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Antares Antares crashes down into the orchestra pit, accompanied by some scenery. "Ohmygod!" she says, rolling off of Yed. "Are you okay?"

Furud , hammer in hand from where he was putting the finishing touches on one of the backdrops, pokes his head out from behind it. "Whoah! What happened?" His voice cracks.

Yed "Nnngh" Yed comes to his senses. "What?" he asks, as he props himself on one arm tenderly.

Yed sits up straight, then begins looking around nervously.

Yed "WANDA!"

Antares Antares, who was starting to bend over Yed in concern, jumps. "Wanda?"

Antares She looks up at Furud, grinning sheepishly. "I fell."

Yed crawls over to the remains of his instrument. "Wanda..."

Furud looks dismayed, crouched on the edge of the stage and surveying the shattered scenery

Furud "Crap. I'm so sorry. Crap." He says nervously.

Yed looks up at Furud, his eyes flashing. "You did this?!" he demands.

Furud "I didn't do anything!"

Antares "Oh shit!" Antares surveys the damage, then blinks at Yed's anger. "Woah, I'm the one who fell on your thing, not Furud. It'll be okay, right? We can fix it?" she looks hopeful.

Yed "You broke Wanda!" Yed marches angrily towards the stage.

Yed fumbles around, futilely trying to scale the stage.

Furud "..who's Wanda?"

Antares looks at Furud, over Yed's advancing shoulder, wide-eyed. Then she follows Yed and grabs his arm, lightly. "Easy, tiger."

Furud backs away from Yed, running his hand through his long, scruffy hair. "Look I didn't do anything!"

Antares points at Yed's instrument vigorously, giving Furud a 'don't make him angrier' wave of her hand.

Furud holds up the hammer.

Furud 's eyes widen a little and he nods 'subtly' at Antares

Yed gives up on trying to scale the stage and pretends to let Antares restrain him.

Yed "I'll sue you! I'll sue you right in the ass!"

Furud sputters

Furud what?

Yed marches out of the auditorium, as the director watches with dropped jaw.

Antares straightens her costume, noticing a tear in the skirt. "And I'm /fine/, thanks for asking!" she calls after Yed, then looks around guiltily at the director.

Furud sighs and surveys the set, then looks down at Antares, offering her a hand up. "Thanks. Sorry. Are you okay?"

Mr Thoms "Um..."

Mr Thoms whispers to one of the violins in the front row, and the kid runs off after Yed.

Mr Thoms "Folks, is everything okay back there?"

Antares "Psh, yeah, I got thumped worse at soccer practice last week," Antares says to Furud, then looks around at the director. "Sorry, I fell," she says with an embarrassed smile.

Mr Thoms "Don't worry about it, we were just getting started. I'll... I'll talk to Yed."

Furud "OK good. uh. Shoot. I need to fix this now..."

Mr Thoms "Well, hey, if you need any help..."

Mr Thoms "I'm busy. Can't you see?"

Mr Thoms "Jeez." Mr. Thoms mock rolls his eyes.

Furud blinks at Mr_Thoms

Antares "I'll help him," Antares says, scrambling back up onto the stage.

Mr Thoms helps the front row with tuning.

Furud smiles at Antares. "Thanks." He crouches down next to the broken set piece and starts gathering up the pieces carefully. "Something went wrong..." He looks worried.

Antares "Whoever that kid is, he's gonna hate me forever," Antares says ruefully, squatting next to Furud and inspecting the damage. "I was probably leaning on it too hard or something."

Furud "I think he didn't even SEE you." He runs his fingers along the cracked support.

Furud fetches some glue

Antares "Hate *you* forever, then," she snorts. "Here, I'll hold this part up.

Mr Thoms The auditorium doors clunk back open, and Yed re-enters, following a short Asian kid with glasses.

Furud laughs nervously. "Yeah I guess. Uh oh, here he comes. Look busy."

Furud starts intently gluing the parts Antares is holding together

Yed glares at the whole damn stage.

Antares "He looks calmer," Antares mutters hopefully to Furud.

Furud tries to blend in with the scenery

Antares "Watch out," Antares adds to Furud. She carefully sets down the piece she was holding, then purposefully walks in Yed's direction.

Yed kneels in front of Wanda, assessing the damage.

Furud sidles behind the 'tree,' holding the glued pieces together

Antares Hopping down from stage to orchestra pit in a much more controlled fashion this time, Antares walks up to Yed and says, "Hey, I'm really sorry about that. I

Antares 'll pay you back, although it might take awhile."

Yed doesn't turn around. He just fiddles with the tuning knobs and strings.

Furud peers down at Yed, wondering if 'wanda' is dead or not.

Antares looks back over her shoulder at Furud with a 'now what?' look on her face.

Yed There's some frayed strings hanging off the sides, and the instrument appears to be scraped but otherwise okay.

Furud shrugs helplessly at Antares

Furud crawls around the stage making sure the supports are all sturdy for the big performance

Antares "'K," Antares says, after surveying Yed for another moment and deciding he's still close to the edge. She heads back up to the stage to get ready for the start of the show.

Yed picks the bow up off the ground. The ends flop about unceremoniously.

Furud disappears into the back room and comes out with a 2x4 which he proceeds to nail thoroughly into the risers

Furud "These things are so old. We should really have new ones."

Antares "Yeah, they... hey." Antares bends down to look at something. "Um, aren't there a couple of screws missing here?" She points.

Furud stares at the foot. "Well... crap."

Furud "That wasn't like that before was it?"

Yed The orchestra begins to do some annoying repetitive beginner's exercises.

Antares "I don't think so." Antares frowns. "No, because at the last practice we ran through everything." She goes back to the edge of the stage and hisses down to Yed, "Hey. Was anyone messing around up here?"

Yed turns around. "What? I don't know."

Yed points at Furud. "That guy."

Furud finds some replacement screws and starts replacing all the missing ones, checking over the other legs and supports

Yed "See?"

Furud "What?"

Yed "Hey! Cut it out!"

Antares rolls her eyes. "BESIDES Furud. Look, I think someone messed with the riser."

Yed "Now she's accusing ME, you jerkwad!" Yed shouts.

Furud "Cut WHAT out?"

Furud "I didn't DO (his voice cracks again) anything!" He coughs

Yed "Tell that to my mom!"

Furud "....okay!"

Yed catches himself, looking embarassed.

Yed "You jerk!" Yed flings the already-broken bow at Furud.

Furud "Ow! What the heck!"

Furud waves his hammer in Yed's direction. "Back off!"

Yed yelps.

Yed "See?!" he whispers to Antares.

Antares drops to her knees on the edge of the stage, reaches down, and grabs Yed's shirt near his neck. "I am NOT accusing you of anything," she says, her face about two inches away. "I am TRYING to find out if you saw anyone back here who wasn't supposed to be, which does not include Furud. 'K?"

Yed 's eyes go wide. "Yes, ma'am. No, ma'am. No."

Yed "Yes?"

Antares She immediately lets go, looking guilty. "Yikes, uh, sorry. Look, I just got kind of freaked. That's, uh, Asterope's spot, I think. I mean, who would mess with the show choir stuff?"

Yed fixes his shirt.

Yed "I dunno. I'm in orchestra."

Furud glares sullenly at Yed.

Yed goes back to his music, then turns back to Antares.

Yed "Could you, um, hand me my bow there?"

Antares rolls her eyes elaborately, but gets Yed's bow and hands it down.

Furud retreats back to rebuilding the scene