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Merope "Heyyyyy, honeymittens, I got you another driiii-ink."

Merope is red-faced and giggly. She puts the drink down on a side table and throws her arms around Furud.

Furud grins and kisses Merope, twirling her around. "Hey Twinkles, you're the best! This is quite the party."

Merope "Yeah! I think Heka is passed out in the yard, but people keep waking him up to congratulate him." Her hands brush the torc. She pouts. "Do you gotta wear this all the time?"

Furud laughs, and glances towards the window. "Well he DID pretty much win the game for us..." he ignores her question in favor of taking another big drink

Merope plays with the torc. "It's just so... I just don't think it suits you, you know?"

Furud brushes his fingers over Mero's, clasping them around the torc and leans in to kiss her again, "Baby, you know how proud I am of our heritage. The only question is why don't you want one? You know who you are, why don't you embrace it?"

Merope pulls away from the kiss. "It's kinda... girly, is all. And don't give me all that heritage stuff again."

Furud sighs and turns back to his drink, tipping it back. "Girly? Really? It's an ancient RELIC or ..something. I don't care if you think it's girly."

Merope "Well, maaaaybe you ought to care. You've been hanging with Heka so much people are saying you're..."

Furud "Best friends?"

Merope "Yeah, Furud. Really good friends."

Furud stares at Merope.

Furud "You don't think that, do you?"

Merope "Sweetie, of course not. I know different, right? But I don't like people making fun of you. Or me."

Furud gets up and starts pacing around the room, gaze occasionally flickering to the window. "OK who do I have to beat the shit out of?"

Merope "Hey, heyyy, calm down. It's just, you know..." she waves an arm expansively, "...stuff. High school."

Merope She goes to wrap her arms around his neck from behind, and tries to kiss him on the neck.

Furud grunts, brushing her off and stalks past her, towards the bar, ice rattling in his glass. "Why would you try to kiss me if you think I'm girly?"

Merope "Hey, no, honey, I don't... Come back! I already GOT you a drink!"

Furud "I finished it already."

Merope "Did you?" She spins around, unsteadily. "Oh yeah." She giggles. "But still come back!"

Furud fixes himself a drink involving everclear and kahlua, and eventually makes his way back to the room. He's cooled down enough that he brought her one too; a white russian.

Merope is pouting, and looks up with sad eyes. "I'm sorry, babe. I know you love that thing."

Furud offers her the drink and smiles a little. "Sorry, Mero. You know I love you, but you drive me crazy sometimes." He grins and kicks the door closed... "And speaking of driving me crazy... have I told you how hot you look tonight?"

Merope "Wait... did you just say you love me?"

Furud "Of course I did," he says, leaning in to kiss her again. His hands move over her shoulders and down her back.

Merope Her eyes widen. "but.. I mean, you mean it?"

Furud "Why do you ask so many questions? I said it, didn't I?" He smiles confidently and moves closer. "I'll prove it to you."

Merope "Oh Furud..." She throws herself, rather more heavily than she probably intended, into him. "I love you too!"

Furud takes her in his arms and the making out gets hot and heavy. Eventually, he begins to fumble with his pants.

Merope is breathing heavily. "Wait..." She looks into his eyes. "Tell me again."

Furud manages to kick them off, along with socks and shoes, before looking right into her eyes "I lo....urgggggh...." suddenly all the motion and excitement catches up to him and he throws up violently. He manages to turn his head to the side after the first rush.

Merope screams.

Furud passes out on top of her

Merope "Oh my God! Gross! Oh, Furud, baby, honey, are you ok?"

Merope lies there damply for a moment, unsure what to do. Then she squelches to the door.

Merope "Um, could someone get my brother please? Tell him it's urgent." she calls, down the stairs.

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