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Principal Johnstone casually tucks aways papers on his desk into a Samsonite metal brief-case. Some of them flop into the desk, including surveillance photos showing Furud and other start, and some kind of odd astrological map.

Principal Johnstone flops them in the case calmly, and seals it, setting it beside his desk

Principal Johnstone presses a button on his phone, "You can send him in now."

Furud saunters in and gives Principal Johnstone a cocky salute, then flops down in the chair. "Hi. Again."

Principal Johnstone "Feeling casual are we? Getting used to the occasional office visit?"

Principal Johnstone sits back in his chair, which creaks in the quiet of his office

Furud "Oh, no Sir. Of course not, Sir," he says with utter solemnity.

Principal Johnstone puts his hands together, fingertips to fingertips, and studies Furud, "Well. Here we are. I knew it would be you."

Furud stares straight at him. "I don't know what you mean." He smiles a little. "Sir."

Principal Johnstone "You really are so right. You don't know."

Principal Johnstone sits up straight and opens a manilla folder on his desk, rifles through files

Principal Johnstone "Seems you have quite an assortment of luminary friends."

Principal Johnstone "I took the liberty of having someone do a little footwork of late, seeing how you are all doing."

Principal Johnstone "What I find most illuminating are the rumors I hear about your unfounded theories."

Principal Johnstone lays the files of Merope, Furud, and Antares visibly on the desk

Principal Johnstone "You wouldn't care to share any of these views now would you?"

Furud 's eyes narrow for a second. "You think my theory that girls are actually from Venus is unfounded? Because I saw the ship."

Furud "One hundred percent true, I swear."

Principal Johnstone looks like he is constipated, probably a side-effect of stifling a laugh

Principal Johnstone "I haven't heard that one, but I did hear one about super-powers."

Furud "And the football team only loses on every sixth Wednesday, which is completely baffling, because we only play on Fridays."

Principal Johnstone "They scrimmage almost every day against teams... OK, look."

Principal Johnstone "You may think you are just investigating, but what you are going is destroying a fragile balance. You are throwing bricks at the glass house."

Furud "Oh shi...I mean, dang. Does this mean you've found out about the play we were going to surprise you with?"

Principal Johnstone "I just thought I'd give you some friendly advice, though now it looks like this will include bonus detentions."

Furud "My favorite." He replies drily, then pauses. "Balance huh. Never liked balance much."

Principal Johnstone "It is how you can stand and walk. I'm sure you like those things."

Principal Johnstone "Without balance, you fall down. Sometimes you can't get back up."

Furud flips his hair out of his eyes. "You'd be surprised."

Principal Johnstone "Obviously something like levitation precludes the importance of this."

Principal Johnstone "I really think you should take what I'm saying to heart."

Furud "Sure, just like in X-Men."

Principal Johnstone pulls out a new file, a long one, and looks it over

Principal Johnstone "I've just been reviewing your cousins file, I know you two are close."

Principal Johnstone "She is here on only the thinnest of threads, my recommendation."

Principal Johnstone "Now seeing that she can't really adjust to the social pressures, I might just retract that."

Principal Johnstone flips a page of Polaris' file

Principal Johnstone "You wouldn't want that?"

Furud stares at him coolly. "I never really liked her. You'd really get her out of my hair, just for little old me?"

Principal Johnstone ignores Furud and continues, "The only other place could be sent would be to a special school, for her... particular social needs."

Principal Johnstone "That kind of school isn't the kind where your grades really matter. It would be a shame given her intelligence really."

Principal Johnstone suddenly remembers why he dislikes Furud so much

Furud cracks his knuckles one after the other. "Yeah, a big shame. I bet you'd feel pretty bad if that happened."

Principal Johnstone "Anyone would."

Principal Johnstone more states than asks, "So you really aren't going to tell me anything are you."

Principal Johnstone "Okay, there are other options. You may return to class."

Principal Johnstone puts files back into the manilla folder

Furud "I'm sorry, you know how academia is. You gotta publish your theories before your advisors steal them."

Principal Johnstone "I have no theories, but I do have facts."

Principal Johnstone "Something you are sadly lacking."

Furud "And I'm sure I will continue to lack them, since I would never continue to investigate...myself."

Furud "I mean, accidents may happen, you understand."

Principal Johnstone "I'll have your homeroom teacher Mrs. Welsh give you the details of the bonus detentions tomorrow."

Furud "I can hardly wait. Sir."

Principal Johnstone "So, return to class before that mouth of yours earns you more."

Furud salutes messily again and rises, "Nice to see you again, Principal Johnstone. Have a fantastic day."

Principal Johnstone nods and watches him leave before pressing the button on his phone, "I have another student for you to call in."

Principal Johnstone studies the file of Merope he left on the desk

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