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Furud slouches into the nurse's office, waves to the nurse and walks in to where Polaris is recovering on the school's hospital bed. He sighs and leans up against the wall. "Pol, please tell me again what happened, because I just had a little "chat" with Antares."

Polaris perks up for a moment, before calming herself, "Maia is a big fat jerk, that is what happened."

Polaris "Ok, not big or fat."

Furud "What did she do?"

Polaris "Not much, till I provoked her with extreme prejudice. I was trying to get her side of the story."

Polaris "Mostly"

Polaris massages her hand a bit and winces

Furud sighs and rubs his forehead. "Pol... were you trying to get someone to knock you out again?"

Polaris "That was just a perk of my plan."

Furud "...plan?"

Polaris checks dramatically to see if anyone is listening and lowers her voice, "To get her expelled."

Furud "What the fuck, Polaris?" He demands.

Polaris "What? You want people around the school that lie and ruin others lives?"

Polaris frowns

Furud "She's my FRIEND."

Polaris "So that makes it ok then, I see."

Furud "No, but it doesn't make it OK for you to plot against her either."

Polaris looks down, "I guess not."

Polaris looks a bit red in the face

Furud "I know you don't hang out with her, but Maia was pretty broken up when that all went down. She wouldn't tell me what happened, but I know she wasn't happy about it either." He sits down next to her on the bed. "I didn't mean to snap at you."

Polaris "Uh, its ok. I really don't like thinking this way, plotting either actually."

Furud "s'right. You've always been a better person than me."

Polaris looks at Furud serious for a second before laughing, "Oh yes, I'm the better person, acting all passive-aggressive."

Furud grins. "Ok not PERFECT. But you get way less detentions than me, right?"

Polaris "For values of 'way less' that approach zero."

Polaris smiles

Furud punches her lightly in the shoulder.

Polaris snerks, "Hey"

Furud "You okay now?"

Polaris "Yes. Thanks."

Polaris looks serious for a minute, "So are your going to see Maia or Antares soon?"

Furud nods. "Yeah I think so. We've got a date or something this week."

Polaris "Oh, that may be too late."

Furud "Why? I can find them sooner."

Polaris has an unreadable expression on her face, "Tell Maia, don't open my bag. In fact, its in her best interest to return it soon. My plan and all."

Furud "Uh... right. Do I want to know?"

Polaris "No."

Furud laughs. "Alright. I'll go find her."

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