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Furud ::The bell rings once more - Time for lunch!::

Ras Alhague *

Furud slides into a chair near Asterope's table and drinks his...milk. Chocolate. The cafeteria is busy, full of tables and students, and somewhere in the back is a juke box. The interesting smells of so called food rise up around them.

Furud "So you're friends with Lacerta, right?"

Asterope "Yeah! Lacey and I go back like carseats. What's up? She's cute, isn't she? You're totally into her right? I hear things."

Ras Alhague wanders around the cafeteria, looking for a place to sit - but every table seems to have people sitting there already. He curses the school's "closed campus" policy as he decides to make another round.

Asterope "Hey! New hunk! Come sit with us!"

Furud plays it cool, leaning back and taking a sip of his milk, "Yeah sure, she's pretty hot. Why not?"

Furud raises a brow at the 'new hunk' label and swivels to look over his shoulder at Ras.

Ras Alhague doesn't 'get' that Asty is referring to him when she says new hunk, so keeps walking, until Furud turns around and starts staring. "What, who, me?"

Furud laughs. "Probably. You're new right?"

Asterope "I dunno, because you might be into boys? Are you? It's fine if so, I mean, we don't judge, this is high school, not the GOP. YEAH YOU! Come sit!"

Furud "What? Who the hell said I was into boys, anyway?"

Asterope "What? Who said you were into boys? I have no idea. I said I hear things, I didn't say I see who says them."

Ras Alhague sits down. "Look, if you're into boys, dude, that's fine. But not me."

Furud "Whatever" he says, disgruntled.

Asterope "You're not into boys!" Asterope claps Ras on the shoulder. "Best news I've heard all day. So are you that military school kid?"

Ras Alhague "Oh," Ras says, deflecting the question. "You must be Asterope."

Furud rolls his eyes and taps out a note to Heka.

Asterope claps her hands together excitedly. "You've heard of me! Yes I am. You must be the boy Mero was texting me about. She didn't take off her top did she?"

Ras Alhague raises an eyebrow. "She's known for that? No, she managed to keep her clothes on."

Asterope "Oh." Asterope looks genuinely disappointed. "That girl never takes my advice." She sighs heavily, and then her face brightens. "Did you really get kicked out of military school for almost killing some dude?"

Ras Alhague finishes a surreptitious text to Merope.

Merope Furud's phone beeps.

Ras Alhague muses for a moment. "You could say that."

Merope :: NO I didn't say u were gay. Ur reputation is ur prblm. I keep secrets. ::

Asterope "Wow! So you're a dangerous guy then. I didn't know Mero was into danger! I guess we all have secrets. Hey, what's your name? I can't call you New Hunk forevs, because eventually you'll be Old Hu-- oh, this is my friend Furud! Furry, meet New Hunk, whose name is..?"

Asterope senses a disturbance in the force, and shivers go down her spine.

Ras Alhague "Ras Alhague. It's a mouthful. You can call me Al." He shakes hands with Furud. "You know, you're pretty enough - if I was to switch teams, you'd probably be the one to convince me." He says this deadpan, then lets go and takes a bite of his food.

Furud looks up at Ras, clearly annoyed. He shakes his hand, then sputters as the man speaks. "Ok SOMEONE is going to get hurt today."

Asterope "Furry! Come back. Talk to me! What's got you so upset? Is it the rumor? Because you know me, we can fix this. I can make people hear things."

Furud "Ast, you probably already DID. Nobody spreads a rumor like you, even when you're not trying."

Asterope "Furry, sweetie, how do I put this delicately? Everyone knows you've banged more girls than a body bag at a women's self-defense class."

Furud "Damn straight."

Asterope "So I'll remind a couple people who like to chitchat, it ain't no thing."

Furud flips his bangs out of his eyes and relaxes a little. "Thanks. I hope."

Ras Alhague chuckles. "High school! How I missed it."

Furud "Yeah so tell us about military prison or whatever."

Ras Alhague Ras talks around his food. "Less topless girls, No girls at all."

Heka Furud's phone: ::Chill, it's gotta be just noise. No one knows anything. <3::

Furud "Shit, man. That had to suck. What did you do for fun?"

Asterope shoots off a text to Merope.

Ras Alhague shrugs. "Almost kill people."

Asterope barks out a laugh.

Furud "Almost?"

Asterope "That's so great. I know a lot of people who need almost killing. Are you like a musician? Do you take requests?"

Lacerta taps feverishly on her iPhone, 'Fud, when, where, you never did answer all my questions... ;-)?'

Ras Alhague "Almost. Nobody actually died." He rubs his scar absently again. "And no, I don't really take requests anymore."

Asterope "Oh." Asterope looks disappointed for a moment. "Do you play the guitar?"

Merope To Asty, from Merope, viat text: :: Boobaliscious lol you'll be lucky. How about after school tonite? Kisses"

Lacerta - - - 'I beat all of the GTA games, I know what that means you know... And don't count uyour beans before they are roasted...''

Ras Alhague "Well, I dabble a little bit."

Furud laughs and fairly drips with self-satisfaction at his message.

Asterope raises an appraising brow at Ras. "Do you have any particular costume fetishes? You know, schoolgirls, nurses, slutty videogame characters.."

Ras Alhague blinks. "Um, what?"

Lacerta Furud's phone: "Yeah, I'll meet you at the one in the mall around 5, I gotta catch up on my emails..."

Asterope "You're going to Mero's party, right?"

Furud Are you going to dress as Rainbow Brite again, Asty?

Furud "Because I gotta say, that was a good look on you."

Ras Alhague "She didn't mention it was a costume party. You're saying I need to dress up as a nurse or something?"

Asterope "You should dress as a pirate, Al! Chicks dig pirates. Furry, yeah, unless I see something better at the mall tonight. Mero and I are shopping!"

Ras Alhague "I haven't dressed up in a costume since I was 7. Can't I just wear my dress uniform? They made me spend enough money on it."

Asterope "I guess, you can get all officer and a gentleman if you have to, but not TOO gentleman, you know?"

Ras Alhague gives Asterope a once-over. "You're saying you don't want me to be a gentleman...?"

Asterope "

Asterope "Hey! Save the psychic gropeage for my BFF. Not that I'm not flattered, mind, but uh, Mero and I are still working out territory issues. Your job is to show up, be cute, and be inappropriate. Just, uh, with the birthday girl."

Asterope "Furry, youi're coming too right?"

Asterope "To the party, I mean, not shopping. You have to find your own costume."

Ras Alhague "Territory issues? It looks like you have more than she does." He gives her another once-over. "Oh well." He shoves a bit more food in his mouth. "Have her dress as Marilyn Monroe."

Furud laughs. "I'm not sure Mero's forgiven me yet." He shrugs. "You'll see me anyway."

Asterope "I have more territory? I totally hope you didn't call me fat. But even if you did, you tried to kill a guy, so it's whatever, who can be mad? I can use that as 'thinspiration' anyway. And Furry, she's not THAT mad at you, I mean, this is high school, not the UN, we're all friends here right?" She smiles brightly.

Merope Text to Furud, re: last part :: Too well. It looks like you're comin to this one anyway. Stay out of my way, ok? ::

Furud "Looks like I'm going after all."

Asterope "YAY! The gang is all back together again. Plus one, natch, Al."

Ras Alhague "You know, technically I said Furud could call me Al. Never said you could."

Asterope "Oh! My bad, New Hunk."

Furud chuckles.

Ras Alhague "You can call me Ras."

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