.

After School

  • HSoS 5 Furud, Ras Alhague and Merope take detention. (~3.30pm to 4.30pm)
  • HSoS 6 Ras Alhague and Merope walk home and to the mall, respectively. (It's about a ten minute walk.)
  • simultaneously, Furud meets Lacerta for "coffee". (~4.40pm to 5.30pm)


  • HSoS 9 Yed, Heka and Furud go bowling. Much macho activity ensues. (boys arrive ~5.45pm. They keep it quick, all done by ~7pm, Yed stays to bowl some more, and leaves himself by ~8pm)
  • HSoS 8 Maia, Merope and Asterope meet at the mall. (imagine Merope and Asty have been there a while, so this scene goes down around 8pm)


  • HSoS 15 Furud, Maia and Yed are all at the mall. (~ 8.15pm. Seems a bit late for a clothing store to be open at the mall, but hey.)

Late That Night

  • HSoS 32 Ras and Merope meet at Lake Artemis. Nudity ensues.



  • HSoS 27 Merope calls the absent Ras Alhague, but the call is interrupted...
  • HSoS 60 ...because Ras is busy rescuing Cassiopeia.


  • HSoS 13 Betelgeuse and Polaris converse over lunch.

During School, After Lucnh

  • HSoS 14 Polaris, Algol and Merope are in science class - new (or rather, returning) girl Antares arrives.

At the end of School

  • HSoS 16 Old friends Maia and Antares catch up and bond over guitars... Yed's there, too.
  • HSoS 17 Yed, having cut himself, is patched up by a kindly Antares.

After School

  • HSoS 19 Maia and Antares gossip over the phone.

That Evening

  • HSoS 18 Over at Furud's house, he, Algol and Polaris play videogames.
  • HSoS 70 Furud explains all the star theory to Algol
  • HSoS 20 Antares accompanies Yed clothes shopping for his date. Turns out Merope works at the store. Meanwhile, Ras is at a bus station in need of a lift...

Later That Evening

  • HSoS 29 Both Furud (with Polaris) and Merope (with her mom) go to pick up the stranded Ras Alhague.
  • HSoS 28 Yed's date with Jenny.
  • HSoS 26 Maia introduces Antares to the band.

Later Still

  • HSoS 66 Furud and Merope patch things up.


Very early in the AM

  • HSoS 22 Furud and Antares catch up on a church rooftop.

During School

  • HSoS 52 Ras and Merope make up via the medium of text message.
  • HSoS 58 Ras and Antares talk at lunch.

After School

  • HSoS 21 A little after 5.15pm, Antares meets with the principal, Mr. Johnstone, and with her father.
  • HSoS 23 Antares runs into Furud immediately afterward, they drive to the Hole.
  • HSoS 24 Maia, Furud and Antares make plans at the Hole.

Later that evening

  • HSoS 53 Merope drops by band practice.
  • HSoS 30 Maia and Antares talk after band practice.
  • HSoS 33 Antares gets home to find Mom's been paying attention.
  • HSoS 59 Merope and Ras go to a Denny's, and then to Ras', where there's a surprise...
  • HSoS 103 Merope meets Cassiopeia.



  • HSoS 63 Shop class for Ras and Antares.


  • HSoS 40 Yed and Asterope take in lunch.


  • HSoS 31 During and after a music class, Polaris confronts Maia (and Antares) about Mr. Henley.

After School

  • HSoS 34 Right after school, Furud confronts Antares (and Antares' ego) about Polaris.
  • HSoS 37 Furud returns to confront Polaris about what happened.
  • HSoS 36 After detention, Maia and Antares 'splain some things to each other.
  • HSoS 68 Heka and Merope chat at home.


  • HSoS 41 Asterope breaks up with Yed.
  • HSoS 45 Fleeing the scene, Asterope gets into a car smash with a partying Heka and Furud.
  • HSoS 46 The trio of car crash victims/perpetrators pile into a cafe.

Late Night

  • HSoS 42 Just after midnight, Yed gets a call from Antares, and joins Maia for drunken revelry.


Very Early Morning

  • HSoS 71 A whole gang collects at Denny's; sniping ensues.


  • HSoS 38 Principal Johnstone tries to get Furud to confess his star theory.
  • Merope sees the Principal


  • HSoS 43 Furud tells Antares about his talk with the principal.
  • HSoS 44 Then they bitch at each other some on a bridge.

After school

  • HSoS 50 Polaris tries to give Yed a gift.
  • HSoS 51 Polaris and Antares grab a few minutes of awkwardness.
  • HSoS 47 Furud does some breaking and entering, diversion courtesy of Maia and Antares.
  • HSoS 48 Heka lays hands on the aftermath.


  • HSoS 55 Furud and Maia argue...
  • HSoS 56 ...then Furud and Antares talk about it...
  • HSoS 57 ...and so do Maia and Antares. The drama mills run overtime tonight.


During the SATs (Morning to early afternoon)

  • HSoS 62 Furud and Maia hash some things out on a roof.
  • HSoS 61 During a break mid-SATs, Antares grabs few moments with Heka.
  • HSoS 69 In another break, Furud, Polaris, Merope and Maia have a dizzying series of conferences, misunderstandings, hysterics and confrontations.

Post SATs, pre-party

  • HSoS 64 Maia visits the hospitalised Principal Johnstone.
  • HSoS 67 Furud and Antares argue, resolving nothing. Who knew?
  • HSoS 72 Ras gives the gift of perspective.


  • HSoS 73 An awkward conversation during band set-up, continued later.
  • HSoS 74 Polaris arranges a kiss.
  • HSoS 75 Furud tests Merope's patience.
  • HSoS 76 Maia sings and Antares complicates.
  • HSoS 77 Furud, Antares, and Maia confront the elephant.

During the Later Parts of the Party

  • HSoS 78 Furud gets himself starnapped.
  • HSoS 79 Furud doesn't like being interrogated.
  • HSoS 80 Antares makes a rescue attempt.
  • HSoS 92 Merope and Ras catch up.
  • HSoS 81 More jailbird fighting.
  • HSoS 82 Maia demonstrates how to sneak in without screwing it up.


God Knows What Time All This Stuff Is Set At, But It Seems To Take Up Most of Sunday

  • HSoS 83 Furud and Antares start to get out...
  • HSoS 84 ...while Maia comes to save them. Chaos ensues.
  • They all escape, and Maia seemingly gets dropped off at some point...
  • HSoS 85 Antares and Furud at Furud's, recuperating.
  • HSoS 86 Antares totally showers in Furud's house. Hawt!

Definitely Sunday evening. I think

  • HSoS 87 Antares' mom has got it going on. Anger at Antares, that is.



First Period

  • HSoS 100 Merope shows new kid Altair around the school.


  • HSoS 94 In the cafeteria, Merope's attempts to find out what happened to Furud and Antares over the weekend meet with mixed success.

Last Period

  • HSoS 95 Ras and Merope corner Furud on a roof and try to get him to tell them what's going on. Ras doesn't have much success, but Merope gets further...

After School

  • HSoS 88 Antares and Furud continue to decompress their weekend.
  • HSoS 89 Antares and Furud smooch at the Hole. (Uh... that's not a euphemism for anything).
  • HSoS 90 Antares and Furud smooch in a church. Sacrilacious! Also Furud's mom dislikes Furud's SAT performance.
  • HSoS 91 Antares' mom and Furud's mom smooch in a store. I mean, talk in a store.

At Night

  • HSoS 93 Furud tries to teach Merope some meditation techniques.



  • HSoS 96 Maia attempts suicide, watched by her horrified friends.
  • HSoS 97 A grief-stricken Antares has an episode out on Trudeau Bridge.

Way Late

  • HSoS 104 Merope and Furud meet at the Hole, and NOTHING HAPPENED, OKAY? On a completely unrelated note have I mentioned how Antares is totally this calm, collected awesome person who would never consider fiery vengeance?


During School

  • HSoS 98 Altair makes new frenmities and renews old ones.
  • HSoS 99 Altair unveils his troubles to Furud.

After School

  • HSoS 101 A group goes to visit Maia in hospital.
  • HSoS 102 Maia escapes from hospital, speaking to Altair on her way out.
  • HSoS 106 Merope meets up with Altair and Antares in the hospital parking lot as the search for Maia begins.

Somewhat Later

  • HSoS 108 Antares gets yet more thoroughly stoned with Altair, and Furud catches them in a compromising position.
  • HSoS 105 Maia breaks into Merope's bedroom to speak with her...
  • HSoS 107 ...and then a phone call precipitates Maia, Merope and Altair into a dangerous rescue from a house fire and the Army.
  • HSoS 109 With soldiers patrolling the town, the whole gang reunites at the Hole, and then hides out at Altair's mansion.

That Evening/Night, Chez Altair

  • HSoS 110 Altair chats to Antares on the roof.
  • HSoS 111 Furud and Altair, variously intoxicated, talk, kiss, then nearly knock the house down but for the intervention of Maia, Merope... and Cassiopeia.
  • HSoS 112 Merope and Altair talk when Merope seeks a shower.
  • HSoS 114 Freshly showered, Merope gets first aid from Furud. AND IT'S ALL TOTALLY PLATONIC. OH YES.
  • HSoS 113 Checking in on Cassie, Merope is disturbed by, in order, a cat, Altair and a theory.
  • HSoS 116 Furud checks in on Maia.
  • HSoS 115 Furud plays videogames and talks strategy with Altair.
  • HSoS 117 Altair and Merope get to interrogate Maia. And Altair reveals some record he's been hiding...



  • Prom!


Are we juniors or seniors? Ras is pretty clearly a senior based on his statements in HSoS58. Merope claims to have turned 18 on her birthday on Saturday (and therefore Heka presumably did too) HSoS92. Yet the fact that we're nearly all taking SA Ts? seems to suggest this is junior year for most of us, plus I'm sure we did actually establish that somewhere. Possible resolution in that Merope and Heka are a year older than they ought to be, due to moving between school systems at some point in the past? We've vaguely decided to go with being juniors, at least for now

Was it Maia or Asterope (or both) that Yed planted test answers on in third grade?