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Merope It's morning break, at in the fifteen minutes between classes, Merope dials a number, worried.

Merope Ras' phone rings.

Ras Alhague has an irritated look on his face as he digs the phone out of his pocket. He moves to turn it off, then sees who's calling him, and answers. "Hey you. Miss me already?"

Merope "Hey Ras! I uh, haven't seen you today. I thought I'd see you in English this morning, but you uh, you weren't there. " She pauses. "Are you ok?"

Ras Alhague "Yeah, yeah," he says, sounding maybe a little distracted. "I'm.. uh, I'm fine." He pauses for a moment. "Hey, didn't I tell you last night I wouldn't be at school today?"

Merope "You... you did? I must.. I must have missed it." She sounds disappointed. "Um, your reception is really terrible. Can you speak up?"

Ras Alhague "I COULD SWEAR I TOLD YOU," Ras yells, now overcompensating for the reception. "YEAH, I'M KIND OF SURPRISED I'M GETTING ANY RECEPTION AT ALL OUT HERE."

Ras Alhague He suddenly looks embarrassed. "Sorry," he says to someone off-camera.

Merope "Wait... is that music? Sounds like... I dunno, a parade or something. A brass band?"

Ras Alhague "No, I hear that too. I think my cell is picking up a radio station or something."

Ras Alhague "So... yeah. I'm not going to be in school today."

Merope "Oh. Um. Ok." She sounds disappointed.

Merope "So like.... OW!"

Merope pulls the phone from her ear as a loud drawn out beeping noise comes from it.

Merope It subsides after a minute or so, but still rings in Merope's ears.

Ras Alhague grumbles as the connection is lost. He hits 'call back'. Merope's phone rings.

Merope picks up. "Ras? Ras! Wow, that was weird, I got this really loud noise. Must have been some type of interference or something?" She bites her lip.

Merope "Where ARE you?"

Ras Alhague "It's... um... it's kind of hard to explain. I'm <kzlrkl> near <zlfosrzzzp>."

Merope "WHAT? I didn't get all that.... Ras?" The phone goes dead for a few seconds, and then, suddenly clear, comes the following: "Station Cassiopeia now broadcasting on all frequencies. Test initialised in three, two, one...." There is another burst of static, and then the phone goes dead.

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