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Altair *

Altair As Merope opens the door she sees Altair, who's scrubbing his hair with a towel... thus having nothing at all to cover the rest of him.

Merope "..ahhh!"

Merope turns away. "Locks! Doors! They have them!"

Altair laughs as he binds the towel around his waist, turning off the music on the room. "Sorry, I'm just -- just not used to having visitors here. And you can turn around now."

Altair He thinks for a moment, then ammends, "visitors to whom this is an issue, that is."

Merope turns around. "I don't get you, Altair."

Altair has, indeed, covered the naughty bits with a towel now! "I need a shower after the whole 'rolling in the dirt, fighting soldiers' thing, what's there not to get?"

Merope "You're so... uncomplicated."

Altair laughs. "Oh, am I?"

Merope "Like at the hospital. I wanted you to go. I think I made that pretty clear. But you stuck around."

Altair "That made you angry, didn't it?"

Merope "Yes. But you didn't care about that, did you?"

Altair "I did. That's part of why I went along, you know."

Merope considers Altair carefully.

Altair grins. "See anything you like?"

Merope rolls her eyes. "See, that's it! Right there. You're so... glib! You've always got some line."

Merope "Nothing touches you, Altair."

Altair grins... and that melts into a smile. "You did."

Merope stares, pursing her lips, one hand on hip. "And that's just another line."

Altair "Is it? Ask Maia, Angela. Ask her what happenned when we saw you fly... we were surrounded, rifles pointed at us, and you know... I could not care." He takes a step closer, "I had just seen an angel take her wings."

Merope softens, a little.

Merope "...I wanted to shower."

Altair "You saved her. YOU did. We could just watch... because of her, Furud was saved. I was saved."

Altair goes on as if he hadn't heard!

Merope steps back a little. "I... I just... it felt right, I guess. I knew I could do it, and I did..."

Altair "See, that's a problem, if nothing touches you." He touches the bandage on his left arm. "It doesn't atter if you still get to see everyone else being hurt." He reached for her hand. "I envy you."

Merope doesn't take it. "You envy me? Why?"

Altair "You can fly."

Merope "It's not been as much fun as it sounds."

Altair "Oh, really?"

Merope waves her hands at herself, still more than a little scuffed. "Really."

Altair reaches to her hair, straightening it a bit. "That's what the best things do."

Altair "They leave you aaalll messy afterwards."

Merope meaningfully makes to move his hand away. "I wanted to shower."

Altair moves to take off his towel, "Sure, you just need a towel and..."

Merope "No, I really DON'T need your towel."

Altair laughs "Company, maybe?" He asks in he corniest possible way

Merope looks pained. "Just cut it out, please?"

Altair backs off, motioning for her to follow. "Come here. You picked the wrong room." A twist and a turn later and they walk into another room, a girl's room with a obscene quantity of stuffed tigers and lions and kittens and even a bear over the bed. "You can help yourself to some clothes, if you want."

Merope follows only reluctantly.

Merope looks around. "Whose room is this?"

Altair "My sister's." He nods. "I think the clothes will fit you, she hasn't used them in awhile... and she wouldn't mind, I think. She hasn't come here in two years."

Merope frowns slighty, then turns to face Altair again. "Thank you. I would like you to go now, please."

Altair looks at her for a moment with an unreadable expression, then nods. "Yes, you do." He says as he walks out, leaving her surrounded by plushies. "Remember the lock the door."

Merope pauses, pushing it shut, looking out at Altair's retreating back for a moment.

Merope Then the door shuts, and there's a click.

Altair *

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