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Merope Fresh from the shower, Furud, wrapped in a towel, walks back into Merope's bedroom. Merope is there, sitting on the bed staring into space, an empty glass in her hand.

Furud Having composed himself somewhat on the trip down the hall, Furud smiles and leans down to kiss Merope, "Hey babe. Sorry about uh, last night."

Merope Merope allows herself to be kissed without actually moving her head. "How was your shower." Her voice is toneless.

Furud shrugs, pulling his towel tighter around his waist. "Uh, fine I guess. I feel better now that I'm clean."

Merope "Did you enjoy it?"

Furud looks over at Merope, uncomfortable. "What are you talking about? It was a shower."

Merope nods, slowly.

Furud walks across the room and pulls on a borrowed shirt.

Merope "I was going to get you a drink of water," she says, rasing the empty glass slightly, "but I was walking over to check on you and I spilled it." She doesn't face him.

Furud "Uh, thanks, I guess." He runs his fingers through his hair, and looks at her. "I hope the hall wasn't slippery. I had to get a towel."

Merope "Yes. You did."

Furud "Stop that."

Furud crosses his arms, then immediately uncrosses one in order to catch his towel.

Merope Now she turns, a glassy smile on her face. "Stop what, sweetie?"

Furud "Stop being," he gestures, "Like THAT."

Merope "I don't have the slightest idea what you're talking about, sweetie." she says in a fake singsongy kind of a way. "What am I being like?"

Furud glares and turns his back on her, pulling on his boxers, and then a pair of Heka's pants, which fit more or less if he rolls up the bottoms. "Fine. Whatever. Be that way."

Merope "It doesn't sound like I'm angry, does it? Why would I be angry, Furud?" Her voice is now thickly laced with sarcasm.

Furud "Because I wear a torc? Because I passed out on you or something?"

Merope "Oooh, maybe. Maybe that's it."

Merope "Or maybe it's because you were kissing my BROTHER naked in the fucking SHOWER, you ASSHOLE!"

Furud "...what?!"

Merope "Don't what me, I fucking saw you, Furud."

Furud pales, and stumbles back as if struck, then flushes red. "I didn't kiss your BROTHER OKAY! I just... my towel fell, it wasn't..." he sputters.

Merope "You told me you fucking loved me, you DICK!"

Merope "I should have fucking KNOWN, you two were always off together doing GUY stuff, huh, talking about your precious STAR shit."

Furud tries desperately to remember what happened the night before, "I... uh... of course I do!"

Furud "I didn't kiss him! It was an accident!"

Furud "And" he adds lamely, "we weren't in the shower."

Merope "Oh sure, real fucking accidental. I accidentally walk in on people naked in showers and make out with them all the fucking time!"

Furud "You don't understand," he insists hotly. "He needed a towel."

Merope "What was it, huh? You weren't sure if you were really gay and you were going to tell me any shit so you could take me for a fucking test drive? God, it's so OBVIOUS now. Your hair, your clothes, your fucking necklace."

Furud clenches his fists and throws his towel on the bed. "You shut up! It's not like that! Stop fucking telling me who I am, and what I am!"

Merope "You stop fucking playing with my feelings, Furud!"

Furud "I'm not!" he hollers. "You're accusing me of shit I'm not doing!"

Merope "Yeah? Yeah? Do you love me or not, Furud?"


Merope "Oh, fuck you. You never fucking loved me in the first place, aaad-mit it! Ge the fuck out of my room, go fuck yourself and you can go fuck my brother for good measure, we all know you fucking want to!

Furud grits his teeth, trying to reign in his temper before it gets out of hand. Knick knacks rattle on their shelves. "I don't know what I ever saw in you!" He hisses.


Merope throws the glass against the wall next to Furud, where it shatters.

Furud "I'll get out. You STAY out of my life." He storms out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

Merope gives the door a kick and then slumps on her bed.

Merope **

Merope *

Merope *