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Merope At this time of the evening, many of the smaller mall stores are closed. Merope and Furud are there less to shop and more as a kind of neutral territory.

Merope holds Furud's hand and squeezes it in a nervous, too-hard way.

Merope "Your neck thing is cool. Where'd you get it?"

Furud smiles easily down at Merope, squeezing her hand back reassuringly. "You know the Hole? The one that's near the quarry?"

Merope "Yeah?"

Furud "I was taking a walk down there, at night. The weather was just perfect, and I was walking along the edge. Well, I kicked a rock in, and I heard a noise." He flicks his finger against the torc and it chimes softly. "I almost got lost trying to find my way down, but that tone... it just kept ringing in my ears. I had to find it."

Merope is listening with apparently rapt attention. "So you just found it down there? Like, the whole thing?"

Furud takes the beaten silver torc off, and holds it out to Mero, "Kind of. See, here it was bent out of shape. And here," He runs his thumb along the repairs, not quite as perfect as the rest, "I looked up some stuff on metalworking online, and figured out how to fix it myself."

Merope hold the torc, running her fingers along it. "Yeah, I see the marks... you did a great job repairing it." She beams at him. "What metal is this, anyway? I mean, it looks silver, but it feels... warm?"

Furud "It's nothing I've ever seen before. I thought it was silver too, but it's stronger than that. It doesn't act like steel either." He pauses. "It's not from here."

Merope frowns at him. "You mean like... a meteorite or something?" She looks at it again, wonderingly. "Wow..."

Furud smiles at Merope, "Yeah. It came from the sky, like us. I think The Hole is a crater from a meteorite crash."

Merope hands it back, gingerly. "Like us..." She smiles at him. "All this stuff, I mean, about us... did you read about it somewhere?"

Furud replaces the torc reverently about his neck. "Not exactly. Some of it I read, some of it I guessed... some of it I just... feel like it's right. I'm still figuring it out."

Furud takes Merope's hands, "Do you want to find out with me?"

Merope nods, mutely.

Merope "So... you think there's more to it? Besides the sleeping, I mean?"

Furud smiles, "Yeah, I think there is. I think that there are things... we don't know about yet. I think maybe we'll grow into it."

Merope nods. "I've always felt.. different, you know? Not like the other girls..."

Merope "Oh my god, that jacket is gorgeous!"

Furud "You're not... you're specia... what?"

Merope has stopped on the spot and is staring through the window of one of the mall's smaller and currently closed shops.

Merope "The jacket! That would look so good on me. I wonder how much it is?"

Furud turns to see what she's staring at.

Merope points at a mannequin in the window. It is indeed wearing a jacket.

Merope is pressed up to the window. "Oh, hey, there's a price thing down here..."

Furud walks over to the window and checks to see if the price is showing, considering. He glances back at Merope... "It's pretty expensive."

Furud "It'd be much cheaper with a five finger discount." he says lightly.

Merope looks at him, shocked but excited. "You wouldn't.."

Furud shrugs a little, casually, "Of course I wouldn't... I mean the door is probably locked right?" He waves at the chain thing covering the door. He gestures her over as he crouches down and checks the lock. A few rattles and a shove... and the bars slide upwards enough for him to slide under.

Furud sidles up to the mannequin, and grins through the window at Merope. He makes a show of carefully, quietly sliding the jacket off, then arranges the mannequin's arms in a position that makes her look like she's covering her face. Quarry in hand, he slips back under the door and rolls to his feet.

Merope "I can't believe you did that!" she says, in an urgent whisper. "Ohmigod we could both be arrested or anything! We gotta get out of here!"

Furud slips the coat over Mero's shoulders, and grabs her hand. "Let's run!"

Merope holds on for dear life as they run from the mall. Breathless and panicked though she is, Merope is smiling.

Furud ***

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