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Merope In the library, Merope is reading quietly.

Ras Alhague walks in, clearly wanting to be anywhere else, and not-exactly-quietly tosses his backpack on a table near Merope before heading to a bookshelf.

Merope looks up and, vaguely interested by the face she doesn't recognise, tries to watch him over the top of her book.

Heka walks in the door just behind Ras, holding a container of French Fries from Beef Baron. He heads over to the librarian's desk and asks loudly, "Hey, I'm looking for a book, can you help me?"

Merope , hearing Heka arrive, rolls her eyes.

Ras Alhague pulls down a few books, seemingly at random, and brings them back to his chair. He slumps into the seat with a big sigh.

Merope flashes him a quick smile. "hi."

Merope "Um. You're the new guy, right?"

Ras Alhague "Give the girl a prize."

Heka gathers that no librarian is present and goes rifling through the History section, leaving greasy fingerprints on the books.

Merope is kinda stung by the harsh response and looks back down at her book.

Merope Curiosity overcomes her, however, so a few minutes later she pipes up again "So, uh, Asterope was saying you transferred here from military school? I mean, she's kind of a gossip, but.."

Merope looks suddenly pained, aware that she's probably just brought up something embarrasing.

Merope "I mean, that's just what I heard.."

Heka wanders back toward the seating area, book in hand, and trips on Ras' backpack. Fries go EVERYWHERE. "Oop. Sorry..." He digs in his pockets, looking for his handkerchief.

Merope "Um, and-with-the-scar-and-all-it-kinda-looks-like..."

Merope shuts up, aware she's speaking faster and faster and has probably really stuck her foot in it

Ras Alhague "Well..." Heka trips over the backpack. "Goddamnit!" (before this point, Ras was whispering, now his voice booms loud enough to make the windows shake) "Watch where you're going!"

Heka wrinkles his nose at Ras. "Watch where you're going? Watch where YOURE BEING!"

Heka "Er, I mean, sure."

Merope shrinks back into her chair again, Heka having once again diverted the attention away from her. Sometimes a twin brother can be a real burden.

Ras Alhague "What's your problem, dude? Is it pick on the new kid day? Distract me with the hottie and then ruin my crap?"

Heka settles down in a chair finally and offers Merope the remaining fries.

Merope "um, he's my brother" she says, in the smallest most embarresed possible voice.

Heka He pauses to sort of kick the floor fries into a pile. "You know I never thought I'd say...chill pill. Have some fries. You've got fry grease all over you ANYWAY."

Heka "Also please don't call my sister a hottie in FRONT of me...ew."

Merope would crawl into a hole and die if one was available.

Heka sullenly throws his jacket at a nearby chair. "I'll just go and leave you two lovebirds alone."

Merope considers digging the aforementioned hole.

Ras Alhague tries to clean the fry-grease off his stuff, and his body. "Ugh."

Merope "I'm so sorry about him, he is such a klutz." Merope says, blushing furiously.

Ras Alhague "It's okay, I guess." Finishing cleaning himself off, he sits back down. He drops back into a library-whisper. "Sorry for blowing up, I've had a bad... past 18 years."

Merope smiles at him. "That's ok."

Ras Alhague rubs his scar absently.

Ras Alhague "So... what are you in for?"

Merope stammers a bit. "Um.. in the library? Oh, um, I mean, I come here cause I um, like it...?" She blushes at how lame this sounds.

Ras Alhague shakes his head and grabs one of his books.

Merope props her book in front of her, retreats behind it, and tries none-to-subtly to text Asterope.

Merope Merope's phone beeps as Asterope's response arrives.

Ras Alhague looks at Merope as her phone beeps, and she hastily types out a text response, glancing up at him several times. He raises an eyebrow.

Heka wanders over again, deciding to throw his unlucky-in-love sister a bone(r), and says, "Hey dude, we're having a party this weekend, it's Mero's birthday. You interested?"

Merope drops her phone like it is about to explode and blushes even more furiously.

Merope gives her brother a look which says "Go away and die somewhere" and then stammers "I mean um it would be cool and if you would liek to come but its ok if not and all"

Ras Alhague "Well, it's not like I have any plans," the boy grudgingly says. He pulls a phone out of his pocket. "Here, program in your digits and I'll call you for directions later."

Heka sidles back so Merope's the only one in reach of the phone.

Merope fumbles awkwardly with the phone but sucessfully punches in her number. She notes as she puts it in the address book that the book is otherwise oddly empty.

Merope pasees it back. "Um. Thanks. Nice, um, phone."

Merope "And um, nice, um, eyes. Also."

Merope "They're cute. And stuff."

Merope smiles, awkwardly.

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