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Maia twirls the dodgeball briefly on one finger, eyeing the other team speculatively.

Merope tries to hang toward the back of her team, sports not really being her thing, and being hit by rubber balls even less so.

Maia beans a random hapless boy, smirking a bit as she backs up to prepare for the retaliatory assault.

Merope hopelessly misses a catch that was at waist height to her left. She shrugs, retrieves the ball from the floor behind her, and throws it vaguely toward the other team.

Merope A few people on her team looking vahuely annoyed at her for hanging back, Merope saunters forward without much enthusiasm, and promptly gets struck in the stomach. "Ow!"

Merope Vaguely relived that it was over at least for the moment, she saunters with slightly more enthusiasm to the "prison" area at the side of the other team's half.

Merope "Oh, hey Maia." she says to the girl who happens to be hanging about near there.

Maia eyes her with a certain superciliousness. "Hi," she says, palming a one-handed catch inches in front of a prisoner's reaching hands.

Maia holds the ball for a moment, looking at Merope as if waiting to see what she wants.

Merope "Nice catch." She looks at the rest of the prisoners. "Uh, I mean "boo blue team".

Merope She rolls her eyes. "So, this is pretty lame."

Merope "You're good, though. I didn't think you were into sports. You were rubbish at badminton last week."

Maia "Yeah, cause badminton is retarded. That game is for girls." Maia bounces the ball off some opponent and back to her. "Dodgeball is great. You get to throw shit at people."

Merope "You were really bad, though. Asty said you were stoned, but she always says things like that."

Maia "What the hell do I care what your weird-ass friend thinks?"

Merope "Ok, whatever, just making conversation."

Maia misses a throw and turns irritatedly back to Merope. "Why are you talking to me, anyway? I thought you were too good to sit at my lunch table."

Merope "You mean Friday? Oh, no, Maia, that was just... I had to go and sit with Asty, see, we had plans... I would have explained but.."

Maia "Oh, and of course Asterope wouldn't want to sit with me."

Merope "Aw, no, Asty's lovely, we just... needed to chat, you know?"

Merope seems genuinely upset that Maia's upset.

Merope "I hate it when we fight. We all used to be such good friends in middle school."

Maia "Yeah. Back when you used to invite me to your birthday parties. When I was COOL enough for--" Maia breaks off and dodges back as a ball streaks by her towards Merope.

Merope fumbles the catch badly.

Maia "You used to be good at catching stuff, too. You know, I read somewhere that girls get worse at sports in high school because they're trying to fit in, not actually because they aren't any good at them."

Merope pouts at her. "I wasn't paying attention."

Maia takes the ball idly away from Merope and heaves it in the direction of the other team.

Merope "Look, so we might have been shutting you out a bit, but you were always at practice with your band and hanging with them."

Merope "And you can come to my party if you want. I only really started inviting people today, you know, oficially."

Maia "Yeah, cause they were INTERESTING. Doing cool stuff, thinking for themselves, you know...I don't KNOW."

Maia "What do you know about my band, anyway? It's not like you guys ever came to any of my shows."

Merope shrugs. "I dunno, Mai, I'm not really into all that stuff. You never really said we should come."

Maia "Don't call me Mai. I hate that."

Maia "I gave you guys flyers. What did you expect me to do, beg you? You don't like my band, don't come. I don't care."

Merope "Sorry, Maia. Well, the invite's there if you want it. We're doing costumes. Don't bring any band people though, I wanna keep it cosy."

Maia "Oh, sure. 'You can come, Maia, just don't bring your friends, they wouldn't FIT IN.'"

Maia "You don't have to be nice to me just because we used to be friends and our moms used to work together and all that crap."

Merope "Fine, be that way. But don't tell me I never at least try to reach out to you."

Maia "I don't need your pity, Merope. I have a life. People who appreciate me for more than my tits." She darts forward and catches the ball in flight to end the game.

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