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Furud ::The mall is full of teenagers lounging about and shopping, parents herding screaming children, and the occasional quiet person simply going about their business. Furud is one of those, just pausing to lean against the fountain in the middle and stare at one of the clothing stores for a minute.::

Maia notices Furud in the distance and heads over to him.

Maia "Hey Furry, how're you doing?" She offers a wan smile.

Furud looks over and straightens up, smiling back at her with his patented grin, the far-off expression completely gone. "Hey Maia. I'm good, you?"

Maia "Eh. Just saw Merope and Asty, that's always fun." She grimaces.

Furud "Oh yeah? What'd they do this time?"

Maia "I dunno. Acted like BITCHES for no reason, cause they hate me now that they want to be cool?"

Maia "Oh hey. Can I have Tyler's knife back?"

Furud grimaces, "Yeah, girls can turn on you in an instant." He fishes in his pocket and tosses the blade to Maia. "You should talk to him. One of these days I'm not gonna be around to steal his weapons."

Maia shrugs. "What am I supposed to do? He's not a bad guy. He just doesn't want to let people disrespect him. Seems pretty reasonable to me."

Maia "Hell, I feel that way sometimes."

Furud "Teach him to punch or something. You've got a mean left hook."

Furud "Ras was being an asshole though. I probably would have drawn on him too."

Maia grins, punches the air playfully. "He doesn't want to learn to fight from a (air-quotes) GIRL. One of these days I'll show him how wrong he really is. Sometime when he's...in a really good mood, so he doesn't take it bad."

Maia "What's that guy's problem, anyway?"

Maia "Hassling the other students, getting special treatment from the teachers. What kind of bullshit is that?"

Furud chuckles and sways back away from her. "Shit you showed ME when I was in a BAD mood." He rubs his jaw. "I wasn't expecting that. Anyway, Ras is out to prove he's tough. I guess he got picked on at 'Jessup' for being Sleepless."

Furud "I wanna know what he's got on Miss Heather Rose though... damn she's hot."

Maia leans into Furud amiably. "Well, you're a big tough boy, you can take it. Besides, next time you'll know better than to make fun of my Halloween costume."

Maia "Man, is he dense? We're ALL Sleepless at this fucking school."

Furud "Oh was that a costume?" he asks innocently.

Maia growls, pulls on Furud's arm and gives him a noogie.

Maia "Well, his dad is on the school board now, right? Maybe that's how he knows her? Or something?"

Furud "Ow!" he grins and ducks away, fixing his hair so it flops back over one eye again.

Furud "Oh is he? Nobody told me that. I must be outta the loop. How'd you find out?"

Maia shrugs vaguely. "I heard it somewhere. I don't remember."

Furud "Is Merope still mad at me for getting her in detention?"

Maia dims again. "I dunno. She didn't mention it. Too busy talking about how wet she is for Ras Al HAGUE?."

Maia "So are you going to Merope's birthday?"

Furud "Nope." He pauses, "But I sure as hell am going to Heka's."

Maia smiles a little.

Maia "Yeah, that's kind of my position, except the other way around."

Furud "Aw, Heka's not so bad. We should swap places halfway through just to fuck with them though."

Maia "I don't want to see that motherfucker again. You know what happened. Assuming YOU believe me." She glowers, but relents and squeezes his arm.

Maia "Man, I just...I just wish all that bullshit never happened. Why does it have to BE this way?"

Furud "It's fucking high school."

Furud sighs, and leans back against the fountain again. "Anyway, you should give Heks another chance. And he should give you one too."

Maia notices a bruise on Furud's upper arm, and looks at him with concern. "Where'd you get this?"

Maia "If he would tell the TRUTH I'd forgive him. Eventually."

Yed There's a knock on the clothing store window, and muffled shouting.

Yed "Hey, Furud! Hey, man! How's it going?"

Yed waves through the window with the top half of a tux on.

Maia "Who the fuck is that?" Maia whispers.

Yed "Hey!"

Yed holds up a finger. "I'll be right out!"

Furud "It's nothing, I just fell off a small cliff." He looks over at Yed and raises his brow, then mutters. "This nerd I met in the bowling alley. I can't remember his name." He waves halfheartedly

Maia "You fell off a CLIFF?"

Maia "How's your dad doing, Furud?"

Yed is buttoning up his shirt as he leaves the store. "Hey, man, how's it going?"

Furud "A small one. At The Hole. No big thing." He flicks a coin into the fountain. "I haven't heard from him in awhile. Mom's not talking ei... oh hey Kid." He smiles. "Ready for your hot date?"

Maia smiles perfunctorily, still glancing with some concern at Furud.

Yed "Not at all. I can't decide on a tie. What are you up to?"

Yed turns to Maia. "Evening, madame," he says.

Maia "Hi. Maia."

Yed "Yed. A pleasure."

Furud "Just hanging out. Thinking about a costume for Heka's party."

Yed "A party? Cool!"

Maia rolls her eyes at Furud.

Yed "Sounds like fun. I, um, didn't hear about it."

Furud realizes what he's done and squints at Yed. "Yeah, well. Invitation only and all that."

Yed "You, um, think Heka would mind if I-... Oh."

Furud "You know, you should ask him. Sometime when you're wearing pants."

Yed "Yeah, yeah. Well, um, you know. I gotta go choose a tie."

Yed "Have a good night!"

Yed ambles back into the store.

Furud turns to Maia, "Well this should be fun!"

Maia "Way to create a difficult situation and then dump it on somebody else!"

Maia "That's the Furud I know."

Furud smirks. "Hey, if you're good at something, you should use it."

Maia blinks, processing. "Yed -- that's the fucker who framed me for cheating when we were in third grade!"

Maia "I remember HIM!"

Furud "What? Wait wait wait... do you mean to tell me you know him? ...and you're holding a grudge from THIRD GRADE?"

Maia "I'm not holding a GRUDGE."

Maia "I'm glad he got all fat, though."

Furud laughs.

Furud "That's the spiteful Maia I know and love."

Maia shrugs elaborately. "People keep FUCKING with me, know what I mean?"

Maia "Hey, do you wanna hit the food court?"

Furud "Maybe we should see if your buddy Yed wants to come along."

Maia "Maybe we should muh muh muh muh muhh shut up Furry."

Furud valiantly doesn't laugh at her.

Furud "Yes Ma'am"

Furud ***

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