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Antares Between classes ending, and setting the fire in the girls' bathroom, Antares heads for the nearest exit. She wants to avoid people until The Plan starts, too keyed up to act normal.

Polaris heads in the nearest exit

Polaris almost runs into Antares, almost. Her face is still tear marked and she has a wild expression of sadness, anger, and wonder on her face

Polaris has no bandages on her hand

Polaris just stops and stares up at Antares, unsure of what will come next

Antares "Woah," says Antares, reacting to Polaris' expression and catching her lightly by the shoulders. Then she realizes who she's holding and her face sets a bit, but she keeps her light hold unless Polaris pulls away. "Polaris?"

Antares "I know how this is gonna sound, coming from me, but you okay?"

Polaris "Yes, thats me. *vacantly* Did you know all the stars in the sky orbit Polaris, but she never crosses with any of them?"

Polaris laughs mostly to herself, "She."

Antares "They're all alone," Antares answers. "They just go in circles every night. Polaris has a better view, though."

Antares She lets go of Polaris' shoulders and folds her hands behind her back, a little awkwardly.

Polaris "Maybe. But their paths cross in the sky at least, and that is something."

Antares "Uh, should we keep this all metaphorical and shit, or can I ask what's up?"

Polaris massages her knuckles, the ones on her right hand not moving the way they should. At All.

Antares Antares straightens her shoulders and nods at Polaris' hand. "Furud said I broke them. I'm sorry for that."

Polaris "You can ask."

Polaris shakes out that hand, "They are broke from what I understand, but the mind is stronger than any body part."

Antares "Speaking from experience, splints do a better job than the mind, if only to remind you not to punch things with that hand for a while."

Antares "So what happened? Just now, I mean."

Polaris "I don't have a habit of punching things. Though a certain boy might have it coming."

Polaris isn't certain why she is talking to Antares about anything at all, other than she has no one else to turn to

Polaris "I don't blame you for my hand. It was all Maia, and me obviously."

Polaris looks at Antares with a mixture of distrust, questioning, and confusion

Antares "At the risk of you realizing what a bitch I am, Maia didn't think I was gonna do that. Or want me to."

Antares takes a deep breath. "Look. You're not the hitting-back type, I guess, so let me tell you something."

Polaris "Do what? Oh."

Polaris steps back once when a look of realization crosses her face

Polaris "I don't even want to know really."

Antares stops, getting a funny look on her face. "You didn't know? Then how did Furud...?"

Polaris sighs and wipes her wet face dry

Polaris "I just knew you were there, he must have deduced on his own."

Polaris "He is smarter than he looks, thank god."

Antares "Fuck it. Whatever," Antares says, looking tired. "You want yours back, I'll stand still for it. I just wanted you to know, I'm sorry for breaking them."

Polaris "They will heal."

Polaris "Will your pain?"

Polaris is much more composed than when she first ran into Antares

Antares shrugs, looking at Polaris sharply. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Polaris sounds more confident than usual, "Hey, get defensive much?"

Polaris "I just mean all that anger has to come from somewhere."

Polaris "But anyway, do you know Zavi? I think I met him once. Pocket protector."

Antares "'Course it does, but who the fuck cares?" Antares shrugs again. "Uh, Zavi? Not sure. Why?"

Polaris "I need to talk to him. He is causing me problems with a certain other, star child."

Antares looks at her curiously. "I'll send him your way if I see him." Antares is pretty sure Polaris doesn't want any backup from her on this one, so she leaves it at that.

Polaris "Oh, and if you want to make us even, make sure Maia returns the bag."

Polaris "Or at least dumps it somewhere far away."

Antares "I'll tell her," says Antares, thinking of her upcoming appointment with a fire alarm. "You two settled?"

Polaris "I'll do what Furud thinks I should, as crazy as that sounds. Though we aren't friends."

Polaris "If she wants to be my friend, she just needs to tell me what happened. I won't gossip, I just want to... know."

Antares nods. "Good thing Furud talks better than he listens," she says darkly. "I hope you and Maia can work it out. I've got nothing against you."

Polaris almost says, "Sure, you just stomp on the hands of people you don't have anything against.", but then she does something unusual for her, she pauses.

Polaris reconsiders, "Thanks. I'm sorry things got so fucked up."

Antares considers that for a moment, then nods soberly. "Me too."

Polaris "So, how do you feel about Furud. Have you ever slept? Do you like him? Is Maia ever nice?"

Polaris unplugs the question cork

Antares "Friends, I never sleep, I like him when we're not about to punch each other, and Maia is the nicest person I know."

Polaris stops and studies Maia

Polaris "I'll have to listen to a Maia nice story sometime. I'd like that. I think we'll have lots of time for that later."

Polaris "I also think that you should rethink, or maybe refeel about Furud. You two have something, at least from the way he talks."

Antares reddens. "Look, there's some shit I gotta do. Talk to you later, okay?"

Polaris shrugs, "Ok, I'm just trying give you some friendly advice."

Polaris "No reason to be all embarassed."

Antares "Thanks," Antares says tersely, heading off down the hall.

Polaris "Bye."