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Antares follows Yed into the building, catching up with him at the darkened window of the nurse's door. "Gone for the day. Hold on, I bet it's a cheap lock."

Yed "Are you serious?!" Yed looks around nervously, holding a wad of bloodied paper towels to his cheek.

Antares "Um-hmm," Antares says distractedly, taking something out of her back pocket and fiddling for several seconds before there's a satisfying click. "A box of Cheerios would be more secure than this school."

Yed 's eyes go wide.

Antares She opens the door and heads in, gesturing for him to follow. "C'mon. My guitar bit you, so I'll fix it."

Yed ducks into the room quickly.

Antares heads for a cabinet and starts digging in a businesslike manner. "So tell me to fuck off if it's none of my business, but when you ask a guy what makes him mad and he says tendonitis, it sounds like there's some kind of story behind it."

Yed checks the wound with his hand to see if it's still bleeding, which it is. "Not really, I guess."

Yed "I bowl a lot."

Yed "So tell me to fuck off if it's none of my business? What kind of date do you ask a girl out to if you barely know her?

Antares "Bowling's not bad, actually, unless it makes you a competitive asshole. Movies, too." She looks at the cut and frowns. "This might hurt," she adds, and starts cleaning it.

Yed "Agh! I should warn you," Yed says, looking Antares in the eye, "but I'm a big whiny baby sometimes. If I yelp, don't take it personally."

Yed winces. "I guess I'm just a little nervous. Know what I mean?"

Antares grins at him. "Points for honesty," she says, and tries to be a little gentler as she finishes wiping it clean and opens a bandage. "Well, look at it this way. If the worst thing that happens to you this year is being turned down for a date, that's a pretty good year, right?"

Yed "Um, what's the worst thing that's happened to you this year?"

Antares stands still for a second, looking down at her hands, then finishes unwrapping the bandage. "I was in an accident."

Antares "Hold still," she adds, lifting it up. Her hands are shaking a bit.

Yed clears his throat nervously. "Anyway, can I, um, ask you a question?"

Antares "You can ask me anything."

Yed "Would you go to the mall with me?"

Yed "I've got this coffee date thing tonight and need a woman's touch getting something nice to wear."

Antares looks at Yed critically, first inspecting her work with the bandage and then weighing his question for a second. "Sure."

Antares "Who's the girl? Not that I know many people around here."

Yed "Been to the bowling alley?"

Yed facepalms. "Of course you have, that's where we met."

Yed "Anyways, it's the snack bar girl there, Jenny."

Antares "I think I remember her--she was nice to me. Coffee, huh? We should be able to find you something for that."

Antares She wads wrappers up and throws them away. "Keep the cut clean, but you shouldn't need stitches or anything."

Yed "Did we, um, leave fingerprints or something?"

Antares grins a bit. "Unless we break something, no reason for them to check. Besides, they have to start a file for me sometime."

Yed "Oh."

Yed throws out the paper towels, then looks back. "That was a joke, wasn't it?"

Antares "If it makes you feel better, sure."

Yed squints.

Yed "Is that a tattoo on your arm?"

Antares "Uh, yeah." Antares starts to move her hand to cover it, self-consciously, then stops.

Yed "Sorry. Forget it. I, um, better take off. I owe you for the string."

Yed "When's good for the mall?"

Antares "Forget it," Antares says in turn about the string. "I have soccer practice, so meet me in a couple of hours?"

Yed "Sure. Thanks again for breaking and entering and patching me up."

Antares "Anytime," Antares says, shutting the nurse's door behind them as they leave.

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