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Maia The principal's office is rarely this crowded, but then, allegations of this nature aren't particularly common. Mr.. Johnstone has vacated his desk in favor of the Superintendent, and stands near the door, while in the middle of the room are Mr. Henley, Maia, her father, and the school psychologist, with a hand on Maia's shoulder.

Maia The psychologist says quietly, "I want you to say to Mr. Henley what you told me."

Mr Henley is frowning slightly at Maia, as if confused.

Maia pauses, then says quietly and woodenly, "We were in the music room after school. I usually came in to practice with Mr. Henley every day."

Maia "I played for a while and he gave me advice. Then he said..." a long pause. "He said I was becoming a beautiful young woman, and he put his hand on me, and he tried to kiss me."

Maia "I pulled away, but he grabbed me, but I got away, and ran."

Mr Henley just looks pained, but waits for Maia to finish.

Mr Henley "Why are you saying this, Maia?" he says, with reasonable calm, a slight edge of weariness in his voice.

Maia doesn't meet his eyes.

Mr Henley "Maia, please. If I did something to upset you I can make it right, but don't do this."

Maia still doesn't respond. The school psychologist clears her throat.

Psychologist "Maia has had a very traumatic few days. Mr. Henley, you are of course entitled to respond to her claims, but I would ask you not to try and question her directly."

Psychologist "Maia has signed a lease allowing me to disclose what she told me in our confidential sessions. I have a typed transcript of what she said available here." She holds a sheaf of papers.

Maia The superintendent says, quietly, "Thank you very much for coming in here, Maia. I don't think you need to stay here while we go through the rest of our discussions."

Maia gets to her feet and begins walking out of the room, her father in tow. Before finally leaving the room, though, she stops, just for a moment, in front of Mr. Johnstone, and glares into his face with blazing eyes.

Maia "Happy?" she snarls in a harsh whisper.

Principal Johnstone doesn't appear to hear her, but inclines his head in the subtlest possible nod as Maia walks toward the door.

Maia holds her stare, a tear just beginning to appear at the corner of her eye.

Maia , until she finally breaks away and storms out the door.

Dad Maia's father follows her out.

Dad There's a silence, out in the corridoor. Then, "Maia, if there's anything you want to talk about..."

Maia "You don't understand."

Dad "I could try, if you'd give me a chance..."

Maia "I can't..." she starts breaking down. "It's your fault for sending me to this goddamn school in the FIRST place."

Maia "Let's GO. Let's just go."

Maia is crying freely now.

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