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Polaris is so tiny admist the outpouring of students, the mad, sweaty, and hormone-infused exodus of school release that she is nearly trampled

Polaris makes a difficult journey through the crowd obstacles to come out into the more sparsely crowded parking lot, panting a bit and her black straight hair a mess

Polaris spots Yed heading off towards some unknown car

Yed Checking his watch nervously, Yed struggles through the crowd, damning his weight.

Polaris hurries over to him, clutching a brown paper bag which is all crumpled and worn

Yed "3:00, home, 3:30, mall, 7:00, party, 3:00 home, 3:30 mall, 7:00, party..." Yed is talking to himself.

Polaris comes up somewhat behind and next to him, and talks way more softly than her usually authoritative self, "Uh, Yed"

Polaris fidgets with the corner of her tattered looking bag

Yed Yed is distracted from his reverie. "Oh, hey, um. Polaris. Polaris?"

Yed "Hi." Yed clears his throat.

Polaris looks like almost like a doll next to the massive figure of Yed, and she feels like porcelain

Polaris "Yea, uh, remember me from math class?"

Yed "Right, yeah. Polaris. What's up?" Yed goes back to sounding distracted, and continues walking towards his car, talking as he does so.

Polaris follows alongside readily

Polaris "Well I was just uh, thinking *gets quieter* that uh, maybe you and I could, uh"

Yed Yed stops suddenly without turning, his eyes wide.

Polaris overshoot and turns to face him, her face turning from shy to concerned, "What is it?"

Yed "Nothing."

Yed "Um."

Yed clears his throat a couple times, and smooths his shirt.

Yed "Um, go ahead."

Polaris gets a little be more reserved, but regains some composure and timidness, "I was just wondering if you and I could like, go to a concert or something. Or the park."

Yed "The baseball bat worked," Yed says under his breath, surprised.

Polaris "I have something for you too."

Yed "Um. Me too?"

Polaris holds out the brown paper bag, "I made it just for you."

Yed "Sure," Yed says, gently, somewhat uncertainly, taking the bag. "We can go to a concert or something or the park. Or something."

Yed Yed looks around. Somebody's /got to be/ seeing this.

Polaris smiles one of those impossible to hide natural smiles that make anyone that witnesses them happy

Polaris "Take it out, I sculpted it just for you."

Yed smiles and opens the bag.

Polaris Inside the bag is a carved wooden star made of oak with an inlay of a heart in rosewood and a finally scrolled Yed burned just beneath it.

Polaris It looks like it took many hours of painstaking effort

Yed "Whoa."

Yed The smile fades from Yed's face.

Yed "Did you make this?"

Yed "I mean."

Polaris nods mutely, still smiling

Yed "Um."

Yed "Where'd you get the idea, or, um, inspiration?"

Yed "Who told you this?" he asks, more forcefully.

Polaris says all matter-of-fact, like she is perfectly sane, "Its the shape I drew with you in my dream."

Polaris "Though I took some liberty in the interpretation. I like the way the rosewood constrasts the lightly stained oak."

Yed "Look."

Yed Yed shoves the statuette back into the bag.

Yed "Tell Zavijava it's not funny. Seriously. That was personal."

Yed hands her the bag.

Polaris looks shocked, "What!?"

Yed "Tell Zavi if I see him again, /I'll/ kick /his/ ass this time." Yed's face is bright red.

Polaris is shaking, talking the bag and looking more than a little angry, "I don't know what you are talking about."

Polaris "I made this for you, just from me, all by myself."

Yed walks away without turning back.

Polaris drops the bag on the ground, her eyes tearing up

Polaris mutters under her breath, "You never did dance with me in the dream either... I don't know why I hoped."

Polaris walks away, leaving the bag on the ground. She never sees it get run over by a kid driving fast away from school.