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Furud hops over the back of the couch, holding a plate of snacks in one hand. "Are you guys ready to be destroyed?" He slides into place and drops the plate on the coffee table, next to the bottles of 'root beer.'

Polaris "Reports of my destined obliteration have been greatly exagerated."

Polaris enjoys a pretzel

Furud "We'll see about that," he replies cheerfully.

Polaris "You say that everytime, and you know what, everytime you end up SUCKING. Your video game prowess is no match with your prowess in the realm of ladies."

Polaris grabs a controller

Furud "Is that jealousy I hear?" He casually plucks a controller from the table. "If you weren't so weird, you could get a date."

Algol "So, have you made the hack that turns this into a DVD player?"

Furud "..hack?"

Polaris "Speaking of which, I was thinking about taking a turn with Merope."

Algol peers at the game console, not knowing how to engage the conversation.

Furud His smile flickers for a second. "Oh... yeah?" he says overly casually.

Polaris "She seems, intense. I like intense."

Furud "She's not into star theory though."

Polaris "No one is perfect."

Polaris "Have we broken in the new boy here yet?"

Furud "I think that's your job, Pol. You're good with the breaking."

Polaris smiles

Polaris "Hey, I replaced everything of yours that I've broke. Can't do much about the emotional damage though."

Algol takes his place on the couch and retrieves a controller.

Polaris "Five dollars says that Algol whoops you in your favorite game Furud."

Algol "I should have brought my custom controller, just to make sure your money would be safe." Algol grins.

Polaris "haha, no need. He is a total lame-ass at video games, seriously."

Furud snorts. "Man, next time I'm going to invite you guys over for fucking TEA or something."

Algol "That's great, I made my own iron kettle too!" Algol isn't sure if they'll know he's just kidding.

Furud crunches on a pretzel, and then flips on the X Bo X? 360. The custom faceplate has constellations - of course. "Soul Calibur or Halo?"

Polaris "Thats quite a feat of steel working."

Algol "Sure."

Polaris "I've never tried anything quite a large and utilitarian as a tea kettle."

Algol "Oh, well it's only 40 ounces...So, what are we playing?"

Polaris sets down the controller, intent on watching the matchup, she curls cutely into some pillows by the couch

Furud "If Pol's not gonna play, let's do Soul Calibur. Then she can play the winner. Which will be me, of course."

Polaris snickers with girlish bravado

Algol "Sure. Should I let you win, then?"

Furud "Yes." He grins, and starts the game.

Polaris "So, star theory is simple. We are all stars."

Algol "Are you pushing Tony Robbins tapes or something?" Algol plays hard while conversing.

Polaris "Well I mean, look at our names."

Furud grunts and twists the controller back and forth ineffectively as he mashes buttons with great vigor.

Algol "So? Name trends come and go."

Polaris watches Furud lose, "That is furud, all force with no finesse. No wonder you can't keep the ladies, get them obviously, keep them, not so much."

Furud throws a handful of pretzels at Polaris

Algol "Oh shit! I was distracted. Sorry I didn't go easy."

Furud "Shut up. It's not my fault they're all bitches after a while."

Polaris "Sure sure, I bet."

Furud tosses the controller at her too.

Furud "Your turn."

Polaris grabs it from the pillow it landed on

Furud slouches back in the couch and nurses his root beer.

Polaris "But seriously, you can't deny the oddness. Things aren't right."

Polaris starts the game, serious as usual

Algol "The problem with these games is that they're not tense enough. It's weird, like people get all worked up over roulette -- just because of the betting." Algol juggles multiple conversations while playing. "What oddness?"

Polaris plays and continues, "I mean, like, how much sleep do you get Algol?"

Polaris "I'm going to guess here: not much."

Algol "Uh, I don't really need that much -- I have other stuff that I do at night. It's no biggie."

Algol deftly navigates the imaginary game world, finding a sweet surprise spot. "Why?"

Polaris tries a shock tactic to throw Algol off his game, "Other stuff to do at night? So which do you prefer, Hustler or Playboy?"

Furud runs his fingers back and forth over the features of the snarling dog at one end of his torc, a bit sulky.

Algol "Hustler is much more cutting edge. They really stand for something. Have you read their history? They donate huge amounts of money to the ACLU and other freedom preservation non-profits."

Polaris blinks as her fighter is pwned

Furud "Wait you know the history of Hustler as a company? Who cares?"

Algol "Flint is like a modern American hero."

Polaris "I actually wouldn't know, but I think you are just like the rest of us. No sleep, named oddly, gathered in the same school."

Algol "Uh...yeah, I guess it's not really that interesting..." Algol tosses Furud the controller.

Furud catches it - he's good at that, at least.

Polaris "And the other oddness is that Miss Rose teacher. She didn't teach before here, and may not have existed at all."

Algol "Look, our parents were dippy-hippies. They did all kinds of crazy stuff. And I guess it was popular to name your kids after starts and trees and shit. What's the big deal?

Furud "She has a weird connection to the new guy, Ras Alhague too.

Algol "What do you mean? She didn't _exist_?"

Polaris "She didn't exist. No public records."

Polaris "I think she may be a space alien. But that is neither here nor there."

Algol "Cool! Maybe she's in the witness protection program!"

Furud "We're not aliens. We're The Fallen. The Sleepless." He starts the game and tries to get a few hits in before Polaris notices what's going on.

Polaris blinks at Algol in disbelief, "I bet you think Lee Harvey Oswald did it."

Polaris doesn't noticce

Algol "Don't be absurd, he was a patsy."

Furud punches Pol's character gleefully

Algol glances at Furud, to see if they're making fun of him.

Furud is intent on cheating in SC, but otherwise seems entirely serious.

Polaris "Let me show you what I mean by odd."

Polaris yanks the controller away from Furud suddenly, and yet the buttons are still being pressed for a moment or two as his character pwns hers

Furud "Agh, Pol!"

Polaris "What? I let you win!"

Polaris wonders if Algol noticed

Algol waits for some kind of demonstration.

Polaris sighs

Furud "You're supposed to at least try to hit me once when you're letting me win. And not steal my controller."

Polaris clentches her fist, "Didn't you see?"

Algol looks questioningly. "I guess I didn't. What?"

Polaris leaps up, "Boys are stupid.", and stomps out of the room

Algol "What's eating her?"

Polaris leans back in for a parting shot, "Also, Playboy has interesting articles at least."

Furud scratches the back of his neck, "You know what? I can never tell."

Algol "Yeah, but no pink."

Polaris leaves disgusted

Algol gets up and follows Polaris. "Wait!"

Polaris head downstairs, trying to ignore Algol

Algol "I just didn't see whatever it was you thought I should have. Come on! Try again."

Polaris "You'll see it sometime, just hopefully before it bites you in the ass!"

Polaris keeps walking

Algol "What? What is it?" Algol keeps following her, but glances back to see what Furud is doing.

Furud practices his Soul Calibur skillz.

Polaris throws open the door and goes out into the wooded lawn to get some air

Furud "Where you guys going?" He calls over his shoulder.

Algol "And why'd you give me that...um...thing...that you made? Is that part of all this?"

Polaris "That was a gift, a present."

Furud gets up, grabs his drink, and wanders out after them.

Polaris "I give them to everyone, switches to inaudible mumbling that I like."

Algol "Are they all like...that...I mean the one you gave me?"

Algol "Hey, I make things too, I appreciate the act of crafting something. And that you wanted to give me something. I was just wondering if the...well, nevermind. Anyway, what didn't I see in there?"

Furud "What do you make?"

Polaris "Furud and move things with his mind, at least that is my theory."

Polaris is shocked, she didn't think Furud was around

Furud raises his brow. "Pol, I thought you said you weren't going to tell people that THEORY."

Polaris looks white for a second, and then faints outright

Algol "I have a metal fab shop in the basement and I do electr...Hey!"

Algol moves to inspect Pol.

Algol Looking up at Furud, "What the hell is going on here!?!"

Furud abandons his slouch and catches her before she hits the ground, possibly a little faster than he ought to be able to move. He lowers her to the ground.

Furud "Pol? Polaris?" He pries open her eyelid. "You okay?"

Polaris is unresponsive

Algol "We should call 911." Algol fishes his phone out of his cargo pants and dials. "What's your address?"

Furud "Ah, crap. I hate it when she does this. At least she wasn't crossing the street this time."

Furud "She'll be fine, we just need to get some Gatorade in her. And like. Sugar."

Algol whispers to Furud as he listens to the all circuits are busy message, "I thought she didn't sleep!"

Furud "Can you grab her arm?" He lifts her right arm over his shoulders. "She's not sleeping," he explains patiently. "She's an idiot who forgets to eat and drink. I keep telling her that she might be able to do without food EVENTUALLY but not YET."

Algol hangs up, angry at the cops, and picks up Polaris' unsupported arm. "Seriously, what the fuck are you talking about?"

Furud "Let's go inside, lay her down on the couch, and I'll explain. If you're going to believe me."

Algol "Uh, I doubt it, but I'll listen."

Furud "Good enough."

Furud ***

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