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Betelgeuse So, um, Polaris...

Betelgeuse you got that little something I asked you for?

Betelgeuse he's sweating.

Polaris blinks and keeps widdling away at her work-in-progress, she seems oblivious to the world in general, including both the crowds of students and Betelgeuse

Polaris looks up at the looming form of Betelgeuse, "uh, Hello?", she holds her knife rather tightly. She remembers her mothers warning about these kinds of guys.

Betelgeuse jumps back

Betelgeuse "Polaris, remember, I asked you to make me a sculpture? Last week?"

Polaris blinks

Polaris "Oh."

Polaris "That one."

Polaris pauses to study the scenery outside the window, looking past Betelgeuse, before she continues her work as if nothing happened.

Betelgeuse reads more into her response than he probably should. He pulls a wad out of his pocket.

Betelgeuse "how much?"

Polaris still widdles at the long and somewhat snake-like shape she is forming out of the word, "For what?"

Betelgeuse sighs.

Betelgeuse "my sculpture. please?"

Polaris looks at the cash, and then looks at Betelgeuse, and blinks again

Polaris isn't really listening to anything anyone says, in her own world as usual

Betelgeuse Some big bruiser goes to grab Betelgeuse's wad.

Polaris leaps out of her chair which goes skittering across the tiled floor and moves back, "Is this a proposition!"

Betelgeuse , his voice muffled by a large mouthful of Bully, tries to dig himself out of a hole.

Betelgeuse "mflsufs.. no, that's...lasdiugoo...ow!...owedgii...just...want...oiweuiggg...my neck!

Polaris waves the sausage-phallic-like sculpture at the two of them, "He was trying to pay me for services!"

Polaris takes another step back

Betelgeuse is prone, and the Bully is prying the moolah out of his hand.

Polaris hits at the bully with the rod like sculpture, "Hey, thats stealing!"

Betelgeuse bleats as the bully's weight shifts.

Betelgeuse "my sculpture!"

Polaris causes enough commotion to get a gang of somewhat helpful if not perverted boys she knows to drive the bully off

Betelgeuse tries to slink away, feeling pretty crappy.

Polaris tries to hide behind him from the perverted boy crowd, they probably play sports and run trains on cheerleaders...

Betelgeuse is really nervous. Girls don't touch him like that. "like that" = at all.

Betelgeuse checks his breath.

Polaris watches the crowd disperse, no longer amused and following the bully somewhere to the left

Polaris sighs

Betelgeuse "ummm...are you ok?"

Polaris ignores him and rights her chair, sitting down again like nothing happened

Polaris looks up at him and look for just a moment, "Oh. yes."

Polaris digs through her bag and pulls out a wad of newspaper, "Your present."

Betelgeuse "hey, that looks pretty good. I like how you can still see his pores."

Betelgeuse suppresses an exceptionally uncool "Squee!"

Betelgeuse "She's really gonna like this."

Polaris "Oh. shocked This is for my mom. shuffles the phallic scultpure away and puts the wad of newspapers in his hands"

Polaris nods

Betelgeuse "Thanks. If y'know...you ever...well, thanks."

Betelgeuse is tucking the paper into his man-purse.

Polaris blinks

Polaris says very solemn, "You shouldn't let guys push you around."

Polaris returns to working her new piece of wood

Betelgeuse sputters, "but I payed him yesterday!"

Polaris keeps working, "Paid..."

Polaris jumps up again and her chair skitters, "For services rendered!"

Betelgeuse shoots checks to see if anyone's looking. "Tomorrow, ok? I've got to go to band practice now, ok? Bye!" and he scoots.

Polaris blinks, "I think he might be gay."

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