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Maia "Cmon, guys, get your shit set up! Let's get this stuff together before Antares gets here, already."

The Band There's a clash of cymbals as Jay, the drummer, trips over a cord leading into an amp. "Damn. Sorry, Maia."

Maia frantically hauls her amp out to the garage and starts tuning up.

Maia "Whatever, they're your cymbals. Do you need help?"

The Band Tyler is sitting on a box, strumming a simple little bassline to himself.

The Band Jay: "No, no, I'm good."

Antares "Knock knock," Antares' voice drifts in. She pokes her head in a second later.

Antares "This where the angry kids hang out?"

The Band Tyler looks up, and grins. "Yup. That's us."

Maia "Angrier the better."

Maia "Say hello to the Kneecaps."

Maia "This is Ty, you know him. Jay there is the drummer. Casey...isn't here yet. Where the fuck...?" Maia starts poking at her phone.

Antares "Hey, Tyler," she says, stepping all the way in. "Long time no see. Hey, Jay. Niceta meetcha."

The Band Jay grunts, indistinctly, still fiddling with drum equipment.

Antares spends a half-second peering at Jay, trying to discern gender through the hair, then shrugs and pulls her guitar case off her shoulder.

Maia "Casey, what the fuck. It's game time."

Maia "The fuck you have homework."

The Band Tyler slings his bass onto the box he was sitting on gets up. "Hey Antares. Beautiful as ever, girl."

The Band He grins broadly.

The Band "They finaly let you outta the madhouse, huh?"

Maia "Yeah. All right. Whatever. See you then." Click. "Casey'll be here in an hour or so." She rolls her eyes.

Maia "Oh, I've got your guitar in my room. Lemme go grab it." She runs off.

Antares returns the grin and looks him up and down ostentatiously. Her face freezes for a second at the madhouse crack, then she snorts. "They musta figured with the freakshow runnin' here, not much difference."

Antares "It better be in one piece!" she yells after Maia.

Maia "I got glue!"

The Band "Yuhuh." Ty takes a knife outta his pocket and spins it casually in the air.

Maia returns with the guitar, carefully removes it from the case, grabs Tyler's knife and flips it around to open up the wirecutters, trims the end of a string, and hands it back to Tyler.

Maia "Here you go, superstar. Got an amp, or do you want to plug into mine for tonight?"

Antares "Can I borrow yours? I'm still, uh, let's call it negotiating my stuff at home."

Antares takes her guitar from Maia, giving a few experimental plucks, then nods.

Maia "Any time."

The Band "So, what're we laying down tonight?" says Tyler. "I got somethin'."

The Band "I mean, if you're interested."

The Band Tyler looks kinda uncomfortable.

Antares About to say yes, Antares shoots a look at Maia instead--she's in charge.

Maia reaches for her little black book when the question comes out, then stops. "Uh, sure, whaddya got for us?"

The Band "Well, uh, not like a hook or a bassline or anything... it's, uh, lyrics."

The Band Tyler contrives to look a little embarrased.

Maia "Well?"

The Band "It's called, uh, "Inside". "

The Band "It's about prison."

The Band Tyler goes to his bag and fishes out a couple of crumpled bits of A5 notepaper. There are many crossings out.

Maia pauses a little. "Cool."

The Band Tyler hands them over to Maia with some reluctance, as if struggling with himself.

Antares leans over to look, shooting a glance sideways at Tyler in case he protests.

The Band "It's uh, not all good, but I kinda like the chorus bit."

Maia reads them through, then reads them again.

The Band "I think like, you could go all kinda screamy toward the end, on the INSIIIDE bit. That's what the underline was there for."

Maia "Oh, you want me to sing it?"

Maia "That's cool, I thought...nevermind."

Maia "This is...this is good. There's a couple bits, maybe we can play with some of the rhymes a little. End of the second verse."

Maia "We should do this."

The Band sorta, uh.. "Closed off nowhere to go This is what my life is like inside Hide myself so the wounds don't show/ This is what my life is like insiiiide"

The Band Tyler seems to be speaking to himself as much as anyone in the room.

The Band He looks up, almost suprised. "You like it?"

The Band He grins. "Cool. Alright."

Antares Reading over Maia's shoulder, Antares nods in approval, her fingers moving as she thinks.

Maia "Sure I like it. I've been bugging you FOREVER to write stuff."

The Band "Right, and I was visiting Shawn and this uh, came to me."

Maia sits down in thought, muttering the first couple lines to herself, then begins improvising a melody, fiddling with her guitar.

The Band Jay says, "Can I see?"

The Band Ty nods.

Antares gives Tyler a little thump on the shoulder and a brilliant smile, heading over to join Maia's fiddling.

The Band Jay looks over the lyrics for a few seconds, then hands it back. "Uh, cool. So, uh, 4/4?"

The Band Jay starts tapping out the same rhythm as ever.

Maia works together with Antares, singing bits and pieces of phrases and looking at her to gauge her reaction.

The Band Jay stops tapping, since it was kinda redundant anyway, and then pulls out a copy of something called "Classical Percussion" magazine. Somewhere under the hair, a frown of intense concentration develops.

Antares starts starts off just trying Maia's suggestions, offering more of her own as she gets into it.

The Band There's a knock on the door. "Heyo, Casey in the house! Or in the garage, anyway."

Maia "Yo Casey. Whatup? We're working on a song."

The Band "Yeah? Woah, who's the babe?"

The Band Casey smells distinctly baked.

Antares "Antares," she says, giving Casey a critical once-over.

Maia "This is Antares. I told you about her, she's my BFF. Back from out of town and ready to kick ass with us."

The Band Casey has dirty hair to a shoulder length, stubble, and a T-shirt with "Need for Weed" written on it.

The Band "Oh, you play?" Casey gives Antares another, more appraising look. "You didn't look it."

Maia "She's HOLDING a guitar."

The Band "Yeah, but anyone can hold a guitar."

Maia "You're LATE, Casey Ford."

The Band "And fashionably so." He grins.

Antares "How'd the homework go?" Antares asks, taking an audible sniff at Casey's aroma.

The Band "How'd it go? It went out of the window at speed, my friend."

The Band He smirks, again.

The Band "So, what're we playing? More angsty poetry from our queen, is it?" He snatches up the pages. "Inside", he quotes. "Sounds sexual. I'm into it."

Maia raises an eyebrow. "Tyler wrote it, actually."

The Band "Hey, yeah? Good for you man." He pats Tyler companioably on the back. He reads.

The Band "Hey, this is actually alright. Good job, man."

Maia "Get your shit set up, we're about ready to give this sucker a go."

The Band "Three guitars?" He pauses. "Fuck, why not."

Antares "For a second there, I thought you were gonna say something crazy like 'too much guitar'," Antares snorts.

The Band Casey gets his stuff set up rapidly, then he pulls Maia aside.

The Band "Maia, babe, level with me here." he says, in an urgent whisper. "Are you trying to replace me here? I know I'm late, but my old man was giving me hell. I had to slip out a window to get here."

Antares Meanwhile, Antares has edged close to Tyler, cutting her eyes sideways at Casey while he talks to Maia. "He okay?" she asks Tyler quietly.

The Band "Don't kick me out, please. This band is about all I have going for me right now." says Casey. He looks sullen, deflated.

Maia "Dude, it's cool. Stop LYING to me, though, and let me know what's going on when I ask. I can't help you if I don't know what's happening."

Maia "I'm not kicking you out. The Beatles had three guitarists, so can we."

The Band Casey: "You think I wanted to say that? Dad was watching me, alright?"

The Band "And thanks."

Maia "Yeah, don't worry. Just...be cool, okay?"

Maia "And watch your mouth around Antares." She seems suddenly more serious.

The Band Tyler, to Antares: "Casey? Bit of a waster, but good guy, y'know. He can play. Wouldn't trust him with a dollar, but I'd trust him with my life."

Antares nods to Tyler, accepting that.

The Band Casey shrugs. "You know me, Maia. I only got love for chicks with picks." He winks.

Maia blinks. "Yeah. That's my point. She DOES play, and she's fucking great. So keep your hands OFF her. Or I'll CUT you. Let's go."

The Band Casey puts up his hands in mock surrender, and goes back to his guitar.

Maia "All right, kids, get up and get on them. Here we go! ONE, TWO, ONE TWO THREE FOUR!"

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