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Merope The rest of the drive went in near silence. Ras got dropped off first, and left with scarcely a word to Merope.

Furud "Are you just going to give me the silent treatment the rest of the night?" He asks quietly, pulling out of Ras' driveway and down the street.

Merope "No... it was just weird with Ras. I don't think he even saw."

Merope looks back through the window. "I really fucked it up with him, huh."

Furud "Ah... yeah. Ras." He studies the road for a bit. "I'm not a good person to ask about that."

Merope "He just stood there. You were all mocking me, and he stood there."

Furud "I wasn't trying to mock you."

Merope doesn't say anything.

Merope trembles slightly.

Furud reaches over and puts his hand on her knee lightly. "You want me to kick his ass for you?" He asks lightly

Merope breaks at the touch. "What do I do now, huh? Furud? I can fucking FLY. What the hell do I do?"

Furud "Same as the rest of us. Keep living a normal life... with a secret."

Merope "Oh, you think? How long do you think I can keep this shit quiet? I don't even notice I'm doing it, Furud. How long before some.." she waves her hands furiously "..fucking military black ops shit comes falling down on me because I get captured on camera hovering through the fucking mall?"

Merope "I fought you and fought you on this star shit! And now here I am."

Merope shakes all over, her eyes moist with tears again.

Furud pulls over to the side, parking, and turns to Merope. "That's why you've got to learn how to control it, Mero. Figure out how it works, how you work. It's part of you, and I know you hate it, and I'm sorry."

Merope "You were right. The whole damn time. God but I hate you for that."

Merope looks silently out the windshield, into the rain.

Merope After a pause: "I'm sorry."

Furud takes her hand in his. "Me too."

Furud watches the rain alongside her for a moment. "Are you going to be okay?"

Merope "I don't know."

Merope "I..."

Furud "I think you will."

Merope nods. "Thank you."

Merope "I mean that. Thank you. I've treated you like shit for the last few months, and yet you're the only person today to show me any kindness."

Furud gives her a wry smile, "Well you know me. I like you when you're all red."

Merope smiles, and laughs a little bit, and sniffs, a few tears escaping anyway.

Merope "I don't know about any of this... but you do. I guess.." She smiles weakly at him.

Merope "I need you, Furud."

Furud squeezes her hand. "I'm here whenever you need me."

Merope squeezes back, and smiles.

Merope "I know you're not gay, you know."

Merope laughs.

Furud cocks his head to one side and looks at her.

Furud "Well, one down."

Merope *

Merope *

Merope *