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Furud ::The bell rings, signaling the start of Science class. The last class before lunch is run by an unreasonably stern teacher, who nobody really likes.::

Asterope stashes her lip gloss in her backpack and stifles a yawn.

Furud slouches in his chair, staring out the window and vaguely pretending to pay attention. Really, he is watching the reflections of the other students in the window.

Zavijava pulls out his book, turns to the page the class was supposed to read last night.

Lacerta wonders if anyone has poked her in Linkedin

Asterope slips a note to lacerta with her foot, which asks "Did Furud REALLY ask you out?!" with a little heart above the "i" in "Did."

Zavijava Also, Lacerta's Linkedin has a poke from Furud from last night.

Furud runs his fingers over his torque, half-listening to the teacher drone on. He glances over at Lacerta for a second, then looks away.

Zavijava diligently takes notes.

Furud ::The poke says, Coffee? Y/N::

d in denver sneakily slides the note back, "You're kidding right? He's so pretty, he MUST be gay..." the note says in a crazed scrawl with a frowny face where a signature would be

Zavijava The teacher leaves the class to borrow a projector.

Zavijava sits in silence, hands clasped above his book. Like on pause.

Asterope tosses the note back. "GAY? So what was up with him making out with Merope behind the bleachers last semester? I mean, that's what I heard anyway. The boy gets around for a loner, huh?"

Lacerta As it sits on the lab counters, Zavijava's overstuffed backpack bursts at the seems flinging its contents far and wide

Zavijava shouts, "No!"

Zavijava scurries around the room, piecing together his belongings.

Asterope scrambles to help Zavijava. "Why did you have balloon animals in your backpack?"

Asterope She wrinkles her nose, picking up bits of balloon and tossing them in the trash.

Lacerta With the teacher gone, Lacerta quickly checks her iPhone, 'Coffee?'

Zavijava looks around the room. "What happened? What was that?" When he finishes, he whispers, "Thanks."

Lacerta The notebook Zavijava is using to take notes for today slides under Furud's chair...

Zavijava "I'm trying to learn how to make them," he stuffs the popped bits in the trash.

Lacerta scribbles frantically wondering why they weren't using iChat...

Lacerta hands Asterope the now laboriously long note, 'He asked me for coffee, does that mean coffee or COFFEE?'

Asterope "That's totally interesting. I thought you just wrote stuff, you know, like those crazy sad stories you read in English class, I had no idea that like, you made stuff with your hands too. And balloon animals! Wow, that's really unique. Very cool!" Asterope smiles brightly.

Furud compulsively checks his phone, and sighs. "Zavi, what the hell?" He picks up the laptop and flips it open. "Hmm let's see..."

Asterope shoots an appraising look at Furud, and then scribbles back to Lacerta. "I think it's the kind of coffee that makes clothes disappear."

Zavijava walks behind Furud. "Does it even still work?"

Furud runs his hand through his dark hair and grins. "Yeah. What's with the screen saver?"

Zavijava snaps the notebook shut and snatches it away.

Heka Furud's phone beeps.

Furud "No, really, Zavi? Those weren't balloons. I thought you should know." He smirks and then checks his phone

Zavijava looks more scared than mad. He returns to his seat.

Merope Asterope's phone beeps.

Asterope flips open her phone to read the message.

Merope "omg new guy is here in library. totally cute but kinda angry. what do I do???"

Heka There's a message from Heka: --So, how'd it go? Does she want to jump you yet?--

Lacerta Zavijava finds a note on his section of the lab counter, 'No one else notices you, but I do, Molly'

Asterope "Just do what I did when I landed your brother: take off your top. Or, you know, be interesting? Ask about his life?"

Furud runs his fingers over the 'keyboard' of his iphone, "I'll let you know. I think she digs me."

Merope "ew, don't tell me that about my brother gross. I think I upset new-hunk :(

Lacerta taps feverishly on her iPhone, 'Fud, when, where, why, what do you have in mind..?'

Asterope "Be forward. Boys like forward. Mention prom!"

Merope "I don't have as much forward as you, asty. ok gotta go"

Zavijava Teacher returns, says, "Phones down or they'll be mine." She turns off the lights and starts an old projector film about amoeba or something.

Furud mutters at the teacher and slouches back in his chair. He turns to Lacerta and gives her his trademark grin, and makes a rude gesture regarding the teacher.

Asterope slides a new footnote to Lacerta. "What did I miss? What's going on? Are you guys having makeou-- coffee?"

Lacerta The return note says, 'Uh, like, I dunno, I guess I am sorta playing hard to get. I asked him what he was talking about..'

Asterope "That's not playing hard to get. His response will probably involve the words "Coffee beans" and "water." But that's okay! At least you know he's a guy. Remember last year when you went out with that butch lesbian you met on My Space?? You've gotta stop the internet dating, webcam pictures are too low quality to tell who you're gonna end up with."

Furud industriously writes down a neatly-lettered note, folds it into an origami eagle, and sails it onto Lacerta's desk.

Lacerta "You're so shallow, looks aren't everything, and you have sex on the brain, maybe you should get hormone treatments or something ;-)"

Asterope "Lacey. Dude. I can look past looks, but it is difficult to miss a vagina."

Lacerta "You are so gross, why did you have to go there. Besides, I got a free dinner out of it..."

Lacerta daintily opens the note trying not to destroy the little eagle, "Asterope told Merope who told Jake who told me you were totally "in" to me, why are you playing hard to get..?"

Furud ::The bell rings once more - Time for lunch!::

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