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Lacerta Heka and Merope sit in the same genral vicinty, on the edge of a planter in the quad as Lacerta leaves the cafeteria. She strategically sits half way between them both, about 3 feet from each.

Merope "You know, you don't have to sit with me at lunch. I haven't been bullied since fourth grade."

Merope "Oh, hi Lacci."

Heka "I just like the way you smell, sister dear. What's up, Lacey? You look ravishing today."

Lacerta "Um, hi, uh, how was study period? Ravishing, why do you tease me like that"

Merope lets Heka take the driving seat in the conversation. As usual.

Lacerta "Um, Heka, when a boy says coffee, do them mean coffee or COFFEE or..?"

Merope She spends a few moments glowering enviously at Lacerta's hair, which even though she doesn't take care of it properly is still gorgeous and never goes frizzy.

Lacerta takes a dainty bite as she watches the trail of ants approach Merope's can of soda...

Heka bites back a grin. "So that pansy finally asked you out?" Catching Merope's look, he backtracks, "Ahem, I mean, he probably means coffee, right, but he's probably thinking that COFFEE would be nice too."

Lacerta "Um, uh, what are you talking about, hair is hair, besides, you have had more dates than me..."

Lacerta "What? Oh, uh, is he a pansy, I kinda got a vibe like maybe we weren't playing on the same team..."

Merope Merope clears her throat meaningfully, as if the guy she knows they're talking about is a sore topic.

Heka chokes on a bite of sandwich. After banging himself on the chest a few times, he says, "Uh."

Heka "I'm pretty sure Mero doesn't want me to retell the embarrassingly hilarious story of what happened when our old man found his pants in her bedroom..."

Heka "So maybe you'll share it, beloved relation?"

Merope hits Heka on the upper arm. Hard.

Merope "Shut UP! god, you're so EMBARRASING."

Lacerta "Pants? Floor? Um, I had no idea, I can tell him 'no' if it's a problem..."

Merope "He's not gay, anyway."

Merope "I don't mind you dating him, Lacci. But um... I mean, I know we don't alwas see eye to eye..."

Merope "..but, don't date him. Just... trust me on this."

Lacerta "Well, um, obviously, I just don't know why he is talking to me, has he already dated all the other girls on campus?"

Furud ::Heka's phone beeps::

Heka checks phone.

Furud ::There is a message from Furud: "What the hell, man?" ::

Heka taps out, ::What the what the hell hell? I dunno what you're talking about."

Heka ::

Lacerta "Merope, if he's a pansy, I can 'take him' if he gets too fresh..."

Lacerta "No?"

Ras Alhague ::Merope's phone beeps::

Merope "I probably shouldn't talk about it. I kinda promised." She looks uncomfortable.

Furud :: Did you tell people I was gay? FFS. One ksis. I kept qt about U::

Merope looks pained and types quickly.

Ras Alhague ::Merope's phone beeps with a message from Ras while she's typing - "Why didn't I get the topless treatment? You don't like me? :("::

Merope finishes one message, reads for a bit, and then shouts "Asty, I will KILL you!"

Furud Heka's phone:: Some1 tlkd.

Furud Merope's phone:: Ugh. Fine. Thanks.

Asterope Merope's phone beeps.

Heka pats Lacerta on the shoulder. "Uh, sry, guy crisis. Um, he does like you, but he kinda can't keep it in his pants."

Merope looks at her phone again

Asterope :: So when are we going costume shopping for your party? I'm sitting here with New Hunk, we need to put you in something boobalicious.::

Lacerta blushes, "I see..."

Furud checks his iphone and swears. Lacerta's phone beeps shortly thereafter. "After school. Beans N Things. Heard you like hot coffee."

Heka "Hey, so, you're coming to the party, right? Bring him, we can play some Twister."

Furud Lacerta's phone ::So you're coming then?::

Lacerta "Party? What party? I didn't get a eVite?"

Merope "Furud is NOT coming to my party, Heka."

Heka "Oh. Right."

Asterope :: Your boobs have to be out in full force, I command it. The more cleavage, the less interesting you have to be, it's great. See you tonight! xoxoxoxo ::

Merope "Lacci, we only just started inviting people today. You can come, sure." She doesn't soudn terribly enthusiastic, however.

Lacerta "Cool, um, so, should I look for the evite, or are you doing it analog?"

Heka "Analog. We ain't nothin' but mammals."

Merope "Yeah, um, you knwo where my house is, so just come along. Saturday night. Costumes, Asty insisted."

Furud Mero's phone:: Remember your LAST party?

Lacerta "Wait, costumes? I thought you were kidding, people like to do that when I am texting pretty heavy..."

Furud Lac's phone:: Great, see you there!

Heka "For sure. I'm going as Aquaman."

Lacerta "What's Fud wearing?"

Merope "He can wear what he likes because he's NOT COMING."

Merope "If Asty has invited him I will kill her. For like, the third time today."

Heka "Which means we'll be out in the yard drinking instead of playing doctor inside."

Heka "That's where MY party is. Sorry, lovely counterpart. I know you hate him but he's my peeps."

Merope narrows her eyes at Heka but doesn't say anything.

Heka "Look, you REALLY should not hold it against a dude for vomiting on you after you tried to get him drunk and overpoured all his drinks. What were you trying to DO?"

Furud Mero's Phone:: Your wish is my command.

Merope "It's not just about that and you know it, Heka."

Merope With that, Merope picks up the remnants of her lunch and stomps off.

Lacerta wanders opff to the computer lab to take advantage of the faster connection

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