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Furud turns off the water of the shower and leans up against the wall, feeling much better than when he'd pried himself off Merope's floor earlier. His head is still bleary and he has a persistent headache, so he just... stays there for a while, trying to gather the energy to get out and get dressed. The whorls of steam filter the lights to a manageable level.

Heka stumbles naked into the bathroom, not bothering to turn on the light and not noticing that it's already on. Before he can say anything or HE notices he is there, Heka turns the cold water on full blast and drenches Furud.

Furud yells, startled from his reverie by the frigid water, and he leaps out of the shower, crashing right into Heka.

Heka , still blurry, wraps his arms around the figure and shouts, "STOP THIEF!"


Furud elbows!

Heka blinks.

Heka "Oh shit! What the crap are you doin---sorry---put on some pants man!"

Furud "What are you doing in here?! I was taking a shower! I... uh... my pants aren't..." He shuffles back from Heka and his hands snake down to cover himself.

Heka reaches for a towel and tosses it to Furud, looking him up and down. "Well, you DO look a lot cleaner than you did last night."

Furud turns red and wraps the towel around his hips and ties it rapidly. "Yeah. Showers'll do that. You... know... you're not wearing anything either right?"

Heka looks. "Oh. Uh."

Furud "Yeah."

Heka sort of moves as if to turn around and then hesitates. "What the hell. It's not like we haven't been skinny dipping together before or anything."

Heka "Maybe you SHOULD go find some pants though. And find a towel? That's my only one."

Heka steps into the shower satll.

Heka *stall

Heka *bring me a towel

Furud runs the fingers of his free hand (the other gripping the top edge of the towel just in case) through his hair, sliding his gaze away from Heka. He clears his throat. "So... good job at the game last night, man. I'll be... where do you keep your towels?"

Heka "Thanks man, you too. Uh, I think they're in the closet."

Furud peeks out the door, looks both ways, and slinks down the hall toward the closet. Too much steam in there, much better out here. He opens doors just a tiny crack til he finds the right closet.

Furud returns after a bit, bearing a towel. "Hey, I'll just leave this on the counter." God it's hard to breathe in the bathroom.

Heka is stepping out of the shower when Furud gets back, and they collide again.

Furud drops Heka's towel and his own slides down to his knees. His eyes widen, and he leans to grab it before it hits the floor...

Heka leans forward at the same time and their lips touch...

Furud Time seems to freeze for a moment.

Heka leaps backward and grabs the shower curtain. He coughs. "Uh, thanks for the towel."

Furud stares at Heka for a second, then hastily reties his towel and crouches down to grab the other one and toss it quickly to his friend. "Yeah... don't... Don't mention it."

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