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Merope Principal Johnstone's zero-tolerance phone policy wasn't winning him any friends, but it was filling up the old storeroom that was now the dedicated detention zone.

Merope Ten or twelve other kids were lounging about, shooting the breeze and waiting for the teacher to show up, Furud among them, when Merope walked in.

Merope "Furud, you jerk, it's your fault I'm in here! My phone went off in math! Twice!"

Furud "Oh, please, Rope. You didn't have to answer it. Besides, I can always picture the way your face turns red... it's adorable."

Merope As predicted, her face immediately starts turning red. "Shut up! I'm supposed to be going to the mall with Asty and now I'm stuck in here because YOU won't leave me alone!"

Merope has quickly acquired the full attention of the room. Realising this, fuming though she is, she turns redder and her voice drops to a venemous whisper. "We're done, Furud. You and me, it's done, ok? So stop bugging me all the time."

Furud grins. "If we're done, then why are you spending another glorious hour with me?"

Merope "Believe me, if I could be anywhere else, I would."

Merope stomps off and slumps in a chair as far away from Furud as the room allows.

Merope Just then, Ras enters the room, some dried blood on his face.

Ras Alhague walks into the room behind Miss Rose, the hottest teacher in school. She seems to be lecturing him - as they walk in, she says, "...I hope you understand why that is simply not appropriate behaviour on school property."

Merope "Ohmigod Ras, what happened to you?"

Merope rushes up full of concern.

Furud "Hey Al." He waves. "Looks like this school is treatin' you as well as the last huh?"

Miss Rose "Sit yourself down, Merope! This is detention, not a speakeasy!"

Ras Alhague "I'm okay," he says, waving off her concern. "I'll live."

Merope does as she's told, but looks pityingly at Ras as she sits down.

Merope There is much general grumbling and finding of seats. A couple of people nudge each other and whisper about Ras. Nobody points, but it's easy to see who they're talking about.

Merope One person says "..and I heard the guy died.." before Miss Rose gets the room to some approximation of quiet.

Ras Alhague takes a seat in a dark corner of the room, crossing his arms, glaring at the rest of the room.

Furud types out two quick txts before Detention officially starts. The first one is to Lacerta, ::Got Detention. Coffee at 4?:: The second one is to Merope. ::BEEP::

Miss Rose takes a box out from behind the desk. "Okay, you guys, you know the drill. Cellphones in the box. That means you, Furud!"

Merope There are a few giggles as Merope's phone goes off loudly just as the class was settlign down. Merope rolls her eyes and relinquishes her phone also.

Furud "But Miss Rose, I'll be good, I PROMISE" He holds his hand to his heart mockingly.

Miss Rose "If you were a good boy, Furud, you wouldn't be here." She winks and takes his phone.

Furud chuckles and relinquishes the phone with good grace and a wink in return.

Merope Someone at the back notes all the winking and wolf-whistles.

Furud glances over at Ras and makes a suggestive motion, jerking his chin at Miss Rose.

Miss Rose (HER phone beeps) "Oh no," she says, as the blood drains from her face. "I have to get going. Ras, you're in charge - make sure nobody talks." (She dashes out.)

Merope As soon as she's gone, the noise level in the room goes up by about fifty decibels. "Daamn she is fine. I'd like summa that." calls out the wolf-whistler from the back. There is much high-fiving and laughter.

Furud 's grin fades a little, as Miss Rose seems to have an emergency. A flash of concern crosses his face before his usual smile returns. "So, Ras. What'd you do to make her put YOU in charge?"

Merope "Yeah Ras, you gonna kill us too if we talk too much?" says the gossiping guy from earlier, sitting across from Furud. He grins in the manner of one tellign a funny, funny joke.

Ras Alhague ignores Furud and whistles, getting everyone's attention. "Okay, she's probably going to be gone for at least fifteen minutes. Goof off all you want, guys, but when I say be quiet, that means she's on her way. Anyone who talks after that..." He trails off, rubbing his scar, getting some blood on his hand.

Furud manages a look of complete terror for a few seconds. "Shocking! Are you saying that you're going to wait to beat us up til the teacher comes back?"

Merope The guy next to Furud. "Sheeeyt, I'm gon' be quiet, I don't wanna die." He keeps grinning.

Ras Alhague glares at the guy next to Furud. "There ARE worse things than death."

Merope "Yeah?" he shoots back. "You'd know, I suppose."

Ras Alhague "And you don't want to."

Furud raises a brow, "Like dating Merope?"

Ras Alhague glances sidelong at Merope and, for the first time in detention, cracks a bit of a smile. He lets out a single guffaw, almost a bark of a laugh.

Merope A bored looking girl sitting behind Merope perks up. "oooh, you guys are dating? Does he really have a tattoo on his...?"

Merope "All of you shut up." says Merope, too quietly for anyone to really notice. "And leave Ras alone, you don't even know him."

Furud "It's illegal to leave the new guy alone, you know."

Merope "Shut UP, Furud. God."

Merope shoots a look at Ras that says "Please don't associate me with any of these people."

Merope The gossipy guy across from Furud and his friends are sniggering about something.

Ras Alhague stands up to his full 6'6" of glory and walks over to the gossipy guy and his friends.

Furud watches with interest, gauging Ras' potential, and idly wondering if he's one of the Fallen. He brushes his fingertips over his torc, remembering when he'd gotten it.

Merope "Shuddup, he's comin' over." says one. The sniggering dries up a bit. Gossipy dude slumps in his chair, chewing gum and trying to look casual.

Ras Alhague walksup to Gossip Boy, who seems to be the ring leader, and takes a chair close to him,close enough that he could hear even the slightest whisper. Then he sits back again, folding his arms, and glaring.

Ras Alhague waves a hand dismissively. "Go on, keep talking."

Merope "Looks like you're next, bro." says the guy behind gossipy dude. There's more laughter, but tinged with a slightly nervous edge.

Furud decides he might like Al after all.

Merope "Gee, Ty, he looks pissed at you." says another of Ty's friends.

Merope Ty turns in his seat. "Man, don't tell him my name, he'll sic some mafia hit squad on me." This gets another laugh.

Ras Alhague stands up, and walks over to him. "Stand up."

Merope watches nervously. The conversation level in the room has dropped a bit as a few people tune in to the ensuing stand off.

Merope Ty doesn't stand. "Oh, you starting on me now? Man, ain'tchoo killed enough people today?"

Furud "Oh, this should be good entertainment." he muses, leaning back in his seat.

Ras Alhague grabs Ty's collar and pulls him to his feet. "Hell's always hungry for more."

Merope "Oh, sheeyt." says one of Ty's friends. A few of them stand up, but don't intervene.

Merope "Woah, put me down, man, I don't want your trouble."

Merope Ty's hands are in the air, a surrender pose. He still grins cockily though.

Merope "I ain't getting in no fight with a straight-up killer, man."

Ras Alhague Ty is now almost a foot off the ground. "If you don't want my trouble, you shouldn't keep asking for it." Ras smiles. "Besides, I'm pretty sure you've never been in a fight in your life. Who was it, Asterope who beat you up last week when you tried to cop a feel?"

Furud chuckles "I think you've made your point, Al." he says genially. "Right, Ty?"

Merope "Right." says Ty, under a little strain. "And that thing with Asterope was a misunnerstanding, a'ight?"

Ras Alhague "I'm sure." He sets Ty down. "I hope she hit you hard enough that the world won't have to deal with your children."

Ras Alhague goes back to his chair - his new one, the one next to Ty and his cronies.

Merope A few people smirk at Ty's expense. Ty makes a great play of straightening his clothes, looking a few people in the eye, and then sits himself down.

Merope "It's cool, we cool, no hate crime shit happenin here."

Merope "Everybody can just go back to what they were doin'."

Ras Alhague waves his hand again. "Yes, please, go back to what you were talking about before I came over here." He smiles, but his eyes are a challenge.

Merope Ty's friends also sit down, but slightly reluctantly. The biggest one keeps his narrow eyes set on Ras.

Merope There's an uncomfortable pause.

Ras Alhague leans over to the biggest one - they happen to be sitting next to one another - and whispers something in his ear. His face drains of color as a look of sheer terror places itself there. Then Ras stands up, "Okay, she's about to come back. Everyone look diligent!"

Furud keeps an eye on the door, wondering how he knows - or if he's just testing his power.

Merope looks horrified at the whole encounter. As people are sitting back down and half-heartedly pulling out books, she sidles up to Ras.

Merope "Hey, are you ok?."

Furud "I think you're asking the wrong guy."

Ras Alhague opens his mouth to answer, but then the teacher walks in.

Miss Rose walks in to a completely silent classroom - she arrived just after Furud finished talking. She smiles at Ras, her face breaking out in a terminally cute case of the dimples.

Merope hustles quickly back to her seat - not that it looks like she was working even when she was sitting there. There is much theatrical intent staring at books.

Miss Rose "Everyone's doing homework! I knew I could count on you, Ras Alhague."

Furud "Al here is a bastion of discipline."

Ras Alhague gives another sidelong look at Ty, at the mention of discipline.

Ras Alhague "Is everything okay, Heather?"

Miss Rose "It's nothing that can't wait until later. Don't you worry about it. This is detention for you too!"

Furud raises a brow at Ras

Merope Miss Rose wanders off to a different part o the room, checking that peoiple are working. Once she's a small distance away, Ty whispers "You've got to be shitting me. 'Heather'? She Heather to you?"

Merope "What is she, your sister? Or... sheeyt, man, don't tell me you tappin' that. You ain't been here five minutes and you already killed three guys and slept with a teacher?"

Ras Alhague makes a show of counting on his fingers, then holds up 4 of them.

Merope "Ok, you're fucking with me, coo'. Don't tell me your shit."

Merope He turns to a friend. "The fuck this guy thinks he is, am I right?"

Merope "You wait, man. Mouth like yours and your cracker ass is getting beat down."

Merope Ty is fumbling with something inside the pocket of his hoodie.

Merope "You heard me, cracker. Touch me again and you won't live to tell."

Miss Rose is now standing directly behind Tyler.

Furud "Ty, chill out."

Miss Rose "What's that in your pocket, Tyler Buffet?"

Merope "Ain't nothin', Miss Rose. I was just looking for a pencil."

Merope Tyler starts fumbling with his bag.

Miss Rose "Show me, Tyler," she says, holding out your hand. "Or is this something you want to keep a secret from the 'cracker' teacher?" She says 'cracker' in an almost perfect mimickry, and mockery, of Tyler's voice.

Furud Miss Rose is distracted for a second when a noise rattles in the back of the classroom. When Tyler finally reaches into his pocket, there is nothing there.

Merope Ty panics for a moment, his head whirling around to see where he dropped it, but he can't see it anywhere. "Uh... looks like my pencil wasn't in there, Miss Rose, sorry."

Miss Rose "Very well, then. But you'll have another hour of detention tomorrow, for your hate speech. Now get back to work." She then continues making her rounds.

Ras Alhague winks at Ty once Miss Rose turns away.

Merope Ty scowls at Ras. "You called her over, didn't you? Teacher can't protect you forever." he whispers. His piece said, he returns to pretending to work, with the occasional bad-tempered look back up at Ras.

Merope He also surreptiously pats his pockets and checks his bag with increased frequency, as if he's lost something.

Ras Alhague whispers. "I don't need to sleep. Do you?"

Merope Ty doesn't respond to this last comment - he just gives Ras a look, as if trying to make sense of it.

Furud smiles to himself, his guess confirmed.

Furud shakes his head at Ty, fingering the knife that's now in HIS bag. He smiles as he recalls how many of Ty's weapons have gone missing since he moved to this school.

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