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Antares "...So I guess I've got detention for leaving without an excuse note," Antares is commenting to Yed as she loiters outside the school, bouncing a soccer ball from foot to foot. "Is Mr. Bieswahx always that touchy?"

Yed "I dunno. He never really pays me much attention. Why'd you skip?"

Yed points at Antares's guitar case. "Need this tuned?"

Antares skips the first part, kicking the ball against the door with a bang and then smiling at him. "That'd be great. I haven't been able to play in ages, so it needs it."

Maia "Hey superstar!" Maia wanders up, grinning at Antares, and giving Yed kind of a sidelong look before transferring her attention back to Antares. "I hear SOMEBODY changed schools!"

Yed cracks the case open and begins the extremely cool-looking but very boring process of tuning it up.

Antares "The bitch is back in town," Antares grins back at Maia. "Dad still isn't talking to me, but what else is new?" She looks from Maia to Yed. "He in the band?"

Yed looks up. "Hi, Maia! Just tunin' her up. Antares, this is, um, pretty old, hm?"

Maia "Be careful, that's a 1968 Fender with a grafted Squier narrow neck."

Maia "Aw, you don't need that deadbeat anyway." Maia glances at Yed again, unsettled. "Uh, not...not that I'd heard. Hey, Yed."

Yed "Um, okay." Yed looks back down sheepishly, returning to the tuning.

Antares "It was a present," Antares explains.

Maia "From someone real special," she smirks, poking Antares.

Maia "So whatup? You wanna come down and play with us sometime? We can always use another guitarist."

Yed "Yeah, sure!" Yed pipes up. He realizes Maia isn't talking to him and clears his throat.

Yed "Never mind."

Maia "Oh. I didn't...I mean...you play?"

Antares "Hey, if the band doesn't have room for two, you and I should play sometime," Antares says to Yed. "Maia can tell you I'm a total music slut."

Yed "Heh." Yed blushes.

Antares "Um, that Merope girl isn't in the group, is she? Because I'm pretty sure she's decided I'm a freak."

Maia darkens. "Merope and I don't really hang out any more."

Antares "Fuck'er, then," says Antares comfortably. "So how 'bout it, Yed? What do you play?"

Yed "Um, just bass. Kinda."

Yed "Not a lot of, um, young adult alternative. Contemporary. Whatever. The basics."

Maia "...oh."

Maia "Uh..."

Antares "Fuck the labels. What makes you angry?"

Maia "I mean, we already have a bassist. Tyler, you know him, Antares."

Yed stares at the ground pensively.

Antares "That Tyler? I had the biggest crush on him in fifth grade."

Maia "Really? He had a totally huge crush on you in sixth grade. It's really too bad that didn't work out better, huh."

Yed "Tendonitis."

Maia blinks, glances over at Yed.

Yed looks up. "Tendonitis really pisses me off."

Maia shifts her eyes to Antares pleadingly.

Yed "That's what makes me angry, anyway," he mutters.

Antares echoes the Maia blink as if they'd practiced it together, then nods. "We should play together. Even if it's not for the band, Maia. C'mon, stretch yourself."

Maia carefully avoids sighing. "Okay. Sure, why not? As long as we're playing together."

Maia "Your number still the same?"

Yed "FUCK!" Yed jumps.

Maia moves away this time. "What the fuck, dude?"

Antares "Yeah," Antares is starting to say, then she looks at Yed. "What?"

Yed drops the guitar to the ground and grabs at his face.

Yed "The string, agh, damn, it snapped me." Blood seeps pretty quickly between his fingers.

Maia reflexively moves forward as he drops the guitar, then stops as she sees he's hurt.

Antares snatches up the guitar and inspects it, then looks to Yed to see how badly he's hurt.

Maia "Are you all right?"

Antares "Maia, catch you later? Looks like Yed needs a bandage."

Yed "Sorry! Sorry! I gotta go! Damn. I'm really sorry!" Yed exclaims over his shoulder as he makes for the nurse's office.

Maia "Yeah, all right."

Maia "Lemme take the guitar, I'll fix the string. Call you later?"

Antares As Yed moves off, Antares says very quietly to Maia, "Thanks. This place scares the shit out of me, but with you around, I can do it." She nods and hands her the guitar gently.

Maia "Don't worry, superstar. They won't know what hit 'em." Maia squeezes Antares quickly before stuffing the guitar back into the case.

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